5 Reasons to Smile: A Breastfeeding Song, Autistic Teen on a Mission and More

If you need a boost to get you through the week, here are five smile-inducing videos and stories that are currently taking the Internet by storm.

1. Addiction, a Poem

Any form of addiction is a serious medical problem that can potentially devastate lives. Getting treatment from qualified professionals is of course vital, but what is also crucial to recover is having hope that you can overcome this problem.

Addiction recovery group Burning Tree uploaded the following video featuring rapper IN-Q’s “Addiction Poem” last year, but it is now threatening to go viral with its beautiful message and stunning video:


2. 7th Grader Uses Stop Motion to Advocate for Marriage Equality

Los Angeles middle school student Scarlett Dennis has created a one-minute stop-motion animated video entitled “The Story of Larry and Gerald” as part of her class “Activism Project,” in which students were tasked with picking a cause and creating projects that aim to, as her teacher writes on YouTube, “inspire others to think differently and more progressively about our world.”

Scarlett absolutely nails the poor logic behind same-sex marriage bans and she does so with impressive artistic skill, too:


3. Autistic Teen Who Thought He Had No Friend Gets Help Asking Ellen to Prom

When Esteban Barriga, a 17-year-old senior from Maynard, Massachusetts, told his mum he wasn’t going to prom because he didn’t have any friends to go with, she says she was heartbroken. Then she set out to prove her son wrong, and asked his school friends, and people in their local town, to help her make one of Esteban’s dreams come true: to meet Ellen DeGeneres and take her to the prom.

Together, Esteban’s school peers helped to create the following video featuring Esteban and all the reasons why Ellen should consent to be his prom date:

Not bad considering Esteban and his family only moved to the town a year ago. No word from Ellen yet, but I’d bet my hat she probably has something special in store.

4. Finally, a Music Video that Celebrates Breastfeeding in Public

The following music video by Juliet Moody and Catherine Crowley, known collectively as Sparrow Folk, is entitled Ruin Your Day and takes a satirical swipe at those people who complain about women breastfeeding in public. The song and video, which are apparently loosely inspired by Juliet Moody’s experiences when she was breastfeeding her child, is lighting up the Australian press and has garnered international media attention.

“Everybody knows new mothers are exhibitionists… .” Yes, they dare to go right to the heart of the ridiculous logic. Get your laughing gear around this (if you are offended by the sight of women breastfeeding, this video obviously isn’t for you):

Ruin Your Day – Sparrow Folk from GCNelson on Vimeo.


5. Squirrel Hides Nuts — In a Bernese Mountain Dog

Sometimes there’s a lot involved in these videos. As you can see, many of them have inspiring, even heartwarming stories. Not this one. This is just a short video of a squirrel trying to hide a nut in a Bernese Mountain dog’s fur and it was actually uploaded last year but the Internet has decided to fall in love with it all over again. It made me smile, and I hope it makes you smile, too:

So there you have it, five videos to help you get through the week and keep you smiling all the while. Hope you enjoyed!

Photo credit: Thinkstock.


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Thanks, enjoyed these :) Esteban's made me cry...so sweet!

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I like to see good news stories once in a while - they make me smile and feel good.

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