6 Stories To Remind You There is Good in the World

In the wake of the Orlando shooting and other disturbing world events, there is a lot of valid anger, grief and feelings of loss. It is important not to dismiss those emotions, as they can be the driving force behind real change.

However, at the same time, it is critical to recognize that there is a lot of good in the world. Here are six stories you might not have heard about this month that show positive actions are still happening in the world.

1. Grandmother of Orlando victim receives dozens of well wishes from fellow air passengers

Luis Omar Ocasio-Capo, a 20-year-old Latino man known as “Omar” to his family and friends, was one of the 49 victims to be killed during the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando just over a week ago. 

On a recent flight, Kelly Davis Karas and colleagues, who work for the airline JetBlue, were told that Omar’s grandmother was onboard and flying to her grandson’s funeral.

Knowing she was making this hard journey alone, JetBlue employees made sure to be at her side every step of the way,” Kelly wrote in her Facebook post.

Staff stood with the wheelchair-bound woman until it was time to board, helped her get settled and gave her items like a blanket, a pillow and water — whatever she needed to fly in relative comfort at this difficult time.

Meanwhile, Kelly had the idea to pass around a piece of paper so passengers could sign a small note and express their sympathy. It quickly became apparent that they would need more paper.

“When we gathered them together to present them to her, we didn’t have just a sheet of paper covered in names, which is what I had envisioned,” Kelly writes. “Instead, we had page after page after page after page of long messages offering condolences, peace, love and support. There were even a couple of cash donations, and more than a few tears.”

On landing, a moment of silence was held in Omar’s name, and then every single person personally offered their condolences to the elderly woman during the deplaning process

2. Muslim groups urge followers to break their fast in order to donate blood to Orlando victims

In the wake of the Orlando shooting, there was an urgent need for blood donations. Fortunately, hundreds of people responded to that call.

However, one group whose actions perhaps deserve extra attention are a Metro Detroit Muslim group. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Center of Rochester Hills released a heartwarming statement following the Orlando attack.

Dr. Mansoor Qureshi, president of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s Metro Detroit chapter, stated:

Our hearts go out to the innocent victims and their families. We stand in solidarity with them as their neighbors and brothers and sisters in peace. Islam teaches reverence for all human life. This is a time to pray and act to stop such senseless violence in our nation.

More than that, though, the group has encouraged members to break their fast for Ramadan in order to donate blood. Ramadan, a holy month in Islam, traditionally sees Muslims fast from dawn until sunset in order to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad. For Muslims, donating a large amount of blood during fasting may invalidate the fast.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is a liberal denomination, but it isn’t the only Islamic group to offer its condolences and, indeed, to encourage followers to donate blood. The Council on American-Islamic Relations similarly urged this action. 

3. Florida police officers celebrate birthday of boy with autism after no one responds to invites

Daniel Nicastro of North Port, Florida, recently turned eight years old. Daniel is autistic and finds it difficult to make friends. Daniel’s parents wanted to throw him a birthday party, but no one called to say they would be coming. 

This happened two years in a row, leaving Daniel crying and obviously hurt. His parents decided they couldn’t let that happen again. Knowing that Daniel loves the police, his parents reached out to North Port Police Department. Not only did several officers show up for Daniel, they brought gifts and made the day incredibly special.

Take a look at the North Port video below, which features photos of Daniel, the police staff and the lovely messages of support the Department have received for their kind actions:

News Channel 8 reports that North Port will hold a birthday party at Dallas White Park for Daniel and all other children who, due to health problems or other characteristic, have missed out on birthday parties. 

4. Grateful Dead tribute album could break HIV fund-raising records

Curated by Aaron and Bryce Dessner of The National, the album “Day of the Dead brings together over sixty artists from across musical genres — including Mumford & Sons, Wilco and Courtney Barnett — to reinterpret the iconic songs of the Grateful Dead.

The project is organized by Red Hot, a nonprofit that aims to fight HIV/AIDS through pop culture. Since its first release in 1989, the group has been able to raise over 10 million dollars for the cause. The Day of the Dead project is reportedly set to break records for this all important goal.

5. Google helps children whose dads are in jail send Father’s Day messages

In partnership with Pops the Club and Place4Grace, Google has backed a campaign known as #LoveLetters. The project aims to help children reach out to their parents who are in prison and to maintain those relationships, despite the obvious barriers.

The program will also reportedly highlight how mass incarceration impacts not just the prisoners themselves but their families. #LoveLetters offers us a chance to reflect on the factors that contribute to prison overpopulation, like disproportionate arrests and prosecutions of racial minorities.

You can watch the lovely video below:

6. Ukraine authorities protect Pride parade from right-wing attacks

On Sunday, June 12, the LGBT community in the Ukraine marched during KyivPride — largely free from violence.

In previous years, LGBT marchers faced violence and persecution at the hands of right-wing groups. But not this year.

The New York Times reports that 2,000 people attended the Pride event. There had been threats of violence from far-right groups, but in an interesting turn, this outright threat of a “bloody mess”  prompted Ukraine’s officials to take action. Police locked down a 10-block area in the city center and devised tight security and a means to evacuate participants once the parade was over.

This is an encouraging sign that Ukraine’s sweeping changes to its once antagonistic and, at times, brutal police force — as well as overall rejections of right-wing attitudes — may promote broader tolerance and acceptance for minorities.

Care2 stands in solidarity with the LGBTQ community in Orlando, and against all forms of violence and discrimination.

Tell the FDA to fully lift the ban on gay men donating blood, and urge Congress to ban assault weapons immediately. Follow related coverage on the Orlando shooting here.


Photo Credit: Austin Schmid/Unsplash


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