6 Infographics About Being a Woman that Will Make You Want to Take Action

Sometimes being a woman can be downright depressing. Think I’m wrong? Check out the following six infographics to see what I’m talking about

1. Barriers to Abortion Access

The infographic below is from the Guttmacher Institute whose overarching goal is to ensure the highest standard of sexual and reproductive health for all people worldwide. The Institute produces a wide range of resources on topics pertaining to sexual and reproductive health and to this year to mark the 40th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade they created five infographics illustrating key facts about abortion in the United States.

2. The Truth About False Accusation

The infographic below was created by The Enliven Project, a truth-telling campaign to bring sexual violence out of the closest and convert the most powerful bystanders to new allies. It appeared in the Washington Post yesterday and has since received some criticism for being misleading. Either way the truth of the matter is that nearly one in five women have been raped and over 50 percent of rapes go unreported which is depressing all on its own.

3. Silenced: Gender Gap in the 2012 Election Coverage

The infographic below was created by the Fourth Estate whose mission is to replace anecdotes and speculation about the 2012 election with visual intelligence based on statistical analysis of the media. This particular infographic was created to show how much women were under-represented in this past year’s election coverage. The 4th Estate collected data from news stories from US national print outlets, TV broadcast and radio transcripts covering the election.

4. Top Women’s Mental Health Issues

The infographic below was created by Elements Behavioral Health, a mental health treatment company with programs in addiction treatment, alcohol rehab, drug rehab, eating disorder treatment, mood and personality disorders, sexual addiction, and trauma and PTSC treatment.

5. The Cost of Beauty

The infographic below was created by Women Personal Finance, a center that gives financial advice to women from real professionals. This particular infographic was created to demonstrate beauty from a financial and statistical point of view.

6. The Girl Effect

The infographic below was created by the Girl Effect which is a movement about leveraging the unique potential of adolescent girls to end poverty for themselves, their families and the world. It highlights the problem of child marriage which leads to pregnancy and childbirth which can be fatal for young girls not to mention damaging to a country’s economy.

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Photo by armigeress used under a Creative Commons license.


Karen Ryan
Karen Ryan3 years ago

Alarming! We have a long, long way to go and a lot of people need to change their way of thinking. Child marriage is a disaster.

pam w.
pam w3 years ago

And when we think how hard women worked and suffered to get us the vote.

What happened?

Fi T.
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Judy T.
Judy T3 years ago

So sad and depressing! Thanks for the infographics.

Nwabueze Nwokolo
Nwabueze Nwokolo4 years ago

Education, education, education.
Thank you for this article.

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Thank you for sharing.

S J5 years ago

Sigh! long way to go...

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