5 Tasty Vegan BBQ Recipes for Memorial Day

This Memorial Day will have us getting together with family and friends for what is often the first barbecue of the year. Whether you live for veggie burgers or steaks, here are some ways to make at least some of your summer’s grilling cruelty-free, with no animal products whatsoever.

1. New-and-improved deli salads 


Photo Credit: Kelly Garbato

Two indisputable facts: 1. Deli salads form the bedrock for America’s finest barbecues. 2. Mayonnaise is overrated.

Avocado makes a superior binding agent for creamy potato salad. Herb pesto pasta salad simply opts out of the arbitrary requirement for dressing, but you won’t miss it.

Vegan fare’s seeming restrictions push backyard chefs to move beyond soggy grocery deli varieties to a grilled salad with beans and corn or a cucumber salad with lime and cilantro.

2. Grilled main courses


Photo Credit: Meal Makeover Moms

Many knock the humble veggie burger, but its varieties outnumber any number of insults you can lay upon it.

Sweet potato livens up black bean burgers immeasurably, and barbecued portobello mushrooms taste best in slider form. If vegetarian sausage is more your speed, try an Italian-style eggplant sausage. Don’t listen to the haters; grilled eggplant is delicious.

And sometimes the best meatless foods are no imitation, like grilled falafel.

3. Seared sides

Granted, you can put almost anything edible on a grill and make it taste delicious, but here are a few reason to raid your produce drawer.

Grilled Brussels sprouts with whole grain mustard. Barbecue onion steaks with honey mustard sauce. Lime-grilled avocados.

If you tire of all this health food, bourbon maple baked beans and vinegar and salt grilled potato chips should satisfy.

4. Drinks

Yes, most alcohol is vegan – but sadly, not Guinness. A raspberry and Serrano pepper sangria or whiskey on the rocks is refreshing as the weather heats up, but teetotalers also have many, many options.

As some factory-produced sodas contain ester gum, which is sometimes derived from animals, homemade beverages are your best (and tastiest) bet. Try a spicy ginger ale or cool watermelon sweet tea.

5. Dessert

If you have the time to make vegan marshmallows — or the money to buy them – vegan s’mores will bring everyone together around the fire as the night winds down. Alternatively, grilled pineapple pairs well with coconut whipped cream.

And if you really want to get decadent, go with this mouthful of a recipe: boozy mocha-drenched grilled banana coconut cream pies.

Check elsewhere on Care2 for even more meat-free BBQ options. I love these suggestions for an all-American barbecue by blogger Jaelithe J. What’s your must-have this weekend?

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Make sure not to leave raw meat or fish, or mayonnaise, in the sun or even in shade on a hot day for long. Keep these in the fridge.

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