5 Unconstitutional Ideas Most Republicans Support

The GOP spends a lot of time touting its love for the Constitution, but when pollsters ask registered Republicans questions about issues pertaining to the Constitution, that fondness doesn’t necessarily transfer over to their ideology. When it comes to open elections, freedom of religion and a free press, most Republicans would be quite content to ignore the Constitution. You know, for the good of America!

Here are 5 ways Republican views don’t correspond with the Constitution… as well as some reasons why that’s so problematic:

1. Stopping an Election

Let’s start with an alarming poll that just came out this week: 52 percent of Republicans said they would support a decision by President Donald Trump to postpone the 2020 election if he needed more time to prevent voter fraud.

Allow that to sink in: Trump would have his base’s blessing to ignore the Constitution and indefinitely stall on an election even if the reason for doing so is completely bogus.

Apparently, Trump’s bruised ego campaign to convince Americans that millions voted illegally in the last election and he actually won the popular vote is succeeding. By inventing this supposed “problem,” he’s created an excuse to make an authoritarian power grab in the future.

2. Muslim Travel Ban

While that last example was a hypothetical that hopefully never plays out, one of Trump’s real ideas was met with similar (and not to mention aggravating) support by Republicans. When Trump proposed a ban on foreign Muslims from entering the United States, the majority of Americans rightfully disapproved, but 54 percent of conservatives labeled it a good idea.

The courts deemed Trump’s anti-Muslim executive order to be unconstitutional, with many Republicans in Congress saying the same thing. Still, the fact that the majority of Republican voters didn’t see discrimination against people based primarily on their religion as a problem demonstrates that they might not care so much about freedom of religion after all.

3. Establishing Christianity as the National Religion

Believe it or not, it gets worse on this same subject. In a major survey administered by Public Polling Policy just two years ago, 57 percent of Republican respondents wanted to see Christianity named the official religion of the United States.

Of course, the country was founded on the principle of allowing citizens to worship as they see fit, and even explicitly forbids Congress from making a law establishing a religion – which is pretty much exactly what Republican voters would like to see happen.

Christians already compromise a strong majority in the country, so it’s difficult to rationalize why they’d feel it important to make things difficult for Americans of other faiths, but it shows that most conservatives care about their own religion rather than preserving religious liberties for everyone.

4. Criticizing Leaders

Moving on to a different part of the First Amendment, Republicans aren’t exactly wild about maintaining a free press either. In a Pew Research poll, just 42 percent of Republicans think that media criticism of politicians is important, while 56 percent believed a critical media gets in the way of politicians doing their jobs.

The media is perhaps America’s best tool for holding politicians accountable and keeping voters informed of wrongdoing. The fact that most Republicans view the media as more of a hindrance to democracy just goes to show that they don’t understand how much governments in countries without a free press are able to get away with.

5. Punishing the Media

Republicans are so resentful of the free press that a majority of them would like to see the government punish the media. When asked whether people are in favor of courts fining publications or broadcasts the present biased or inaccurate news, 54 percent of Republicans say they would support such a move. Almost half of all Republicans were also willing to have the government shut down publications for such offenses.

Obviously, a credible media is important, but there is great danger in allowing the government to decide what news it deems unworthy, as they could then stifle free speech and dissent on the whole.

Imagine, for example, if Trump had the ability to censor the longstanding media institutions that he’s freely labeled as “fake news” whenever they publish something unflattering about him. We’d be setting ourselves up for trouble.

That goes double for Republicans themselves. If “news” outlets were eliminated for publishing false or biased articles, what would conservatives have left to read anyway?


Marie W
Marie W2 months ago

Thanks for posting

Sarah Hill
Sarah Hill5 months ago

This is just more fake news.

Margie FOURIE7 months ago

Thank you

Jennifer H
Jennifer H7 months ago

I tried to stay out but can't pass this comment. "reforming the corrupt establishment ruling class." Can you honestly say that Rump is capable of "reforming" anything? At least more than another hand grip on a woman's butt

ERIKA SOMLAI7 months ago


Karen H
Karen H7 months ago

David, I'm going to ignore you after this because your mind is closed. However, one quote from Frank Ancona, the Imperial Wizard of the Traditional American Knights of the KKK, "We are a Christian organization."

Regus Slantei
Regus Slantei7 months ago

David F. claims there has been mislabeling by the media. I don't think so: "these idiots" (the KKK and white nationalists) have for the most part SELF-LABELED themselves as conservative christians. Who is David to challenge them? And what kind of anti-intellectual idiot would then attempt to "blame" that labeling on the media? The media is no more to blame for that labeling than it is for parroting the self-labeling of rightwing drama queens, like David, as "conservative".

If David feels he has the right to challenge the KKK's and white supremacists self-labeling as "christian", then we certainly have that same same right to challenge **HIS** self-labeling as a christian!

In this case, it is like two sub-species of rat trying to re-label themselves as a duck. I think it is obvious to most people, christian and non-christian alike, that both David-the-rat and the neo-Nazi and white supremacist rats that he himself helps to foster via his absurd rightwing narratives ARE NOT CHRISTIAN.

"You will know them by their acts".

And by their acts, David and his fellow rightwingers are decidedly un-christ-like meatheads.

Rhoberta E
Rhoberta E7 months ago

@ Karen H
david f has the NERVE to call himself Christian so you know there is no hope for some.
He's almost as uncaring as your POTUS.
If it wasn't for news of any sort we wouldn't have seen trump make a complete fool of himself yet again and make the US a worldwide JOKE

David F
David F7 months ago

Karen, Fake News bamboozled you again, there is nothing Christian Conservative about the KKK, National Socialist, US flag burning Nazis.
Even though Fake news constantly mislabeled these idiots, like Dylan Roof, the church shooter.

Karen H
Karen H7 months ago

How many of you saw the "good Christian folk" in Charlottesville? If the GOP wants to make America a "Christian" nation, is this the brand of "Christianity" they want?