5 Hypocrisies of the NRA

The NRA’s extreme political views can be infuriating to even sensible supporters of the Second Amendment, particularly when they reek of hypocrisy. Here’s a handful of examples that show how the organization’s stances don’t often line up:


1. Defending the “Rights” of the Dangerous

This week, Thomas King, a board member for the NRA as well as the president of the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, said that he didn’t want to attend a pro-gun rally in his state because he considered the event “contentious and threatening.”

“I just don’t want to be a party to anything that may happen,” King said ominously. Despite feeling that his safety is in jeopardy for being around these gun owners, he plays a major role in preventing any restrictions from being placed on his comrades’ right to bear arms. Does he not see the irony there?

2. Blame Hollywood!

After every tragic mass shooting in this country, NRA spokespeople have insisted that guns are not the problem, the problem is movies that glamorize gun violence.

While the organization is quick to blame Hollywood in times of trouble, it’s not as if the NRA is angry at the film industry for this dangerous glamorization. Leaders of the NRA have created a “Hollywood Guns” exhibit at the National Firearms Museum to celebrate cinematic pistols. More over, gun manufacturers, like Glock, have actively marketed to have their style of guns included in movies as a kind of product placement.

3. Violent Video Games

Along with Hollywood, there’s another industry that the NRA points its proverbial finger at: video games. Certainly, shooter games disguised as entertainment do deserve a share of the blame in promoting reckless gun behaviors. Still, that doesn’t absolve the NRA of responsibility for blocking even slight reforms that would prevent shooters from carrying thousands of rounds of ammo at once.

The real hypocrisy, however, is that the NRA seems to enjoy violent video games itself. Within one month of the Sandy Hook tragedy, the NRA released an app where smart phone users get to shoot at coffin-shaped targets. Though not quite as disgusting as shooting at a real person, with the bulls eyes located where the head and heart would be, the coffins served as a symbol for a dead person. It provides players with the same thrill of the kill rather than the “educational material” the app claims to offer.

4. Providing Insurance for Killers

The NRA touts itself as an organization that promotes safe and responsible gun ownership, yet when it comes to one of the most divisive gun laws to gain attention in the past couple of years, the organization places itself squarely opposed to reason and common decency.

In response to the outrage over Stand Your Ground laws, the NRA instituted Stand Your Ground insurance to cover the potential legal costs of alleged murderers. The implication is that rather than protecting potential innocent victims, the NRA is interested in protecting trigger-happy gun owners and their right to shoot first and get away with it later.

5. Which Way Does the Racism Point?

Marion Hammer, former president of the NRA, complained publicly of the discrimination against gun owners, comparing the bias to racism. “Banning people and things because of the way they look went out a long time ago,” said Hammer. “But here they are again. The color of a gun. The way it looks. It’s just bad politics.

While I’m aware of activists trying to ban high-powered and high-ammunition guns that can kill dozens of people in a matter of seconds, I’ve never heard of any plot to outlaw a gun based on its color. Regardless, it’s rich that the NRA feels the world is “racist” against it when more substantial charges have been levied against the organization. Who can forget the NRA-released fundraising pamphlet that warns gun owners of the need to protect themselves against non-white and foreign people? Or that the organization’s most public advocate, Ted Nugent, is an out-and-out bigot?


Lesa D
Lesa D7 days ago

#70286 petition signed...

thank you Kevin...

Jim Ven
Jim V1 years ago

thanks for the article.

Janice Thompson
Janice Thompson3 years ago

Want to be really radical? Cut off all trigger fingers or fingers that can be used in that capacity...

Like cars, it's the nut behind the wheel that causes accidents.

Robby K.
Past Member 3 years ago

Darrlly G- most of what you said makes sense. But the amount of murders committed by rifles are less than that of baseball bats. Something like 348 where hands & feet comprise some 80 & blunt objects 611. I've seen similar stats many places.

Donna F- With all due respect- "...I'm not into guns and I'm proud of that fact. Reason & Intellect over violence!!!!!"

Not in this world. The only way this could happen is if someone killed ALL the violent people- would their killers need killing then? There's ALWAYS a madman trying to take over the world. Anger is inherent in our DNA. Some say there are only 2 emotions- fear & love- everything else, a tangent- anger is fear. Fact is, if someone is violent towards you & you can't reason with them (try & reason w/a greedy, starving, meth-head- I; laugh at the mere idea), & you can't run away- if you don't have a gun, how are you gonna shoot 'em? I you don't care about your life, how about those of your loved ones? Guns for violence, most of us completely agree upon, are horrible. But for fun (target shooting, recreational, non-violent sport) & self defense, are a good thing. But there is way too much violence to do w/out them in our overall society. Not to mention, there's more a discrepancy b/t tough vs weak then there is rich vs poor. Sad but true.

Darryll Green
Darryll Green3 years ago

Since the inception of the Brady Act,in 1994 over 118 million applications for firearm transfers or permits were subject to background checks. About 2.1 million applications, or 1.8%, were denied.
In 2010, 1.5% of the 10.4 million applications for firearm transfers or permits were denied by the FBI (approximately 73,000) or by state and local agencies (approximately 80,000).
Among the 21 state agencies that reported reasons for denial, a felony conviction or indictment was the most common reason to deny an application in 2010 (31%). A state law prohibition (16%) was the second most common reason (excluding other prohibitions). NOVEMBER 2011

Trends by weapon type
Homicides were most often committed with handguns

Handgun-involved incidents increased sharply in the late 1980s
and early 1990s before falling to a low in 2008.

Homicides committed with guns other than handguns hit a low
point in 1999, but have increased since then.

From 1980 through 2008, homicides involving weapons other
than fi rearms have declined slightly or remained steady

Homicides of teens and young adults were more likely to be
committed with a gun than homicides of persons of other ages

Th e percentage of homicide victims killed with a gun increased
with age of the victim until age 17, where it peaked at 79%, and
declined thereafter

William Eaves
William Eaves3 years ago

The NRA are nutcases. In most of the world they would be regarded as a terrorist organisation.

As for violent films, the vast majority of those with people toting guns on the cover come from the USA. Looks as if violence is used as a substitue for creativity in an ailing industry.

Donna F.
Donna F3 years ago

ty for an important article. I'm not into guns and I'm proud of that fact. Reason & Intellect over violence!!!!!

Janis K.
Janis K3 years ago

I am a gun owner and concealed carry permit holder, but I don't believe everyone should have a gun. We need background checks! The NRA is wrong.

Jennifer H.
Jennifer H3 years ago

NRA - how depressing.

Robby K.
Past Member 3 years ago

1. Maybe King didn't want to be there in the event that something did happen? B/c, IF so, the first thing said would be- "King was there, rallying the crazy NRA & 'so many' people were killed as a result."

2. Everyone knows, Hollywood actors more often lean left. And we ALL know tv & movies cause violence in impressionable children & adolescents. The biggest box office hits contain guns galore. Why? B/c people like to see it! IF not, they'd flop. So, it IS funny that the left, being so against guns, are such a big part of Hollywood.

3. Video games most definitely plant violent seeds, too. IF the NRA supports these same games, then yes- hypocrisy!
BUT- "...that doesn’t absolve the NRA of responsibility for blocking even slight reforms that would prevent shooters from carrying thousands of rounds of ammo at once." That's just stupid. TRY & carry "thousands of rounds..." anywhere. Hell, 100rds of .45 weighs 5lbs. So just 2000rds is ~100lbs. Good luck! Maybe those who hate guns SO much, should learn more about them. Like those who want to control women's bodies should learn more about reasons for abortion, instead of just BS propaganda.

4. So, one day the left wants insurance for all gun owners. Next, they bitch at the NRA for it? Those who REALLY want it are insurance companies.

5. Marion Hammer- poor choice of words!

Wasn't Ft Hood a "Gun Free" zone?