5 Signs That Marriage Equality Will Soon Be a Reality

It’s been a long time coming, but the recent surge in support for marriage equality makes it seem like an unstoppable reality in the not-too-distant future. While there’s still plenty of work to be done, the latest events might be promising enough to inspire long-term same-sex couples to start a wedding registry. Let’s look at the most recent progress:

1. Public Opinion Polls Are at an All-Time High

According to a new Washington Post-ABC poll, 58% of Americans are now in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage. Just one decade ago, only 37% of people felt the same way. Moreover, this opinion is not one the public takes lightly: 41% of the population feels “strongly” that gay marriage should be legal.

Perhaps most exciting of all is the fact that an outstanding 81% of 18 to 29-year-olds are in favor of marriage equality. With such an overwhelming sentiment, there can be little doubt that laws will be changed as each subsequent generation takes over.

See the infographic below for more stats on this.

2. Faith-Based Communities Are Coming Around

The Episcopal Church and the United Church of Christ have already adopted policies allowing their pastors to perform same-sex ceremonies, but now a North Carolina United Methodist Church is taking a different approach to the issue: The church will no longer perform any wedding ceremonies.

“Because the United Methodist Church prohibits its pastors from conducting same-sex weddings, excluding gay and lesbian couples from the holy sacrament of marriage, the Leadership Council has asked the pastor to refrain from conducting wedding ceremonies in our sanctuary for straight couples, until the denomination lifts its ban for same-sex couples,” the church declared in a statement.

3. Top Politicians Are No Longer Waffling

Vice President Joe Biden isn’t shy about acknowledging his support for same-sex marriage. Neither is Rob Portman, a Republican Senator from Ohio… or at least not now that his own son came out as gay and he is able to see the issue from a new perspective. However, the big political endorsement to emerge this week is Hillary Clinton.

Clinton, the presumed Presidential frontrunner in 2016, has had a history of skirting around the issue of gay marriage, taking a middle ground to appease all sides. Now, though, she released a video where she unequivocally backs marriage equality. While a Clinton candidacy is still hypothetical at this point, her words are a welcome sign that politicians are viewing gay marriage as less of a divisive issue and more of an inevitability worthy of aligning with.

4. Unprecedented Support from Corporations

While politicians are fairly influential to the political process, let’s not kid ourselves – the corporations are the government’s real decision-makers in its current, corrupted form. Armed with money and lobbyists, large companies tend to get what they want in Washington and – for once – it just so happens that they are putting that clout behind a progressive cause. As the New York Times reports, over 100 major corporations have signed new briefs supporting same-sex marriage including Google, Facebook, eBay, Goldman Sachs, Nike, Office Depot and Abercrombie & Fitch.

Lloyd Blanfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs, says that he typically doesn’t feel it is appropriate for his company to take public stances on social issues. “But in this case, this is a business issue,” he explains. “We have a very important gay community at the firm, including members of senior management… This happens to coincide with my personal views, but that’s not why we’re [lending our support].”

5. It’s on the Supreme Court Docket

Two cases facing the Supreme Court on March 26 & 27 are going to have a significant impact on same-sex marriage moving forward. One will examine the legality of California’s Proposition 8. The other will decide whether 1996’s Defense of Marriage Act discriminates by not allowing same-sex couples to receive equal benefits. Both cases could offer massive legal precedents depending on the rulings.

Given the court’s conservative majority, it is difficult to predict whether same-sex couples and allies will have something to celebrate in the upcoming weeks. However, there is some optimism that Justice Anthony Kennedy will side with the liberals given his decisions on similar cases and that Chief Justice John Roberts might prefer to stay on the right side of history on this issue.

Center for American Progress


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Darren M.
Darren M5 years ago

People can tell me how many supporters we have (including the "you might not want to piss-off your straight-allies"-types which are politely telling us to shut the Hell up), how SO many people are behind it, how change comes slow, etc. Sorry, I'm not as naive as I used to be. The only time we will have marriage (and not just second-class Domestic-Partnerships/civil-unions that we are forced to accept..... Separate but equal didn't work the last time we tried it either.) is so that they can take it away from us again. Been there, done that, learned the lesson.

Pamela W.
Pamela W5 years ago

Hi there !! Just woken up and checked out what's been happening since I left you last night - LOL .... I see the "substitutes" were busy giving you hassle and turning away new "converts" - will they never learn ??? The sun is up, the sky is blue - another lovely day starts over here !

Heather G.
Heather G5 years ago

I saw that too, Barbara D. I guess according to her leaving a dog in a parked car is OK as long as you don't EAT HIM!!! (ps. how about some wasabi?)

Sandra L.
Sandra L5 years ago

This talk of gardening has me wistful for the garden we can't have where we are living right now. This afternoon we watched a really moving documentary on PBS called Eating Alabama. If you haven't seen it I would recommend it.


Pamela W.
Pamela W5 years ago

Hi Pals !!! Looks like it's going to be another lovely day so, while most of you are still sleeping, thought I'd leave you a little "Hello" to wake up to !! 29°C sunny and clear blue skies here - perfect for getting those lawns cut ....... catch you all later, I hope !!

Rainbow W.
.5 years ago

In 2010, researchers estimated that a single misconduct investigation costs an institution $525,000. If all allegations of misconduct reported to ORI in 2011 were investigated, the costs would exceed $125 million.”

See, you don’t want to report bad behavior, or its bye bye grant. There is great reason not to report unethical behavior.

Rainbow W.
.5 years ago

Dale O. I read about the wrongdoing of social psychologist Diederik Stapel. [http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/doing-good-science]

It’s a perfect example of how scientists can do unethical crap and their colleagues are reluctant to do anything about it. He was the one that got caught. Many never are. That’s the danger of lay public getting research and walking away with conclusions; either the person interpreted the results incorrectly or the scientist was wrong or committed unethical behavior. Not to say there aren’t very ethical scientists out there. Judging by Suba’s responses on these posts I have confidence in her.
[http://www.the-scientist.com/?articles.view/articleNo/35543/title/Opinion--Ethics-Training-in-Science/]”Today, 1 in 3 scientists responding anonymously to surveys admits to “questionable” research practices; research misconduct cases handled by the US Office of Research Integrity (ORI) are at an all-time high; and retractions of scientific papers have increased exponentially since 2005. It should be noted that not all retracted papers involve foul play, but a recent study reported in PNAS surveying 2,047 biomedical and life-science papers revealed that 67 percent of retractions were directly attributable to misconduct. The rapidly rising incidences of retractions and misconduct contribute to erosion of the public trust, and are financially costly. In 2010, researchers estimated that a single misconduct investigation

5 years ago

Hi...snails like beer and if you put a saucer of beer nearby, they'll go to it and crawl into it and I think they drown...or get so drunk they die....not quite poison, but fatal in excess just like most other things!
I haven't done it, but heard about it.
Around here, we rarely see snails...I guess the lizards eat them.

Mary B.
Mary B5 years ago

Dale O, Barbara D.....I have a gardening question for you.....My garden is mostly shade, so I have had to be inventive about what I can grow.....I have 2 planter boxes on the top of a fence rail filled with impatiens.....I noticed that this year they seemed to be lagging in growth.....I took my trusty step ladder (short person here) to have a closer look and discovered the snails had moved in for the summer.....plants chewed right off at the dirt.....now, other than gathering them daily to relocate them, is there anything you know that will safely send them to a neighbours yard?......I won't use chemicals.....HELP !!!!

Dale O.

Yes, Barbara D, so very pleased that your garden is doing so wonderfully well and I have certainly heard that pig manure is quite the well known fertilizer for rather large tomatoes and other tasty veggies. Quite the link that you provided, will certainly check it out. I can almost see the queen sitting on the pointy edge of that prism pyramid being enlightened by the sun rays and who knows what else.

Careful there Teresa, who knows what the queen will do if she finds out that you as a vegan found the pyramid amusing...off with your head especially if she runs into the vegan 'doctor'...given all her 'death wishes' I used to think of her as 'Doctor Death!' But I believe that others on the many threads that she visited were correct when they said that she was no doctor.