5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Wear High Heels and 2 Reasons You Probably Still Will

If you wear high heels on a regular basis, you’re probably familiar with the strange and uncomfortable feeling that comes with wearing flats or going barefoot. It can be downright painful.

Now we know what causes that feeling. A British study reveals that wearing high heels on a daily basis results in stiffer Achilles tendons and calf muscles that are about 13 percent shorter than normal.

It’s not the overall size of the calf that changes, but the length of the muscle fibers. When you step out of those high heels it is harder to stretch those tendons… and painful. In the study, regular wearers of high heels (two inches or more) could not stand flat without discomfort.

According to NPR, study author and physiologist Marco Narici compares the effect to muscle atrophy that strikes people confined to their beds for a long time. Bed rest keeps muscles in a fixed position, causing some muscle fibers to become shorter.

High heels seem to hit a ridiculous high last year when Alexander McQueen introduced his ten-inch stilettos. According to a Huffington Post article, several fashion models were cut from a show when they refused to risk wearing the shoes.

Top Five Reasons NOT to Regularly Wear High Heels

1) High heels alter the anatomy of the calf muscles and tendons;

2) cause tripping and falling, which can lead to ankle sprains and breaks;

3) create foot problems like bunions, hammertoes, and nerve damage;

4) put stress on the back and knees;

5) and cause Haglund’s deformity, otherwise known as “pump bump,” that occurs when straps of high heeled shoes dig into the tissue around the Achilles tendon.

Top Two Reasons You Will Continue to Wear High Heels

1) It’s hard to combat sex appeal.

2) Sensible shoes are… well, sensible…

All right, that was a little tongue-in-cheek, but like most things is life, moderation is called for. If you’re going to wear high heels, understand the long-term health risk of doing so every day; alternate with lower heels and flats (sensible shoes). 


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Aaron F
Past Member about a year ago

Haven't worn them in years....

Rosemary H.
Rosemary H6 years ago

I hate them! When women have told me that their feet hurt in flat shoes, I've always wondered what they have done to themselves? Now I know!

Amanda L.
Past Member 8 years ago

Yes,we could not continue wearing high heels too long,maybe we could buy some flats for case of needs.And buying things are very convinient,such as buying shoes from this website: http:www.mychosenwholesaler.com
you can try to do it.

Charmaine Gonzalez
Marie Gonzalez8 years ago

High heels sure hurt my feet - which is why I prefer flats now.

Art Vandelay
.8 years ago

I can't stand high heels. What if we miss the train because she trips and falls? What if we are being chased by a bear and she falls and gets eaten? What if she rolls her ankle and can't play tennis with me anymore? What if she gets mad at me and wants to kick me? What if it's dark in the house and she doesn't know I'm sleeping on the floor?

Yeah...I'm just making it up at this point. Seriously, I've never understood the point of high heels. The most common response I get is that it makes her calfs look better. Well, that's what shoulder shrugs are for! Get some hand weights and do shoulder shrugs, and then you can get the benefits of high heels without needing high heels! Kind of like putting a little sea salt in your water instead of buying Gatorade.

Jaclyn Svarrer
Jaclyn Svarrer8 years ago

I prefer not to wear heels at all, and these are a few reasons why! Thanks!

Cindy B.
Cindy Black8 years ago

I used to wear 'em all the time, and I still keep 'em because I can't bear to part with 'em.... but WEAR them? No, no, no. It cuts down on your ability to speed-walk thru your day efficiently and comfortably -- and it RUINS your FEET! I couldn't wear the things if I wanted to now. It's been too long.

Cristiane P.
Cristiane P8 years ago

I know high heels are bad but I can't help it I just LOVE them! I look at my shoes and most of them have high heels! :-/

Althought I've been wearing flat shoes way more lately... So I guess that's a good thing! hahahaha :-)

Carole F.
Carole E8 years ago

Thanks for posting this article. As a former slave to fashion who ruined her feet wearing high heels, requiring bunion surgery on both feet on both sides with 12 weeks of recomery; I have finally seen the err of my ways. I now love my feet and pamper them with hot soaks, yoga and massages. I dress from the feet up with flat or low ergonomic heels. I am still feminine and besides...my husband loves me for me, not my shoes. Women are always bashing men for being stupid but when do you ever see a man walking around all day or even wearing a pair of shoes so cruel that should be reported to Amnesty International, because they look good? And it doesn't matter if a man is trying on size 13 WW shoes, if they bind, he will call for a larger pair. I now liken high heels to foot binding or female genital mutilation...it's just another form of oppresion we women inflict upon ourselves. And yet women never learn. Watch the Golden Globe Awards or check out a copy of Us or People and what do you see on the feet of the young womenn? Something that looks like the Marquis de Sade created himself. Get with the program girlfriends and get over this insane high heel obcession.

Chinmayee Jog
Chinmayee Jog8 years ago

I wear heels only when I go out, and my highest pair probably sits at 3 inches - I can't stand very high heels and think they are a very stupid idea! Thanks for this post, I think all the women out there need to know about these reasons :)