5 States That Will Be Hammered by the Sequester

Unless something dramatic happens between now and Friday, it appears that budget sequestration cuts, designed to be so painful that they would force Republicans to compromise with Democrats, will go into effect.

The sharp cuts to military and social spending will decimate the economy, and could well throw the country back into recession. Its effects, though, will not be evenly distributed. Some parts of the country will see extreme cuts, while others will face significant, but less draconian cuts. While no state will escape unscathed, here are five states whose economies could turn very bad, very soon.

5. Texas

Texas would lose 52,000 jobs in civilian military furloughs alone. Military base funding would also be cut by $250 million. Texas will lose funding for senior nutritional assistance, education, Head Start and job search assistance, making it harder for those out of work to find a job. And $51 million in funding will be cut for educating children with disabilities.

4. Arizona

Arizona will lose 10,000 civilian military jobs, and over 1,000 students will lose access to Head Start. In addition, Arizona will lose $2.1 million in environmental funding, and $1 million in funding for senior nutritional aid.

3. California

The Golden State will lose 64,000 civilian defense jobs, and another 2,000 education jobs will be put at risk. Additionally, almost 4,000 California students will lose funding for work-study programs. California will lose $12.4 million in grants to help people facing addiction, and 3,000 victims of domestic violence will go unassisted due to cuts in the STOP Violence Against Women program.

2. Florida

Florida will lose 31,000 civilian defense jobs and see $165 million in cuts to base operations, including funding for aircraft depot maintenance and four demolition projects in Pensacola. As in other states, job search assistance will be cut, as well as $3.8 million in aid to seniors. Additionally, over 1,000 educators could lose their jobs.

1. Virginia

No state is more damaged by the sequester cuts than the Commonwealth of Virginia. Home to the Pentagon, Virginia would lose 90,000 civilian defense jobs and $154 million in funding for bases. In addition,†maintenance†of 11 naval ships will be delayed, as will four other projects, costing thousands more jobs in Norfolk, Dahlgren and Oceana.

Overall, the effects to the entire country look bleak — affecting everything from customs and border control to approval of new drugs to food safety to mental health. Still, for states with a large defense presence or high senior populations, the sequestration will be foolishly destructive. One would think House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., would be concerned that his state is facing the loss of more than 100,000 jobs due to Congressional inaction. One would think Texas Gov. Rick Perry would be screaming bloody murder. Indeed, one surprising voice demanding action comes from Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, who said on “Face the Nation,” “We [Republicans] donít like taxes. We donít like increasing taxes.†But we know we have to be pragmatic. We know there has to be some kind of compromise, but dang it, they need to get the job done.”

It is barely possible that demands from Republican governors could move the Republican House to actually work with the President to avoid disastrous cuts. For the sake of the economy, let’s hope so.


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Sarah Hill
Sarah Hill4 years ago

All the hype about the Sequester has reminded me of Y2K. Much ado about nothing.

Tech G.
Tech G4 years ago

Kate, consider if they are also attorneys, since an attorney has an actual conflict in acting as a "check" upon the power of the judicial branch, in public office in the legislature. Attorney legislators simply will not have discussion or submit legislation that limits attorney fraud....fearing retaliation from the BAR ...for good reason... demonstrated by disbarred lawyers who stood up against wrongdoing of a judge. Your non-lawyer legislator fears his peer attorney legislators re this issue.

Kate S.
Kate S4 years ago

If the "good ole boys club" could not figure out a way to fix the problem before it came to this... then they don't belong in the position. SUGGESTION: Don't vote an incumbent into office from now on until the message has bee delivered. . . do your job!

Tech G.
Tech G4 years ago

Those were not mistakes Jane, business will seek lower cost of production, which it has found in China and without import tariffs, have gained (buy low sell high) at the citizens peril. It's quite intentional, facilitated by our elected officials. Are you a "consumer"...well we have a credit card for you ?

The USA finds itself now a dependant, deeply in debt and hardly capable of being "exceptional" or the bully of the earth any longer Mr. netanyahooo. We want our 95 of our 100 nukes back too.

Jane D.
Jane Davidson4 years ago

The poor and those who can least afford it are paying for the mistakes of the wealthy and big corporations. They fail to realize that taxes go down when there is so much unemployment, and most of the population suffers without their services.

Cyan Dickirs
Cyan Dickirs4 years ago

Are none of you GOP haters/blamers aware that your Biden and Obama while Senators, voted for the Patriot act, most always voted for the wars, that Obama was one of 9 senators that voted against the Katrina aid bill (but then said "whitey" hates you LA blacks and won't give you the relief they gave 9/11 whiteys even though the bill had passed given more relief to Katrina).
Are you not aware that the Repub House has passed several budget bills and one recent bill to avoid the sequester, but the Senate (always Dem) has refused to vote on any one of them, even the Dem bills that passed the house? It is the Dem senate that is at fault.

Pat B.
Pat B4 years ago

"No matter how big a nation is, it is no stronger than its weakest people, and as long as you keep a person down, some part of you has to be down there to hold him down, so it means you cannot soar as you might." Marian Anderson

Mary B.
Mary B4 years ago

David F.....All your comments by Winston Churchill....Don't you know he was a foreigner David? And you are SO against us "socialist foreigners"......Is it because there are so few appropriate quotes from republicans you can use?

janice b.
jan b4 years ago

How do these budget cuts help anything when more people will lose their jobs, can't pay taxes and eventually will be on food stamps and govt benefits.
Won't raise taxes on the wealthy that really matter.....I think the GOP is a wart on the countries behind.

Ernie Miller
william Miller4 years ago

I think the military needs a drastic cut I know it is a bad time for our economy but it needs done why cat we switch to manufacturing economy that builds more than death and Killing?