6 Ways to Show Your Furry Friends You Appreciate Them

Through thick and thin, the animals we share our lives with are always there to comfort us.

But sometimes we take them for granted. Maybe you’ve been too tired to take them on that long walk you promised, too busy to pick their favorite treats up at the store, or perhaps there’s just been a serious lack of cuddle time…

If you’re feeling as though you may have let your furry friends down lately, then check out these simple ways to show them just how much you really do appreciate them being around.

Get Snuggly

The most obvious and by far the easiest way to show your companion animal how much you love them is with petting and cuddles. Whether it’s a lap cuddle in the evening, sharing the pillow come bedtime or a good old scratch behind the ears or under the chin, getting snuggly, even if it’s only for a few minutes each day, will certainly be appreciated.


If you really want to indulge your pet, then nothing beats a massage!  Massaging from nose to tail not only makes your pet feel like they’re in doggy/kitty heaven, it also helps to lower their blood pressure, and acts as the perfect opportunity to check for lumps, bumps or any other sores that may need medical attention.


Not every animal likes to be groomed, but for those that do, it’s a great way to show them some extra love. Cats especially enjoy some one on one brush action, which comes as no surprise since they spend a whopping 50% of their awake time self grooming. As well as helping you bond with your pet, grooming also helps reduce furballs and keeps excess hair from accumulating around your home.

Strike Up a Conversation

You may feel silly, but your pets love it when you talk to them. If you make the effort over time you will learn to understand and respond appropriately when you’re pet attempts to tell you something, making you a more responsible and aware carer. Best part of all, you can vent as much as you need as they will never tell you to stop going on about your bad day at the office.

Play Time

It’s not just kittens and puppies that want to play. Older pets still enjoy interactive play time and it’s a great way to build confidence and keep them stimulated. There are tons of things you can use to play with your furry friends, from old rope for a game of tug with your dog to plastic bottle tops for a game of chase with your kitty, pretty much anything can be improvised into a toy. So what are you waiting for? Break out the string and prepare for a rousing play session.

Tasty Treats

Let’s face it, we all love tasty treats and our pets are no different. The ideal treat for your animal friends should be small (pleasure not sustenance), healthy (specially formulated for their nutritional needs), rare (it is a treat after all) and of course delicious! The ultimate treat for felines is catnip. Combine this special herb with your cat’s favorite plaything and you’re in for hours of non-stop fun.

Giving your furry friend attention doesn’t cost a dime, but it seriously means the world to them. There are no excuses for letting the relationship you share with your pets slide, so do the right thing and make the time to ensure they feel loved and appreciated.

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Jim Ven
Jim Ven3 years ago

thanks for the article.

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Patti Ruocco4 years ago

I love how my dog pretends to be sleeping, but when I am talking about her, her breathing changes--even when I don't use her name or the word dog--she knows....

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Animals reciprocate acts of love and affection with great sincerity.

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