5 Christmas Good News Stories that Prove This is the Season of Good Will

Sometimes the holidays can seem a little thankless, and with all the consumerism that has taken over Christmas, we might be feeling low on Christmas cheer. But there are good people out there doing amazing things this Christmas, so if you need a little pick-me-up, here are 5 Christmas good news stories to get you feeling festive once again.

1. Terminally Ill Girl from Utah Gets a Christmas Surprise

Six-year-old Addie has a rare un-diagnosed condition that has meant she hasn’t grown much since she was three, and means that her brain is slowly atrophying. She likely has less than one year to live.

After the doctors delivered this heartbreaking news to her family, Addie’s grandmother, Maree Jensen, came up with a nice idea to try to make what could Addie’s last Christmas really special. She took to Facebook and asked people to send Addie a Christmas card. This would be doubly special because Addie’s condition has meant she hasn’t been able to make many friends of her own.

After a local television station covered Addie’s story and her grandmother’s plea to Facebook, Addie has been receiving around a 1,000 Christmas cards every day, all with well-wishes from people Addie has never met. One little boy even wrote her a hand-written note telling her he would like to be her boyfriend, something that she now treasures. You can read more about Addie’s story here.

2. Police Chief Learns Sign Language So He Can Hear a Little Girl’s Christmas Wishes 

Westminster Mass. police chief Salvatore Albert is acting as Santa in his town this year (because as we know Santa is rather busy during the festive season). Earlier this festive season he was approached by one mother, Ronelle Adam, who had a big Christmas wish to ask him: her daughter Sadie is hearing-impaired and Ronelle wondered if Salvatore might be able to learn enough sign language to hold a conversation with Sadie when she came to see him to tell Santa what she wants for Christmas. Salvatore said he would do his absolute best and practiced for three days straight to get ready for Sadie’s visit. 

When Sadie came to visit Santa, she literally stopped in her tracks when he began signing to her and the two had a magical conversation that Sadie is still talking about now, says her mother.

You can watch a video about this story below:

3. Run Dog Run! 

Derby the dob was born with deformed legs that mean he can’t run under his own steam. While a cart could help him, it would also limit his mobility and mean he couldn’t play with other dogs. Then 3D Systems, a company that offers a variety of 3D printing solutions, stepped in and offered Derby specially designed blades on which he can run. Watch the awesome video of Derby’s story below:

4. One Woman Has Made it a Very Happy Christmas for Toys R Us Shoppers This Year

It can be really difficult to pay for absolutely everything at Christmas, and so you might take advantage of a store’s layaway service where you can pay off the balance on things gradually and then collect the gift items you want. But imagine the store calling you up one day to tell you that you can come and collect your gift because some mysterious woman has paid for it for you. Neat right? And imagine someone doing that for every gift that was on layaway that year, totaling some $20,000.

That’s precisely what shoppers at a Bellingham, Massachusetts Toys R Us store heard this month when they inquired about their Christmas gifts. Find out more about this amazing story here

5. A Teacher Comes Out to his Class, and One Girl Does Something Incredible

A teacher known to us as Mr. R decided after speaking to the school’s Headteacher that he would like to come out to his class of 9-year-olds during an anti-bullying lesson so that they could at least know one gay person and hear how anti-gay bullying can be harmful. So, Mr. R came out and after a few questions about his partner and other things like that, the school children adjusted well and the lesson seemed to be a great success.

A little while later, one of Mr. R’s pupils approached him and handed him a letter. In the letter, the girl had written:

“Dear Mr R

“Even though you’re gay, I will always treat you the same way as I do now. I still think about you the same way as I used to. You’re a great teacher and these are just some of the word’s [sic] that I would describe you as: great, amazing, fantastic, brilliant, awesome and brave.

The reason why I say brave is because you shared a personal secret which was very brave.

You don’t have to feel scared because I know that everyone in the class feels the same way as I do.

From A x x

PS. We are all proud of you[.]“

Mr R says he was a bit overcome by this letter but felt it showed that allowing children to know LGBT people can go a long way in making them think about how they treat each other and may help them understand why using words like “gay” as put downs can be very harmful. Mr. R has said he’s had only support from his fellow teachers and pupils.

So there you have it, five stories that happened in this December showing how the charitable spirit is very much alive this year!

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