5 Ridiculous Things Said by the Former SNL Star Running for Office

It’s been decades now since Victoria Jackson graced the television screens of Americans as a member of the sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live. Now, the former comedienne is continuing to reach for new heights in her second career, as Tea Party spokesperson and political activist. Sadly, this new path isn’t nearly as funny.

Jackson has announced that she will be running for a county commission seat in Tennessee, and says that she would right at home in that platform in a town that wears its religion on its sleeve. “I think I will fit in quite easily with (the current county commission),” Jackson told The Tennessean. “I went to the dentist recently and there was a Bible in the lobby of the dentist office. … I love this town. My two favorite things are here – Jesus and show business.”

Bibles in the lobby are one thing, but are voters really ready for Jackson’s incendiary and highly controversial comments on all things ranging from gays to Muslims to the president? Here’s a small sample of what they are in store for:

1. If you want to teach little children about anything sexual, that is robbing their innocence and thats child abuse.“ According to Victoria Jackson, you can’t tell little kids about same-sex marriage, because that will lead to them knowing there is such a thing as gay sex. Apparently, marriages between heterosexual couples don’t involve sex at all, or else you would think the same rules would apply there as well. In the same interview she said if her grandchild were gay, she would pray it away because “[she knows] a guy and a woman who are a lesbian and a gay and they got married and they are going to have babies now.”


2. Im going to die soon, because the first thing they do is they kill the Christians!“ In an interview this summer with Bill O’Reilly, Jackson went all out on her political awakening, from being recruited by a “secret” California conservative group to her early ties with the Santa Monica Tea Party. But it’s her conviction that she’s about to be assassinated for her Christian beliefs that has even O’Reilly taken aback. “Yeah, I don’t think we’re real close to that,” he tells Jackson.


3. When Muslims cut meat they say allahu akbar. I sent that to a friend, and she wrote back Thats not true, Snopes that. Well, I just found out Snopes is run by George Soros. The statement follows a performance of a song so racially and culturally xenophobic that even the right-wing talk show hosts surrounding her look uncomfortable. Jackson also in the same setting accuses the President of supporting a 9/11 mosque because he wants to support those who saw the attacks as a victory.


4. The Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated our highest positions in government.“ Claiming she had been briefed by some ex members of the FBI, Jackson continues to argue that the Muslim Brotherhood is overtaking the country with the intent of instilling sharia law. Muslim Brotherhood at this point has become shorthand for “enemies of Christianity” and Jackson sees enemies everywhere, telling The Tennessean she’s been “researching the Muslim Brotherhood, Agenda 21 and the Common Core education standards” for her race.


5. I always thought Obama was a Muslim, but a bad one, because I dont see him praying five times a day.“ And there is the big reason for Jackson’s anti-Muslim crusade: Obama the “communist Muslim.” The president has become the stand in for everything she fears – Islam, progressive social causes, communism, all rolled up into one.

Photo Credit: David Shankbone


Jim Ven
Jim V1 years ago

thanks for the article.

Roni Jo Patterson

Fiona F., I assume you meant entertainers make* bad* politicians?

janet t.
janet t4 years ago

Jacob R says that Democrats have their own facts?? Sorry, Jacob, but that is what is known as HISTORY, something that has been written down over the years so as to not forget it, like so many republicans have done. They seem to forget the war in Afghanistan that happened in the 70s and the overthrow of the democratically elected president of Iraq that happened in the 50s, when the US installed the Shah instead. And the formation of Israel that the US supported to the detriment of the people already living there. The people of the Middle East remember this history as if it were yesterday. They remember our mistakes, we don't. That is why they threaten us, in order to avenge themselves or to keep us from doing it again.

Fiona Fahey
Fiona Fahey4 years ago

I hope Reagan and Schwarzenegger have taught us that entertainers generally make politicians.

Karen Martinez
Karen Martinez4 years ago

Scary. Thanks for article

Jenny Sejansky
Jenny Sejansky4 years ago

We thought Palin would kind of ride off into the sunset inhaling all those bikers' exhaust fumes. Nope. Still getting paid HUGE amounts to continue making STUPID comments. Who listens? Take a good look around you!

Carole R.
Carole R4 years ago

Wow ... scary!

Marianne C.
Marianne C4 years ago

When she first began saying these things, I thought it was schtick. I thought she was trying to further her comedy career with some kind of board, ridiculous parody of the right. It only dawned on me gradually that she was serious about it -- or at least as serious as one can be in striving to believe such obvious stupidity.

She seems to bend over backward to create the impression that she has the mental and spiritual capacities of a kumquat. Her personal image is a tragicomic tribute to the ridiculous: a pudgy woman in her mid-50s wearing too much makeup and a Shirley Temple hairstyle, the wardrobe that must have come from Garanimals, the carefully cultivated cartoon character voice. To see that silly image propounding political propaganda into which she clearly has no clue, radiating cultural/religious/racial hatred, or babbling her own jangling overwrought paranoia, is as disorienting and discombobulating as falling down a rabbit hole. Your eyes and ears tell you it's happening, but your brain keeps saying it can't be REAL.

To see someone who clearly STYLES herself as a goofball stridently demanding to be taken seriously when she spouts the nonsense she's gleaned from right wing web sites is just surreal. It isn't funny, yet it can't be serious. Your brain just can't accept the dichotomy.

Her two big loves are Jesus and show business. And she's failing both.

Beth Wilkerson
Beth Wilkerson4 years ago

shoot-- I was so hoping that this article was a joke. Apparently not, but Victoria Jackson may be.

Silvia Steinhilber

Ah well.....you can't fix stupid.