5 Times Donald Trump has Emboldened Racist Outbursts

Now that the two major party nominations are all but official, this presidential election season can really heat up. One of those candidates, as I’m sure you know, is a big orange rage monster known on Earth as Donald Trump. His main qualification for president seems to be his unparalleled ability to create racist word salad on a whim. And he does. Often.

Even if you believe that, in the event Trump is elected president, he won’t actually get anything done, his words have the power to give a racism a stronger voice. Trump has already inspired hateful outbursts leveled at racial minorities all around the country.

“Trump! Trump! Trump!”

On an evening in mid-March, two students at Wichita State University – one a Muslim from Bangladesh and one a Hispanic man – took a break from studying to get some gas and a snack at a local gas station. Little did they know that they were about to meet up with a Trump fan looking for a fight.

One of the students, Khondoker Usama, recounted the incident as told by the Washington Post:

“We both have brown skin color,” Usama said. “… He said, ‘Hey you brown trash, you better go home.’”

Usama said his friend replied: “It’s my country. Who the hell are you to tell me, ‘Go home?’” The man pushed Usama’s friend and said, according to Usama: “Say that again.” Usama’s friend pushed back.

Then, Usama said the beating began.

Often in violent altercations, it’s hard to know what’s actually going through an attacker’s head. In this case, it’s pretty obvious there’s an intolerance for non-white people. But does Trump factor in? Yes.

“He was chanting, ‘Trump! Trump! Trump!’” Usama said. “‘Make America great again! You guys are the losers! You guys, we’ll throw you over the wall!’” Usama added: “You know, the usual things you see at a Trump rally.”

“Go Back to Mexico”

Just down the road in Emporia, KS, a man in a Trump shirt was filmed telling a Hispanic worker at a McDonalds to “go back to Mexico.” Not only that, but the old racist was allegedly throwing trash on the floor, then harassing the employee as he went to clean up after his white ass. A woman eating at McDonalds at the time, Angela Hernandez, witnessed the whole thing.

“This man first was making fun of my clients while we were sitting at McDonald’s, and now he’s purposefully throwing his trash on the floor and telling the Hispanic worker to go back to Mexico! I seriously couldn’t believe this. What is this world coming too,” Hernandez wrote on Facebook.

When asked on Facebook if she said anything to the man, Hernandez, who is pregnant, said, “I did! I told the guy off, multiple times! But he just pointed to his shirt and called me a s–c,” an anti-Hispanic slur.


“Trump! Trump! Trump!” Again

I’ll give Donald Trump this much: he does have a very chant-able name. This time, though, it was used to intimidate high school basketball players.

Perry High School in Perry, IA have unusual demographics for a school of its location and size. It has about a 48 percent minority population. According to 13 WHO, Trump’s name was invoked in an attempt to intimidate the school’s basketball players of Latino descent back in February:

At Monday night’s game against Dallas Center-Grimes, opposing fans used Trump’s disdain for illegal immigrants to target several players of Latino descent.

“We are all aware of racism, it’s alive and well in small portions but it’s alive and well and it’s just hurtful to see that’s what they resort to,” said Kevin Lopez, Perry Student Section Leader.

According to players, chants like, “Trump, Trump, Trump,” were said and they were trying to intimidate Perry players by reciting things Trump has said about what he plans to do with immigrants and their children if he is elected.

It’s cut the community and players like senior Shammond Ivory deep.

“It’s honestly disrespectful. That’s how I take it. I hear it during the game, on and off the court. Everywhere I go,” Ivory said.

It’s been a constant almost all season for Perry.

These aren’t just cranky old guys unleashing their impotent rage. This is using race as an intimidation tactic against young people so they can win a basketball game. It would be sad if it wasn’t so terrifying.

“Build a wall! Build a wall!”

I know better than anybody that basketball is life and we here in the Midwest take it very seriously, but come on. It’s not just Iowa that’s feeling the racism that Trump is selling. It’s also Indiana.

Fans at Andrean High School in Merrillville, Ind. Friday held a cutout showing Trump’s face and chanted “Build a wall! Build a wall!” during a basketball game against Bishop Noll Institute, which has many Latino students — highlighting Trump’s pledge to erect a barrier along the U.S.-Mexico border.

One student held an oversized Fathead cutout showing Trump’s face. After the students chanted “Build a wall! Build a wall!” the rival fans responded, “You’re a racist!”

Yeah, ya think?

Swastika Vandals

Two students at Northwestern University were caught on camera vandalizing a nondenominational campus chapel. These two seem to have taken the Trump message to heart, going after Jewish people, black people, gay people and Muslims.

Once inside the chapel, the pair spray-painted an expletive and a slur against African-Americans with a swastika on the chapel hallway, Assistant Cook County State’s Attorney Brooke Shupe told the court. In a separate area, they spray-painted a derogatory word for homosexuals on a wall, along with lines spray-painted over photos of Muslim students.

The young men also spray-painted penises in several places around the church, including on a piano in the chapel, above the word “God” in a hallway, and in a stairwell where they also painted the word “Trump,” authorities said, Shupe said.

Ugh, of course they painted penises. Because racism is all a joke, I guess.

Did Donald Trump cause feelings of racism in this country? No, of course not. That has been festering in this country for a long time.

What Donald Trump has done is give that racism, that hate, a voice, and a powerful one at that. Because, hey, if a major party candidate for president of the United States can equate Mexicans with rapists, endorse registering Muslims, condone violence against racial minorities at his rallies, then maybe it’s OK to make my little sphere of influence hostile to whatever subgroup I decide to hate today.

Trump has made it safe for the bigots and the racists to make this country unsafe for those with comparatively little power. And this is the person the GOP chose as their nominee. The best way to fight back is to beat him in November.

Photo Credit: Steven Pisano via Flickr


Sarah Hill
Sarah Hill2 years ago

No one is making these ignorant people do what they are doing. It'is their own choice. Why is it that everything bad that happens is blamed on a Republican? Bush got the blame for Katrina, Obama is getting a free pass for the horrible conditions with the flooding going on now!

Rima Goode
Rima Goode2 years ago

There is only one race. The Human Race. 'Racism' is a form of prejudice. The word prejudice means to pre-judge something or someone. People who are 'racists' are actually prejudiced against other people of certain skin colors and/or certain ethnic backgrounds, but not their 'race', since there is actually no such thing as different races. I'm not saying that we should ignore the real prejudice in the world and our society against people of certain skin colors and/or certain ethnic backgrounds. I'm saying that we need to stop using the words 'racial', 'racist', and 'racism', because they just perpetuate prejudice on the basis of 'race' which is an arbitrary, made-up concept! The fact is, when we stop using that language, there will be no excuse to use that arbitrary concept to discriminate against people. Some individuals will still pre-judge others based upon their skin color or their ethnicity. But, there is no need to use the word 'race' when addressing these issues. Think about it.

Siyus Copetallus
Siyus Copetallus2 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

william Miller
william Miller2 years ago

that man is not good for America

Patricia Harris
John Taylor2 years ago

Lori E., he's an embarrassment to humanity, that's for sure!

Chad Anderson
Chad Anderson2 years ago

We need to stop our complacency and realize that there is still plenty of racism out there.

Lori E.
Lori E2 years ago

This is disgusting. I'm embarrassed that there are people living here that do this. Trump is bringing out the worst in people.

Quanta Kiran
Quanta Kiran2 years ago

i find it so amusing that native brown people of the americas like mexicans are told to "go home" by european descendants. stupid !

Diane Pease
Diane P2 years ago

I've said it before. It is embarrassing to think that so many Americans are supporting this train wreck! Trump is a hater! He hates women, people with handicaps, and anyone whose skin color doesn't match his. Is that the kind of idiot we want running our country? I fear that he will get other countries to hate us!

Sherry Kohn
Sherry Kohn2 years ago