5 Reasons It Matters for Kids to Have a Bedtime

Most parents already know the value of sleep in their children’s lives, but they may not realize the power of consistent sleep. Repeatedly, research has demonstrated that it’s not just the amount of sleep that matters, but the regularity that can be most helpful. Parents who institute a concrete bedtime for their kids aren’t just taskmasters, they’re also doing their kids a favor.

According to studies, a bedtime helps to improve:

1. Behavior

Children with regular bedtimes are less likely to act out during their waking hours, reports the latest research on juvenile sleeping habits. This study of more than 10,000 kids found a correlation between the kids who didn’t have a stipulated bedtime and those who demonstrated behavioral problems. Not only does the additional sleep time help them to be less irritable, but the structure also establishes limits that some misbehaving children need.

2. Academics

It’s no secret that sleep plays a significant role in a child’s academic performance, but one study found that a consistent bedtime amplified a student’s intelligence further. According to the research, a child’s math and reading scores were highest among those who had a set bedtime. In fact, these bedtime-havers’ developmental abilities were better than the unstructured sleepers’ in just about every category. Certainly, bedtime stories and counting sheep only helps to enhance literacy and arithmetic skills further.

3. Solid Nights of Sleep

Some parents worry that establishing a bedtime before a child seems tired may lead to restlessness or interruptions in the night, but studies suggest otherwise. Having a bedtime routine actually leads to more quality sleep time, particularly for very young children. Kids who have a routine sleep schedule are less prone to calling out or waking up their parents in the middle of the night. They’re less likely to get out of bed before they’re supposed to, as well.

4. Mental Health

Though kids may complain they want to stay up later, the truth is that they’ll be happier children overall for having a set bedtime. A sleep study examining the mental health of adolescents revealed that those who had a bedtime prior to 10 pm were significantly less likely to suffer from depression. Moreover, those who lacked this reasonable bedtime were 20% more prone to suicidal thoughts. Clearly, the consistency and rest does wonders for their mental wellbeing in addition to the positive physical benefits of sleep.

5. Moms’ Mental Health

Surely, your kids’ wellbeing is enough of incentive to institute a bedtime, but it has positive ramifications on mothers, too. Women who set a bedtime for their kids are decidedly happier with their lives than those who do not, undoubtedly in large part because of the aforementioned effects that bedtimes provide for kids. By having your children adhere to a sleep pattern, you’ll be eliminating additional hassles from your life.


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Structured foundation upon which to build other responsible traits leading to a full-functioning adult who can, in turn, pay it forward. What a novel idea ... NOT.

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