5 Lessons Ted Cruz Could Learn From Lisa Simpson

At the infamous CPAC summit this year, Senator Ted Cruz made a controversial statement when he declared, “The Democrats are the party of Lisa Simpson and Republicans are happily the party of Homer, Bart, Maggie and Marge.”

Although it was meant to be an insult to liberals, I think most Democrat fans of the shows would see it as a badge of honor. Lisa is not only the most intelligent one in the Simpson clan, she’s often the moral center of the family, looking out for others and fighting for what’s right.

On the other hand, Homer and Bart are entertaining characters, but hardly rational or aspirational. If Cruz wants to brand his party as one of incorrigible morons (or the party of babies, in the case of Maggie,) that speaks loudly about the state of modern day conservatism.

Rather than dismissing a smart, ambitious and caring young girl, Cruz and his fellow Republicans would be wise to learn some lessons from her on The Simpsons, such as:


In “The Old Man and the Lisa,” Lisa teams with local billionaire Mr. Burns to start a recycling plant. The whole community becomes devoted to recycling, and Lisa is pleased until she learns that Mr. Burns is using the recycled plastic he collects to make a huge net to scoop up all of the fish in the ocean as seafood.

As this does not jive with her environmental outlook, Lisa voices her displeasure. Mr. Burns sells the plant for $120 million and tries to win back Lisa’s favor by offering her $12 million. Knowing that Mr. Burns made that money at the expense of marine life, she ultimately rejects that life-changing amount of money.

Meanwhile, Ted Cruz most definitely compromised his integrity when he endorsed Donald Trump, after (correctly) pointing out what a terrible president he’d be throughout the campaign.


After visiting animals at a petting zoo, Lisa decides she can no longer eat meat, in an episode aptly titled “Lisa the Vegetarian.” She immediately finds herself at odds with her predominately carnivorous community and hopes to change their minds.

The vegetarianism would be a good value in itself, but the real lesson in this episode is one that comes from Apu, a vegan: Lisa should follow her conscience, but not try to force her views on other people. That’s something conservatives like Cruz could take to heart rather than vilifying people who have different religious and sexual morals than them.


When a talking Malibu Stacy (Springfield’s version of Barbie) debuts in stores, Lisa rushes to buy one until she realizes it says offensively sexist things like, “Don’t ask me, I’m just a girl” and “I wish they taught shopping in school.”

Not wanting other little girls to succumb to these stereotypes, she spends “Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy” developing a rival doll, Lisa Lionheart, that includes uplifting phrases rather than demeaning ones. At a time when Republicans still can’t figure out a way to connect with women, they could use a healthy dose of feminist perspective.


Though Lisa is not the central character in “The Springfield Connection” – that’d be Marge who is trying her hand at being a police officer – she does get in a famous quip about how backwards the justice system is in the United States.

“Aren’t the police a protective force that maintains the status quo for the wealthy elite?” she asks Marge. “Don’t you think we ought to attack the roots of social problems instead of jamming people into overcrowded prisons?”

Do you hear that, Cruz? Could we get some justice reform?


Although it’s not in Lisa’s nature to participate in a beauty pageant, in “Lisa the Beauty Queen,” she gets pushed into one by her father and wins runner up. She subsequently takes the title of Little Miss Springfield when the original winner is injured and can’t fulfill her duties.

As the new queen, Lisa finds herself having to promote the sponsor, a cigarette company. Since she does not want to help promote a destructive corporation, she uses her speaking engagements to condemn smoking instead and subsequently gets booted from the pageant as queen.

From the looks of Cruz’s campaign donations, it’s clear that he doesn’t mind how evil a  corporation is so long as it is giving him money.

Anyway, if Cruz is indeed correct that Lisa represents Democrats, then the future looks bright for this country. In an episode from the year 2000, The Simpsons flashes forward to Lisa being the president following a disastrous term by President Trump (which must have seemed like a hilarious joke back then.)

If our next president is in the vain of a grown up Lisa, we might just get this country back on track!


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Lesa D
Lesa D3 months ago

i think ALL of the Simpsons are intellectually superior to Cruz ~ he is pathetically out of their league...

thank you Kevin...

Gene J
Gene J3 months ago

"If Cruz wants to brand his party as one of incorrigible morons (or the party of babies, in the case of Maggie,) that speaks loudly about the state of modern day conservatism."

Loudly is the only thing modern conservatives do. All of it badly, but very loudly. These fiscal conservatives are pathetically inept at governing, they should stick to the back bench sniping, they can't do much harm from back there. November will begin the process of putting them into places from which they can be loud but do little actual harm. The country will be the better for it.