5 Ways to Get a Ride to the Polls

In the last election, an estimated 15 million voters blamed a lack of transportation as the main reason they didnít go to the polls. Everyone who wants to go to vote should be able to get to the polls, though! Fortunately, there are services available that should help more voters get to where they need to go in order to cast their ballots. Spread the word!



The two biggest companies in the rideshare app game have committed themselves to providing rides to the polls on Election Day. Lyft planned this offer last year, agreeing to provide half-off rides to everyone with fully free rides to underserved communities.

After a Care2 petition encouraged Uber to follow suit, Uber did announce free (or $10 off) rides to polling places throughout the country, meaning that thousands of voters will be able to order a car to pick them up from their homes from the convenience of their smartphones. Please be aware that the deal does not apply to rides home from the polls.



If your polling place is too far to walk, but youíre willing to put in some (literal) legwork, check into your communityís bike-share programs for a self-powered ride. Lime, a popular bicycle and scooter rental company in metropolises all around the country, will allow users to†take two free rides (one for each way) of up to half-hour each on November 6. Just enter the code LIME2VOTE18 to unlock the bike/scooter nearest you at no cost.



Launched for the 2016 election, Carpool Vote is a new website that matches vehicle-less voters with drivers who are willing to take them to the polls. Fill out the online form and the service will look for someone in your vicinity to get you to your voting location.

For those of you who do have a car and want to participate in helping transport voters, thereís a separate online form to volunteer for that, and the website will arrange to match you up with voter(s) as necessary.



After months of working to turn out the vote, campaign teams are of course going to want to maximize the number of people who actually get to the polls. Thatís why, in many instances, if an interested voter reaches out to a candidate (local candidates are better, in this instance) requesting a ride, they will often†find a way to provide or hook you up with an applicable service.

Note: if you request this service too early, they might try to assist you in obtaining an absentee ballot instead, but at this point, theyíll most likely coordinate to get you a physical ride.



Youíve probably already considered taking the bus/train to your polling place, but what you may not have realized is that in plenty of cities around the country itís free to ride in order to go vote on Election Day. Different cities have different plans for how this works, obviously, but itís worth it to check the website of your areaís transportation provider to see if it applies to you.


Stacy S
Stacy S5 months ago

None of these are available in my area, though I'll admit I'm not certain about 3 or 4. I'm lucky I can hike far enough to my current polling place, but if they ever move it that will be the end for voting for me. I also don't have any regular transportation options to get to grocery stores, 'non-emergency' medical care, or to get the stray dog that moved in with us spayed. The last one especially terrifies me as we cannot afford puppies and she's currently in heat. A lack of transportation - and some people's failure to understand that Uber doesn't exist everywhere - is one of the worst things about being poor in the U.S. And for the record, I'm not down some backwoods rural route either - I'm in a suburb of Charleston WVI

Julie W
Julie W5 months ago

It would help if more polling places were open so people didn't have so far to go.

Frances G
Carla G5 months ago

Thank you

Carole R
Carole R5 months ago

Good information. I heard Uber will give free rides to the polls.

Debbi W
Debbi W5 months ago

David F., you really are a twisted person. You've gone beyond being drunk on the koolaide. You are cruel and depraved.

Debbi W
Debbi W5 months ago

All good ideas. In Oregon we have mail in ballots and ballot boxes where you can drop them off. Your ballot arrives a couple weeks before the election date. You can take your time filling out the ballot and don't need to worry about getting to your polling place, not is there a danger of being hacked since the ballots are paper and there are double checks on the counting and tallying of votes.

Catrin S

Thanks, please go to vote.

Alea C
Alea C5 months ago

If the republicans stay in control no one will be left alive to change the destructive path they've put us on, as the countdown has already started. Get to the polls any way you can and vote blue!!!

Janet B
Janet B5 months ago


Anne M
Anne M5 months ago

No. 5 - Free transit on voting day ?? - Now that is a great idea !!