5 Major Political Revelations That Should Surprise No One

It’s been just over one year since the 2016 election, and in many ways it feels like our country has already changed dramatically. Mass murder by gun is a near weekly occurrence, millions are afraid of losing their health insurance and billionaires are reaping huge new financial benefits.

Perhaps the saddest part of it all is that we could clearly see these effects coming. Like Lucy repeatedly pulling the football away from Charlie Brown every time he tries to kick it, too many Americans are ignoring the simplest and most likely cause-and-effect relationships with the hope that maybe this time things will be different — and they still end up completely surprised when the inevitable results come around.

Here are five major “revelations” from the past week that really shouldn’t surprise anyone.

1. Oil pipelines leak.

Advocates did everything within their power to try to stop the Keystone XL Pipeline from being built, citing the potential risks to native communities and the environment if the oil line leaked. But once President Donald Trump entered office, the fight was essentially over as energy companies pushed their massive influence on the White House. Now, just as they prepare to start building, the existing Keystone Pipeline has sprung a leak — and no one knows what caused it — proving just how likely it is that the new XL pipeline will do the same.

“Opponents of Keystone XL, which is proposed to run about 1,100 miles and would become part of the Keystone system, quickly cited Thursday’s spill as evidence of the risks posed by such pipelines, and urged Nebraska regulators to take note,” reports the New York Times. “‘We’ve always said it’s not a question of whether a pipeline will spill, but when, and today TransCanada is making our case for us,’ Kelly Martin of the Sierra Club said in a statement. ‘This is not the first time TransCanada’s pipeline has spilled toxic tar sands, and it won’t be the last.’”

2. Most mass shooters have histories of violence against women.

It appears nearly inevitable that whenever a mass shooting occurs, the perpetrator has a history of being abusive to women. And, once again, that holds true in California, where Kevin Neal started his rampage first by killing his wife and a female neighbor before heading to a nearby school to shoot at children. Yet Republicans continue to demand laxer gun laws, even fighting against rules that prevent those who have been found guilty of domestic abuse or assault on women from owning guns.

And, even in the case of Neal, police refused to follow up on reports that he was shooting at targets in his neighborhood. If lawmakers would enforce laws that keep men who harm women from obtaining firearms, who knows how many more people would be alive today.

3. Wikileaks really was helping the Trump campaign.

In light of all those allusions then-candidate Donald Trump made about “Hillary’s emails” and the hacking of the DNC, the campaign team perhaps protested their innocence just a little too much in the Wikileaks saga. Now, of course, we learn that Donald Trump, Jr. had been corresponding with Wikileaks during the 2016 campaign, despite numerous claims to the contrary. Raise your hand if you are shocked.

“On October 3, 2016, WikiLeaks wrote again. ‘Hiya, it’d be great if you guys could comment on/push this story,’ WikiLeaks suggested, attaching a quote from then-Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton about wanting to ‘just drone’ WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange. ‘Already did that earlier today,’ Trump Jr. responded an hour-and-a-half later. ‘It’s amazing what she can get away with,’” The Atlantic reports. “Two minutes later, Trump Jr. wrote again, asking, ‘What’s behind this Wednesday leak I keep reading about?’ The day before, Roger Stone, an informal advisor to Donald Trump, had tweeted, ‘Wednesday@HillaryClinton is done. #WikiLeaks.’”

4. Tax breaks will only help the rich.

All the people who claimed that they were only voting for Trump because Clinton would raise taxes on the middle class are in for a nasty surprise. Guess what? Your taxes are increasing so the top one percent can get a handout!

Between the capital gains tax cut and the estate tax’s eventual repeal, the rich will be able to keep more of their wealth than ever before. Thanks to an elimination of tax breaks for medical expenses or state taxes, most middle class and lower class Americans will see their own bills go up — if not immediately, then within the next few years.

5. The Trump administration supports racists.

No, the Charlottesville remarks from the White House weren’t an anomaly. The presidential administration is chock full of staff that support white supremacy and discriminate against communities of color.

The latest example? The now former head of community outreach for the Department of Homeland Security. Because until they were caught in the act, the administration really believed it was okay to have an Islamophobe in charge of reaching out to the Muslim community.

“Rev. Jamie Johnson resigned Thursday as the head of faith-based and neighborhood partnerships at the Department of Homeland Security after a CNN KFile report revealed inflammatory past comments he made about the black community and Islam,” CNN reports. “In past radio appearances, Johnson had said the black community was responsible for turning major US cities into ‘slums’ and argued that Islam’s only contribution to society was ‘oil and dead bodies.’”

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Marie W
Marie W7 months ago

thanks for sharing

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Sarah Hill
Sarah Hillabout a year ago

I find it interesting that the Democrat party seems to accuse the Republicans of the exact things the Dems stand for.

Pat P
Pat Pabout a year ago

All offered in one big DT surprise package--NOT! If only this country would DO something POSITIVE to change this horror!

Paulo R
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Amanda M
Amanda Mabout a year ago

I"m not surprised at all-I saw this coming, and people wonder why I have NEVER voted Rethuglican! All I can say to those who now realize this is happening is "No S$%T, Sherlock!" Let's just hope enough people wake up to vote the RRR OUT starting in 2018!

heather g
heather gabout a year ago

To Brian F. : My apologies, I sent you a green star in error.

heather g
heather gabout a year ago

One can only hope that those who voted for Trump read this and those that support pipelines, wake up to the truth.

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US needs a green government, needs PR voting