6 Videos That Will Make You Want to Fight For Reproductive Justice

If there were ever a time to join the fight for women’s reproductive rights, it is now. With abortion constantly under attack, leading to diminished access to health services, it is vital that we continue to put power behind the pro-choice movement. Luckily, there are countless organizations (and activists) doing amazing work to ensure that women’s reproductive rights are protected.

Take a look at the following 6 videos to inspire you to join the fight for reproductive justice:

1. Time to Act

Last fall the Center for Reproductive Rights launched the Draw the Line campaign calling on Americans to join together against anti-choice forces and sign the Center’s Bill of Reproductive Rights. The goal was to send a serious statement to Congress and the President that they must guarantee and protect reproductive rights as fundamental human rights and stop attacks by politicians who want to take those rights away. In that time the Center has gathered nearly 250,000 signatures in support of their Bill of Reproductive Rights.

This month the Center released a video in support of the campaign, asking pro-choice supporters to unite on September 25, 2013 and host events across the country to rally against fierce anti-choice opposition.

Watch the Center’s latest video, Time to Act, now. You can check out other star-studded videos from the Center here.


2. Vision 2020

Did you know that 222 million women and girls around the world still lack access to the contraceptives they want and need? Even here in the United States, women still struggle to get access to emergency contraception despite approval from the FDA.

International Planned Parenthood has a vision for a world where this would no longer be the case.


3. Dollars and Sense

If women around the world had access to modern contraception, the results would be astonishing.

In 2012 alone access to contraception could have prevented:

  • 54 million unplanned pregnancies
  • 26 million abortions
  • 79,000 material deaths
  • 1.1 million infant deaths

Does this make any sense?

Population Action International doesn’t think so. Take a look at their latest video, Dollars and Sense: The Case for Contraception, and find out more about their work here.


4. No Joke. Choice Matters. Everywhere.

Imagine needing to get your husband’s consent to get birth control or having to wait for hours on end to see a doctor, only to be asked to come back the next day or go to another clinic miles away.

It sounds crazy, but it happens.

Check out Pathfinder International‘s video about these harsh realities for women around the world.


5. 20 Condoms

If this video doesn’t pump you up, I don’t know what will.

This amazing video is part Forward Thinking‘s sex ed video series created by and for youth. I cannot wait to see what other videos they come up with because this one is too good!


6. HANDS OFF Dance for Reproductive Justice

Ok, no seriously. Why wouldn’t you be join the fight when you can dance it out and change the lyrics to Call Me Maybe?

These women make me so proud to be a pro-choice feminist! And really sad that I don’t live in Michigan.

Have you come across any inspiring videos for reproductive rights? Please share in the comments!

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Jim Ven
Jim Venabout a year ago


Jerome S
Jerome Sabout a year ago

thanks for sharing.

Margaret Goodman
Margaret G4 years ago

To all the "pro-life" people,

- how many unwanted children have you adopted?
- do you fight for higher taxes to support better foster care homes for the unwanted children?
- do you fight for higher taxes so that the health and welfare of all children and of all their parents are ensured? This includes food, shelter, education, medical care, clothing, transportation, ...

Heather G.
Heather G4 years ago

Sharon R, do you have any proof of your claims that does NOT come from a "pro-life" website?

Sharon R.
Sharon R4 years ago

None of these videos show how barbaric abortion can be-- the deliberate killing of a human child in often painful and gruesome ways.

Nor do these videos show how unhygenic many abortion clinics are, something that is causing some clinics to finally be shut down.

Nor do thse videos tell girls/women how unsafe abortion can be. Many women are sent to local hospitals with complications from an abortion, and the doctors that perform abortions often do not have hospital rights so the quality of care is reduced significantly.

David B.
David B4 years ago

one gets so very tired of listening to the same old prattle of (men?)like Stephen seeming to know what there so called god thinks.i'd never have the balls to presume to know what The Godess thinks. and it's always negatively directed toward women. and sorry , this has not to do with a foetus,but with the woman and her body.the foetus is but a bi-product of a physical coupling between a man and a woman. if that is your hoped for outcome, it's wonderful!! but if not it can turn into a horror story.and I don't see all these right to lifers lining up to adopt the product of an unwelcomed result. think of the woman,it be her life not yours.

Karen Bennick
Karen Bennick4 years ago

If men could get pregnant there would be abortion clinics on every corner and they would be safe and free.

Natasha Salgado
Past Member 4 years ago


Phillipa W.
Phillipa W4 years ago

In third world countries, in addition to access to doctors and contraception/abortion etc, there really does need to be public education. A lot of cultures place a lot of value on big familes, and most tragically many of these families can barely afford to feed the children they already have. It's usually the women who want birth control, but the men oppose them getting it. More than one woman has been severely beaten for being on birth control. A lot of men really have trouble with shifting into modern times when it comes to family matters, and it takes some doing to convince them that having a few children who can be educated as well as simply fed and clothed is better than a big family, and they'll still be seen as honorable.

Lynn Squance
Lynn S4 years ago

A woman's body, a woman's choice! Whether it be the right to engage in scientifically based family planning, contraception or abortion, it is a woman's choice. Effective, available and affordable!