6 ‘Threats’ Republicans Fear More Than Gun Violence

The debate over gun control has come roaring back in no small way. Americans tired of waking up to headlines on the latest mass shooting — be it at a movie theater, concert, school or restaurant — and are finally demanding that our nation’s leaders take action.

When it comes to these shootings, it’s not just a matter of media sensationalism. With the Centers for Disease Control reporting that firearms are now the third leading cause of death for minors in the United States, it should be clear to politicians that the status quo must go, right?

Not exactly. In fact, Republicans across the country continue to remain adamant that guns are not a problem —  despite empirical evidence and common sense to the contrary. Instead, GOP legislators are more concerned about the following issues.

1. Pornography

Conservative lawmakers in Florida caught some flak when, in the aftermath of the Parkland massacre, they opted to advance legislation that would declare pornography to be a public health concern. Similar agendas have been pursued by Republicans in other states, including Utah and most recently Missouri.

Legislators in Jefferson City, Missississippi, argued the merits of such a move by asserting that pornography leads to such horrors as the “hypersexualization” of youth and a piqued interest in “group intercourse.” They also suggested that pornography can foster mental illness — with no real evidence to back up the claim.

2. Sex education

Republican opposition to sexual education programs in schools stems from a similar moral outrage. Even though states like Colorado, where sex ed was taught comprehensively in its public schools — but no longer, thanks to funding cuts from Trump – have seen marked decreases in teenage pregnancies, Republicans are adamant that exposing minors to such concepts promotes sexual deviancy and teen promiscuity.

At this stage, the benefits of proper sex ed courses in schools is simply undeniable. Unfortunately, Republicans are still hard at work to make sure that states continue to leave youth ignorant of basic anatomy and sexual health — which, inevitably and even ironically, helps fuel the next big Republican fear on this list.

3. Contraceptives and abortion

Republicans, especially those who identify with the religious right, have claimed in the many years since Roe v. Wade that there’s a horrific program of mass infanticide taking place in the United States: abortion. Despite objective scientific fact to the contrary, this moral outrage persists.

In fact, some Republicans have even taken it upon themselves to compare abortion-caused “deaths” to gun-caused deaths — the argument being that the thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of fetuses being aborted far outnumber Americans shot to death. This anti-abortion website even claims that one in four deaths in the U.S. are the result of abortions.

Since Republicans will never see Roe v. Wade overturned, red states have instead decided to make access to abortion and contraceptives — and other reproductive health services — difficult, if not impossible, to obtain.

4. Legal marijuana

The top lawman in the nation, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, has not beaten around the bush when it comes to where his Justice Department stands with regards to marijuana. Despite the fact that a number of states have decriminalized or legalized marijuana — or have future plans to do so — Sessions has vowed to reverse these policies. On the state level, most Republican lawmakers are struggling to prevent any kind of drug law reform of this sort.

And even with these trends, enormous resources are being spent by hundreds of law enforcement agencies across the United States to arrest and jail people over marijuana.

5. A lack of Christianity in public schools

Rooted firmly in the days of the Cold War, today’s religious right maintains grave concerns over the secularization of public education. The argument goes, without any real world basis, that a rejection of Christian principles invites tragedies like mass shootings — and as such, schools have become frequent sites for shootings because they eschew Creationism and God’s word. This theory seems to leave out mass shootings that have happened in churches.

The solution, as proposed by Republican lawmakers in various states? New laws that would force all public schools to prominently display the phrase “In God We Trust” or something similar. Yes, no doubt this will go a long way to curbing gun violence.

6. Limited gun access

It has been a long-held assertion by anti-gun control advocates that “the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” Despite mountains of evidence and volumes of examples dispelling this idea, Republicans continue to cling to it.

So in the same way that adding gasoline to fire will put it out, putting more guns in the hands — or holsters — of more civilians is the best way to curb mass shootings. This notion is so strongly held that some communities, such as Kennesaw, Georgia. and Virgin, Utah, have experimented with actually mandating that its residents possess firearms.

In a similar vein, Republicans in various states are pushing to have school teachers armed in the classroom — something that’s already been undertaken in some Colorado schools.

Some might say Republicans have their priorities out of sorts. This is doubly true when it comes to guns in the United States. Once it is shown that pornography or marijuana is responsible for ending dozens of school children’s lives in a matter of minutes, then perhaps these moralist issues would hold some water. Until that day, Republicans need to set agendas aside in order to see that meaningful gun control reform is realized.

Photo Credit: Phil Roeder/Flickr


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Marie W4 months ago

thanks for sharing.

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Karen H
Karen H10 months ago

The majority of organized religions are based on fear, which leads to cruelty and a desperate need to control anything that frightens them (anything their clergy tells them is "evil"). In the past, many religions required blood sacrifice. Now Christians drink the blood of their savior as they promote church doctrines--though they make certain exceptions and insist that others follow rules that don't apply to their idols. (Did I just say idols? You bet. What else would you call Trump?) Evangelicals readily accept Trump's moral depravity while condemning things like yoga and astrology. Basically, these so-called religious Republicans follow the doctrine of "Everybody has to believe what our god says or he'll smoosh us all into guacamole." A little education might help, but like Trump, their god loves poorly educated people.

silja salonen
silja salonen10 months ago

really pornography / how laughable. the feckless wanker in the WH know a thing or two about pornography. however the important issue is dare I say , is the abusive power of the NRA. their threat of shutting the till. it is $$$$$ that matter not the lives of children in schools, movie theaters or lives any of their citizens.

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luna s
I'm not sure what your problem is but I have reported you. You are rude, inappropriate and your post content is not decipherable.

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Luna: You sound like a couple of ten-year old boys hiding in a closet with a laptop computer...giggling and rubbing their hands together with glee because they think they're fooling someone. Or maybe you're being the perverted uncle you talk about so much...the one who grabs your private parts and has a cirrhotic liver due to excessive alcohol consumption. Let people make their comments without rebutting them, insulting them, and interfering with adult conversation. I had a friend who was developmentally disabled, and she really struggled to conform to what society expected of her. Today she has many good friends and is an asset to her community. I don't know what your particular problem is, but you need to deal with it. People aren't laughing with you. They're laughing at you.

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@Luna, if you can't speak to the subject of this article, why are you on here.? All you want to do, is throw childish insults, change the subject, deny and hate science and everything else on care 2, while acting like a challenged 2yr old. I do not give a flying fig whether you are educated or not. The fact that you continuously insist you are, while expressing yourself like an ignorant fool, tells me just the opposite. Stupidity is not a Crime, Luna, so you are free to get out of here, or stay and fake comment on the subject at hand!

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@Luna-tic--I'm sorry, I don't get your post. I only read English and never learned to read idiot.

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@Susanne R--Thank you so much--really appreciate your comment. You have a much worthier approach, actually trying to educate nitwits in a calm educated manner--I, on the other hand, have absolutely NO patience with the likes of a Luna.

Getting back to the subject--I think Pornography can be detrimental to society, especially when it seems to seep into advertisements, like Hardy's, which is supposed to be a Family oriented fast food Restaurant. Their adds are disgusting and sickeningly objectify women. My thoughts on legal Marijuana are pending, although marijuana, that I know of, is no worse than cigarettes or alcohol and seem to have some health benefits.

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luna s ( OR potty mouth)
Take a deep breath or you'll have to sit in the corner in a C2 time out.