5 More Dogs Destined to Become Meat Are Now Safe

After a 7,000 mile journey from South Korea to the U.S., five incredibly lucky dogs greeted rescuers with wagging tails.

These dogs were slated to be killed and eaten, but thanks to In Defense of Animals (IDA), which is working to end the dog meat trade in South Korea, and its local partners, their freedom was secured and they now all have bright futures ahead.

Atlanta Airport IDA President Dr Marilyn Kroplick greets Barbara jm0002Credit: In Defense of Animals

“We are thrilled to have rescued five dogs from the jaws of death; they are our very own Slaughterhouse 5,” said IDA’s President, Dr. Marilyn Kroplick. “These fortunate survivors are ambassadors who represent millions of dogs brutally slaughtered and eaten each year. Culture and tradition are no excuse to force animals to suffer to satisfy our appetites.”

Atlanta Airport IDA rescuer dogs first steps jm0019Credit: In Defense of Animals

Although few South Koreans eat dog meat, and younger generations are turning away from it, the industry is still estimated to be worth millions. According to IDA, two and a half million dogs are believed to be killed for food every year in South Korea.

Korea safeplace IDA ValenciaCredit: In Defense of Animals

Now, while the China’s notorious dog meat festival is ending, South Korea’s is about to begin. Boknal Days are held on the hottest days of the year between July and August and many more dogs who were bred for meat, stolen, or found as strays, are expected to meet a gruesome fate. IDA added in a statement, “Some believe that terrorized dogs taste better or will give better health benefits, leading to intentional torture of dogs before they are eaten, through beating, hanging, electrocution and any other cruel method that can be thought of.”

While activists are working towards a future where the dog meat trade no longer exists anywhere, they’re also celebrating victories and lives saved along the way.

The dogs who were brought to the U.S. in this recent rescue have since been named Billy, Valencia, Barbara, Kurt and Paul, and have been taken to IDA’s Hope Animal Sanctuary in Grenada, Mississippi, where they will be getting ready to be adopted.

Atlanta Airport IDA Slaughterhouse 5 rescue group jm0034Credit: In Defense of Animals

“We are so thrilled to be able to help these precious few dogs, and cannot wait to give them the loving homes they deserve” said IDA’s Hope Animal Sanctuary Operations Manager, Sharon Stone. “These dogs will need patient, experienced guardians who can help them overcome their traumatic past and enjoy full, rich lives. Please get in touch if you are able to offer a loving forever-home.”

For more info on the rescued dogs and updates about how they’re settling in, check out IDA’s Hope Animal Sanctuary. For more about how to help shut down South Korea’s dog meat trade, check out In Defense of Animals.

Photo credit: In Defense of Animals


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Thank you for sharing.

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Bene per i cani!!!!

Mark Donner
Mark Donner2 years ago

Ima J: You must be South Korean. All you have done by your remark is proved that most South Koreans are simply vicious self serving barbarians with no hint of conscience. You don't use the tactic of pointing your fingers dripping with blood of your tortured victims at others, to try to distract attention from criminal atrocities that would turn the stomachs of ISIS. You are guilty, guilty of HORRORS that should earn you and your vicious, degraded South Korean cousins the death penalty. Even death by injection would be a mercy for you South Korean psychos. Don't send for whom the bell tools, it tools for thee. Ima J: Now slither back to your South Korean hellhole, you are not welcome on a site like Care2.

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Americans are hypocrites.. they talk many things but educate others and never implement the underdeveloped countries...... they keep their eyes shut for all the brutalities.....

Graham P.
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Marty Price one day ago in his post says it all. 256 posts on this subject with a small donation would be quite a bit in donations, so if you can please help because praying as someone posted won't help. Nuff said.

Anne P.
Anne P2 years ago

I've been an animal activist and ethical vegan for a long time, but the concept of brutally torturing dogs before killing them because "terrorized dogs taste better" should be the bitter end. However, this is exactly how we humans treat the enslaved cows, pigs, chickens and other sentient creatures cruelly "grown" and slaughtered in our animal factories. We are an incredibly brutal species. I understand the outrage over dogs, but don't all sentient creatures deserve to live a peaceful life free from pain and exploitation?

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Let's work to raise the number

Valentina R.
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Happy for these five pooches but unless this madness stops there'll always be dogs to save. By the way the typical Korean breed (Jimdo) are such handsome dogs. Also funny that the manager's name is Sharon Stone.

Lori E.
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Yikes, that image to go with the petition above with the dogs arms tied behind his back has been seared in my mind :( Glad these 5 have made it to safety. Praying for the rest...