6 Videos of Overjoyed Dogs Reuniting With Beloved Returning Soldiers

When U.S. military service members are deployed overseas it isn’t only their relatives who miss them — their animal companions do, too. Like human family, four-legged companions’ joy is overwhelming when a service member finally returns home. Collected here are some doting dogs so excited to see their long-lost dads that I’m surprised they all managed not to pee. If you want to see tails wagging so fast they become a blur, this is the post for you.

1. Emma

Born with a birth defect that makes it hard for her to use her legs, Emma was lucky to find a loving foster home. Then her foster dad left for six months of service.

When her foster mom would come home during the day, Emma would wait for her at the end of the hallway rather than dragging herself all the way to the front door to greet her. Things went a little differently when her missing pack member suddenly showed up.


For more on Emma, visit her Facebook page.

2. Buddy

As though a reunion after months apart isn’t enough for one little beagle to handle, this Marine thought he needed to make a special effort to create a surprise. Get ready to cock your head to the left for a bit. (Buddy is worth it.)


3. Ranger

Ranger is playing fetch with his toy, the “Green Monster,” when he gets the surprise of his life: daddy is finally home! Jumping and running in circles around his recovered friend, Ranger makes the most amazing sounds of excitement, all without dropping Green Monster from his mouth.


4. Mystic

Mystic was just a 9-month-old puppy when David left for Marine boot camp. He was only gone for three months, but David’s family thought that would be long enough for Mystic to have forgotten him. It is immediately obvious that they have underestimated their pup’s devotion to her people.



5. Kermie

Kermie was diagnosed with cancer a month after her human dad left for an 8-month deployment. She was given 2-3 months to live. Her family did everything they could to keep her going long enough for him to return home and say good-bye to his 11-year-old dog. Then his deployment was extended. Kermie hung on for an extra month, and here is her reward.


Dad’s return gave Kermie a new lease on life. She had a couple more good months after this happy reunion.


Grand Finale

A compilation of reunion videos.


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Photo credit: iStockphoto


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