5 Reasons Alabama’s Anti-Gay Judge is the Country’s Worst

A federal court may have legalized same-sex marriage in the state of Alabama, but that hasn’t stopped one extremely stubborn man from delaying the inevitable. Chief Justice Roy Moore has told all of the state’s probate judges that it’s okay to ignore the ruling of the federal court since the federal Constitution can’t trump the state’s Constitution. Or more simply put – because he says so.

Sadly, this is hardly Moore’s first major act of defiance. Let’s look at the extent of his controversial career and the many reasons he is our nation’s worst sitting judge.

1. He’ll Stop Same-Sex Marriage at Any Cost

It’s no surprise that Moore is not a fan of gay marriage – he made headlines not along ago after penning letters to all 50 of the nation’s governors urging them to lead the charge on constitutional bans on allowing gays to marry. Now that his state’s own ban has been overturned, he’s urging all probate judges to ignore the law and listen to him instead of a federal judge.

The question that keeps arising is, “Can he actually do this?” The answer, of course, is no, but that’s not stopping Moore from trying. What makes it extra pathetic is that he already knows how well (hint: super poorly) disregarding a ruling higher up the judicial chain of command will work out for him.

2. He Ignored a Separate Federal Ruling Against Him Previously

This isn’t the first time he ignored a federal judge’s order. In 2001, Moore famously erected a 5,000 pound monument of the Ten Commandments inside the State Judicial Building. Multiple groups, including the ACLU, filed a lawsuit arguing that the statue was inappropriate to have on government property since it endorsed Christianity. Federal courts agreed with the plaintiff’s point of view and ordered that Moore have the monument removed. Moore, however, remained defiant and refused to comply with the ruling.

3. He Was Kicked Out of this Job Already

When Moore continued to blatantly ignore the decision of the federal court, a Court of the Judiciary reviewed Moore’s actions and determined that he should be removed from office as chief justice of Alabama in 2003. It was a hardly a partisan decision, either. The Court comprised of a variety of law-figures unanimously condemned Moore for showing “no signs of contrition.” Alas, this decision did not preclude him from running for chief justice again later on, as he did successfully in 2012.

4. His Campaign Was Primarily Financed by a White Supremacist

By the start of 2012, as Moore mounted his second attempt at becoming chief justice of Alabama, more than 60% of his campaign was funded singlehandedly by a man named Michael Peroutka. Of note, Peroutka is aligned with multiple pro-Confederacy and white nationalist groups, raising some serious questions. Though Moore went on the record as saying he disagreed with the perspectives of these groups, it is still frightening when most of the money fueling a candidate can be traced back to hate groups.

5. He Believes Christianty is the “One True Religion”

Moore isn’t coy in sharing his belief that Christianity is the only legitimate religion and that he doesn’t care for the United States’s “secular” law. It’s perplexing how we can assign a man who says he is willing to ignore laws and the Constitution to be in charge of interpreting these same laws for the state of Alabama. Furthermore, at a luncheon, he told an audience that “you can’t be happy unless you follow God’s law,” indicating that he could have a problem protecting the religious rights of non-Christian Alabamans.

This whole sequence of events leads me to wonder whether voters should even be tasked with electing judges in the first place. If a man who openly disregards laws and was already removed from his post a decade ago can get reinstated as chief justice, what does this say about the system?


Jim Ven
Jim V1 years ago

thanks for the article.

Nikki Davey
Nikki Davey2 years ago

Bigots sadly exist in all professions.
Doesn't mean they belong in them though.

Brian F.
Brian F2 years ago

This arrogant bigot republican state judges thinks that he is so above the law, that he can impose his will, even after a federal judge has ruled that he can't. Clearly this scumbag judge should be disbarred, and removed from the Bench. He is an absolute disgrace to the state of Alabama.

Kevin Brown
Kevin B2 years ago

Moore is a nutjob religious zealot, a bigot, and a disgrace to legal profession. He obviouosly either did not pay attention in law school or (more likely) simply does not care about the laws of the United States (prefering to replace them with his own religious prejudice.

Like Rosemary, I grew up in Alabama and the idiocy of the people there is proven by the fact that they re-elected him to chief justice after he was removed from the post for his unlawful actions (by the way, who the hell elects the chief justice of the state supreme court?)

Rosemary Diehl
Rosemary Diehl2 years ago

Roy Moore is so out of touch, bless his sweet heart. But in a state like Alabama (where I spent the first 32 years) he is perfect, bless their sweet hearts!

Winn Adams
Winn A2 years ago

Chief Justice Roy Moore should be prosecuted and sent to jail. He won't be but hey a girl can dream can't she?

Dr Joey P.
Joseph T2 years ago

YIKES! I didn't read the short version in its entirety. The Federal Districty Court in that jurisdiction ruled as it should. That the governor wasn't summarily removed this clown and the AG hasn't filed criminal charges and move to disbar him show both neither have any balls, though!

Dr Joey P.
Joseph T2 years ago

Sorry about the typos — when my adrenalin gets pumping, I type to fast for any of my Mac keyboards, folks. — Dr Joey

Dr Joey P.
Joseph T2 years ago

I'm not an attorney. I'm a physician. My sister, however, was Chief of the Sex Crimes Bureau and Executive Assistant District Attorney of New York County for about 15 years in all. I've treated my share of federal jurists and their families. If anyone had any BALLS — and there clearly is a shortage here — the State's AG should apply for a Court Ordfer from a higher Court, [probably the US Court of Appeals] and obtain an Order compelling this clown to reverse or revise his rulings so that they are consistent with the US Constitution. That's Civics 101. State laws and constitutions try,mph neither Federal Law nor the US Constitutions. A Court Order can re,move him from the bench, pending not only hearings by the appropriate commissions on judicial conduct, but on the criminal charges which the US AG should file. Simply being elected does not make one above our "government of laws, not men." He sounds like Nixon at his most paranoid and borderline psychotic: "
It's legal because I say it is." How about a 720 Hearing to determine his mental competency even to stand trial. I'm a veteran expert psychiatric witness and what I'hD from Harvard and Yale, about six Board certifications in sub-specialties and Forensic Psych is one of them. I'll bet my new Benz that any competent shrink diagnoses multiple personality disorders, conduct disorders and I wouldn't be surprised if "schizoaffective" precedes them. My sister's mentor and boss, the legendary New York County DA Robert M

Timothy W.
Timothy W2 years ago

meant have commandments