5 Moving Dog Rescues

Sometimes you just need some good news. Care2 Causes knows how you feel, and we’re here to help with five stories of kind-hearted men rescuing dogs in despair. Note that 60 percent of these rescues involve firefighters. I’m heading out to find one to hug.

1. Labrador Sandy Rescued from Freezing Water

Sandy was just following her instincts in January when she spotted a swan and stepped onto a frozen lake to follow up on the discovery. She got pretty far before the ice cracked and she fell into the frigid water.

Sandy, an 18-month-old Labrador, fought futilely to escape. She was spent by the time her knights in bright orange armor arrived. Firefighters from Kirkwall (it’s in Scotland) waded in, extended a long ladder across the ice “as a support,” and saved the furry lass, who is “recovering well.”

Eric Wallace, Sandy’s person, “warned others of the dangers of ice when walking their pets,” the BBC reported. Solid advice.

2. Abs of Steel and a Heart of Gold

This story has it all: a pooch in peril and a model stripping to his skivvies.

Bibi, a diminutive Maltese-Shih Tzu mix, didn’t face icy ponds in his home of Melbourne, Australia, but that didn’t mean he was safe from nature. His person, Sue Drummond, was taking a walk with Bibi along a pier “by the water,” and it was a strenuous walk — the pair were battling 60 mile-per-hour winds. Bibi lost the battle when the wind plucked him up and dropped him into the choppy water.

Drummond feared that if she jumped in she wouldn’t be able to “make it to shore with a struggling dog,” she told the Courier Mail. Fortunately help was at hand in the comely form of part-time model Raden Soemawinata. He was at the pier with his family to scatter his grandmother’s ashes, but during the ceremony he spotted Bibi’s little white head in the water. “He saw the dog struggling,” Global Animal reports, “and plunged in after him.”

After taking off shoes and pants, 20-year-old Soemawinata climbed down into the water, scooped Bibi into his arms, and swam back to the pier, returning the soaking pup to Drummond. He was modest about his heroic rescue: “It was pretty cold and windy but it wasn’t such a hard decision to jump in, it wasn’t such a great feat,” he told the Daily Telegraph.

I think Bibi and Drummond would disagree.

3. Dog Saved from 30-Car Pileup

At the end of January severe weather accosted the Midwest. HuffPost Detroit reported that in one storm, “a sudden whiteout…diminished visibility in a matter of seconds.” The conditions caused a “massive accident” on the highway. Three people died and 20 were injured in the 30-car pileup, which was “described as being a mile long.”

Firefighters searched car by car to find survivors. They found an injured driver in one car and hurried the patient away for medical treatment, but one firefighter saw something more: “a forlorn-looking dog” left behind in the car.

He held the apparently unharmed dog in a blanket as the rescue proceeded. No word on whether dog and driver were reunited.

4. Dog Drifting Through the Sea on a Tiny Ice Floe Runs into Help

Photo credit: Real Men are Kind to Animals

From Scotland to Australia to Detroit to the Sea of Okhotsk near Magadan, Russia, where we find a lone black dog stranded on a small ice floe in the middle of a large sea. To top it off, it is snowing.

After traveling over 100 miles on this tiny frozen island, the dog finally caught a break: a Polish ship carrying some compassionate sailors. They tied a rope around one of their number, who climbed down into the water and gamely swam out to the dog. The sailor pulled the ice floe back to the ship, where his colleagues hoisted the poor dog up and in to safety. Once aboard ship, the dog was even welcomed by two canine compatriots.

Video courtesy of Dog Heirs

5. Firefighter Saves Ollie from House Fire

Photo Credit: Real Men are Kind to Animals

One caring firefighter managed to pull a sweet and happy story out of an otherwise tragic day, as Real Men are Kind to Animals reported on Facebook. Donna Johnson’s house caught fire while she was out. A neighbor texted RoseMarie Sinclair Urban’s daughter about the fire. Urban, who was out of town, knew that Johnson had four dogs in the house and quickly called neighbor John Scott Fernsler to tell him that the dogs were trapped in the burning house. She told him which rooms they were likely to be in.

The firefighters located all four dogs and Johnson’s parrot, but sadly, despite their efforts, they were not able to save them all. The only one who made it was little Ollie, and that was thanks to the dedication of firefighter Justin Snyder, shown resuscitating Ollie in the photo above.

The take-aways: keep a sharp eye on dogs near water, and keep a firefighter with you at all times.


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