6 Great Kids Who Will Give You Hope for Humankind

Amidst the negative noise of this awful political campaign season, there’s goodness in the world. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to see, but it’s there. More than anywhere else, it can be found in the hearts of children. Here are a few examples that will raise your spirits and give you real hope for our future:

1. The Kid Who Mows Lawns So His Mom Won’t Have to Pay for His School Supplies

Ten-year-old Tyran Bell knew his family didn’t have a lot of money. He decided his mother shouldn’t have to find the funds to buy him his school supplies. Instead, he began mowing lawns and doing other yard work so he could pay for school supplies himself.

When his community realized what was going on, they began donating supplies and toys for Tyran. Soon he had so much, his mother began giving things to other kids in need. Tyran even received free lawn equipment. With it, he plans to keep his lawn business going. He enjoys it and likes bringing more money home to his family. He’s a hardworking young man with a bright future.

2. The Four Teens Who Asked for Jobs So They Could Stay Out of Gangs

Dylik Smith, Jalen Parham, Desmond Woodard and Deion Woodard knew they wanted to stay away from gang life. They’d all been approached by gangs, and they wanted none of it. For a couple of months after the school year ended, they doggedly and repeatedly asked the head of their local housing authority for summer jobs.

She assumed they were looking only to make some money, but when they finally told her they were trying to stay out of gangs, she hired them on the spot.

“The streets will not have our children!” Zsa Zsa Heard, CEO of LaGrange Housing Authority in LaGrange, Ga., posted on Facebook. The boys she hired now work in the community garden and do other odd jobs for the housing authority. These are young men who will go places one day, because they know what’s important.

3. The Kid Who Started His Own Bakery to Help His Mom Buy a House

Jalen Bailey wants his mother to have a bigger house. Right now he and his mom live in a cramped rental house in Fresno, Calif. To help her get a house of her own, 8-year-old Jalen decided to open his own bakery. After getting all the proper permits, Jalen’s Bakery is open for business. His specialty is peanut butter cookies, but he also bakes muffins, cakes, tarts and more. Jalen even uses his baking skills to help with charity events like a back-to-school fundraiser for homeless kids.

With business taking off, Jalen’s on his way to major success. Watch his website — soon, he’ll be shipping goodies nationwide. Go for it, Jalen. You can make it happen.

4. The Boy Who Uses His Savings to Buy Smoke Detectors for People Who Don’t Have Them

Nine-year-old Hector Montoya was dismayed when he saw a news story on television about people who’d died in a house fire. The family didn’t have a smoke detector, and Hector didn’t understand why. After his grandmother told him some people have them and some don’t, Hector felt he had to do something.

He’d been saving a long time for a Playstation 4. He had $300 in his savings account. Instead of buying himself the gaming system, he bought smoke detectors and gave them away to people who didn’t have one. In the two years since he began, Hector has donated an incredible 6,425 smoke detectors to families state-wide. That’s a dedicated young man.

5. The Kid Who’s Personally Thanking Every Cop in New York City

One 7-year old boy thinks the world of New York City’s 35,000 police officers. He’s so impressed with their hard work and dedication to duty that he wants to personally thank each and every one of them. To do that, little Zachary Becerra is going from precinct to precinct on Saturdays, shaking hands and offering his appreciation.

“Iím very proud of him. Weíve been now to fifty-two precincts, seven transits, two housings, and thirteen special teams units,” Zachary’s mother, Rosa Ortiz, told CBS New York. Zachary wants to be police commissioner one day. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says New York wants Zachary in its police academy class of 2013. He says they’re holding a place open for him.

6. The Kid Who Started Her Own Food Pantry That Now Feeds Over 1,000 Needy People

Kenzie Hinson founded a food pantry all by herself that’s now feeding more than 1,000†people every month. She had the idea after hearing the disturbing statistic that one in three kids in her area — and one in five senior citizens — don’t get enough to eat.

Tyson Foods recognized Kenzie’s efforts by giving her their Meals That Matter Hero award. She got a $20,000 donation to her food pantry and a huge commercial-size freezer. Both will help her efforts in a big way.

“Iím sure there are lots of other kids out there with ideas like mine to help people,” Kenzie told the Good News Network, “and I hope that by sharing my story it will help other kids to see how much they are capable of.” Remember her name. We’ll be hearing more from Kenzie Hinson one day, without a doubt.

All these youngsters are good-hearted, responsible people. They’ll grow up one day and with luck will carry their kind natures and strong values forward into adulthood. These are the leaders of tomorrow. Our future is indeed bright.

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Wow, what amazing kids! It's really quite humbling as well as inspiring.

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Wow, wonderful kids! Their parents should be proud.

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Brings a tear to my heart. What special kids--lucky parents!

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Good kids but I am sure this must be a typo "New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says New York wants Zachary in its police academy class of 2013."

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