6 Reasons Mike Pence Probably Wouldn’t Vote for Trump if He Weren’t His VP

Itís been no secret that establishment Republicans have not been the biggest fans of Donald Trump, despite the fact that the man won enough votes to secure the partyís nomination.

Heck, if weíre being honest, itís quite likely that Trumpís own VP choice, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, doesnít particularly care for Trumpís brand of politics.

Looking at their opposing stances on several issues, itís doubtful that Pence would cast his vote for Trump if he hadnít been tapped to be his running mate:

1. Adultery

As a born-again Christian, Pence has spent the better part of his political career calling out colleagues for their extramarital affairs. Twenty years ago, he bemoaned a military discharge for Lt. Kelly Flynn that was dishonorable after rumors spread that she had committed adultery with more than one person.

Pence similarly cited the Seventh Commandment to condemn Bill Clintonís dalliances. Worried that these public affairs were ruining Americaís sense of morality, he wanted to make faithfulness between spouses a top issue for the country.

That stance certainly doesnít correspond with Donald Trump, who very publicly cheated during his first marriage. Where are those same condemnations from Pence now?

2. Ban on Muslims

When Trump suggested that the United States should ban all Muslims from entering the country seven months ago, Governor Pence was unimpressed with the plan, calling it both ďoffensive and unconstitutional.Ē Penceís descriptions werenít wrong either Ė many found Trumpís proposal offensive and legal scholars doubted its constitutionality.

Granted, since being named Trumpís running mate, Pence has changed his tune. ďI am very supportive of Donald Trumpís call to temporarily suspend immigration from countries where terrorist influence and impact represents a threat to the United States.Ē

Sometimes youíve just got to compromise your values to suck up to the boss man, I guess!

3. Racism

While Pence isnít exactly a progressive guy when it comes toÖ well, literally anythingÖ he does at least try to give politically correct responses when it comes to the subject of race. Obviously, that differs from Trump, who not long ago insinuated that it wasnít fair for a Chicano-American to preside over a lawsuit against him in light of his call to build a wall on the Mexican border.

Rather than turning a blind eye at the time, Pence weighed in on Trumpís controversial statement. ďEvery American is entitled to a fair trial and an impartial judge, but of course I think those comments were inappropriate,Ē Pence said. ďI donít think itís ever appropriate to question the partiality of the judge based on their ethnic background.Ē

Never appropriate, yet heís choosing to back this man now?

4. Negative Campaigning

In his earliest political days, Pence became so upset with negative campaigning that he published an essay about why itís a horrible, sinful approach. Since then, heís made it a point not to personally attack his political opponents.

Obviously, this tactic is wildly different from Trumpís go-to of calling Hillary Clinton whatever nasty names he can think of. Journalist Lesley Stahl straight up asked Pence how he could team up with a man who frequently hits below the belt, but Pence sidestepped the question.

Weíll have to see how Pence handles having to defend a man who will undoubtedly continue to go negative all the way through November.

5. Gambling

Gambling is legal in various forms in Indiana, though Pence isnít personally a fan of the industry given his religious views. While Pence hasnít actively tried to kill gaming, in his time as governor, Pence has blocked multiple attempts to expand gambling in Indiana.

Considering that Trump can attribute a large portion of his fortune to running casinos, itís hard to imagine that Pence would normally take a shining†to this sort of entrepreneur.

6. The Cruz Factor

Plain and simple: Pence spent the presidential primary season throwing his support behind Senator Ted Cruz. Sure, he was extra careful not to be critical of Trump in order to keep his political options open, but Pence didnít even give Trump his own vote when it looked like Trump was running away with the nomination.

Certainly, that says something about PenceÖ most likely that he doesnít actually care for Trump. You know, like most of us!

Photo Credit: Mark Taylor


John B
John B1 years ago

Thanks for sharing.

Siyus Copetallus
Siyus Copetallus2 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Marie W.
Marie W2 years ago

Pence was an afterthought.

Stanley R.
Stanley R2 years ago

Pence will be Trump's poodle.

chris B.
chris B2 years ago

I agree Leonard. I too do not believe Trump ever thought or wanted to get this far. He is waay beyond his capabilities here. If Trump wins, we will lose to ban fracking, oil drilling, alternative energy/fuels, etc. Our country and planet is going to hell in a hand basket. A sad state of affairs we are in people.

ERIKA SOMLAI2 years ago


Leonard T.
Leonard T2 years ago

Hell, Trump probably wouldn't vote for Trump were he not the nominee, and even then I'm not at all sure Trump isn't voting for Clinton himself. I've always said he didn't actually want the job, and his telling Kasich that he could run domestic and foreign policy if he agreed to run as his veep and they win makes it obvious he has no interest in the actual work of governance. Kasich was smart enough to decline. Pence wasn't. Trump is still just trolling the base, feeding them whatever bullshit he thinks they'll swallow. If he wins the country is going to be run by an empty headed Bronze Age relic with all the personality of a coat rack.

Teresa Antela
Teresa Antela2 years ago


Kenny Wes
Kenny Wes2 years ago

The republican party has never been about governing this country, they're not smart enough. The only thing they care about is pro-life, god and guns. The two parties going forward should be Democrats and Libertarians.

william Miller
william Miller2 years ago