6 Gadgets for Safer Adventures All Summer Long

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didnt do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” ~ Mark Twain

Fear of the unknown is a powerful force, but it’s no excuse to stay chained to your routine. There are lots of mobile technologies and wearable gadgets designed to keep us safe when exploring the great outdoors (or walking down the street at night). Here are six of the most interesting ones we could find. Which one would make you feel more brave in the face of adventure?

1. Safelet


It’s the 21st century, yet we still live in a society that abuses women and blames rape on the victim. Designed by Dutch company Everfind, Safelet looks like jewelry but is capable of saving your life. If the wearer finds themselves in danger, a quick touch of the buttons on either side of the bracelet alerts their chosen “guardian,” which can be friends and family, the wider Safelet community or the police. Upon activation, Safelet “immediately sends a message detailing your exact location to your guardians via your smartphone. At that moment, the microphone built into Safelet will also start recording, which will be relayed to the police if you have selected that level of protection,” explains Gizmag.

2. Spot Satellite Messenger

If you’re heading off the grid, a smartphone won’t do much good. But if you take along the SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger, you’ll still have a way to send SOS signals, check in with a loved one or send custom messages via satellite. The device even allows others to track your signal via Google Maps. This little gadget has already facilitated 3,000 rescues around the world!

3. Sunscreen Wristbands

The sun is a powerful force, and if you’re not careful, it can cause some serious damage to your epidermis. Wearing Sunscreen Bands helps you to know exactly how much exposure you’ve gotten, and reminds you to apply sunscreen for maximum protection. As you stay in the sun, the band will gradually change color from Dark Purple to light purple. When the band turns light purple in color, this is your reminder to reapply sunscreen to your skin and to the band. When any part of your Sunscreen Band turns cream (light-yellow), it’s time to get out of the sun or cover sun-exposed skin. It even works when wet!

4. See.Sense

Are you using the nice weather as an excuse to ditch the car? Good for you! Bike commuting delivers myriad health and environmental benefits, but there are risks, too. If you’re riding in the city, it’s important to realize that car/bike collisions do happen. See.Sense is a high-tech bike light equipped with sensors that react to surrounding light levels and movement. “If the cyclist swerves or brakes, for instance, the lights flash in a pattern similar to those on an ambulance or a police car. See.Sense also has a broad beam, so the bike is more visible from all angles, helping to prevent a side-on collision,” explains the NY Times.

5. HereO Watch

I distinctly remember one time when my little sister got lost in a department store. It was a feeling of sheer panic followed by confusion about where to look first. Imagine if you could simply open an app on your phone and see a lost child’s exact location? That’s the goal of the HereO products. The company offers the world’s smallest and most advanced GPS watch designed specifically for kids, and an app enabling the whole family to stay connected and safe.

6. Squeeze Water Filter Pouch

Clean water is one of those things you just can’t live without whether you’re in the wilderness or skeptical of local water quality. With the Sawyer Squeeze Filter system, any fresh water can be made drinkable. Just fill the pouch, then squeeze the water through the filter into a bottle or your mouth. It’s guaranteed up to 1 million gallons.

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Interesting ideas. Thanks.

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Samuel Clemens, that old home boy had it figured out.

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For those who are challenged when it comes to being outdoors...

How ever did I survive in the forests of Germany roaming on my own without these? How ever did I survive walking the deserts of the southwest without these?

I guess my parents imparted something to me.....

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Great things to have if you never learned how to take care of yourself outdoors. More steps down the road to helplessness and ignorance.

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All of these devices are great. I spend a lot of time outdoors and I like the sunscreen band and the bike light.