5 Tips For Becoming A Mom Activist

Written by†Lori Popkewitz Alper

After many years of juggling a varied caseload, I decided to trade in my lawyer hat to wear another hat that has taken on assorted roles including mother, blogger, speaker, consultant and most recently activist.

What I didnít realize when I traded in that hat was that I would find a new passion for activism in an area that wasnít on my radar when I was practicing law. Becoming a mother opened up a new door for me. Studies have shown that when we become mothers our impulse to love and protect our children is†hard-wired into our brain. Itís innate and we become unstoppable when it comes to our children. As mothers we lobby on behalf of our children on a daily basis for issues large and small. We have a voice Ė itís a collective voice that can be used in a very powerful way to effect change.

5 Tips for Becoming a Mom Activist

1. Discover your passion and your cause.

As a mother you have influence thatís not to be forgotten. Perhaps you have a personal situation that has driven your passion, or maybe you read something that tugged at your heartstrings. Whatever it is, make it your own and use your voice to drive change.

2. Use your voice to speak for those who canít.

Children are one example of those who arenít able to speak for themselves. It becomes our responsibility as mothers to speak up and advocate on their behalf. It starts with our own children, but can extend far beyond to all children.

3. Let your wallet do the talking.

As mothers, we control a large portion of the marketplace. We tend to buy the groceries, clothing and many other things that support our households.† A simple way to take a stance is to shift your spending habits to support causes you believe in.

4. Join forces and spread the word.

Passion is contagious. Spread the word among your family and friends and see if theyíre receptive. Start a petition and begin collecting signatures in support of your cause. Thereís no question that together we can make a difference.

5. Start here.

Moms Clean Air Force is a perfect starting point for new activists. Itís a national movement of more than 100,000 moms (and dads!) who are working together to protect our childrenís right to clean air. Please use your VOICE and join Moms Clean Air Force !


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Danuta Watola
Danuta W5 years ago

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Jacqueline Fonseca

I may not be a mom of the human kids.... My boyfriend has two boys and I do a lot for them... I speak for my four legged furry babies! I'm active with community outreach regarding vegan, animal rights, human suffering, and environmental issues....

Grace Adams
Grace Adams5 years ago

I am childless and way past the menopause. I still feel that we ought to fight climate change to make the world safe for agriculture. Fighting German Nazi fascists to make the world safe for democracy took as much money as the rest of the United States economy for over a decade. Fighting climate change to make the world safe for agriculture will take as much money as the rest of the United States economy for about a century. But it will still be a lesser evil than taking a chance on losing agriculture. About 10 times US GDP for replacing fossil fuel in the United States and as foreign aid to less developed nations. About 30 times US GDP for buying fossil fuel reserves to keep underground forever. About 60 times US GDP to capture and store carbon, some captured with Global Thermostat and Stored in Enhanced Geothermal Systems which produce base load power, some captured by algae and stored in bio-char from algae and used to hold water and fertilizer in root zone of farm fields,

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