7 Major Life Changes the UN Anticipates Due to Climate Change

The United Nations has released a new global warming report that has already got the world talking, including climate change deniers saying some bizarre things in attempts to discredit the findings.

Not unexpectedly, the report is pretty bleak. The hundreds of scientists around the world consulted for this assessment were, in general, “highly confident” of the problems that were to come in the century ahead.

Here are several of the obstacles that experts believe are basically inevitable given our current path, as well as the “adaptations” they anticipate humans having to make in order to survive:

1. Temperature related health issues like heat stroke will skyrocket.

Reliance on air conditioning and community cooling centers will become pivotal to survive humid temperatures. Labor conducted outdoors will need to be restructured so that people are not out in the heat for prolonged periods of time.

2. Flooding will destroy existing communities, particularly in island and coastal locations, due to the rising sea level.

There will be a need to put preemptive warning systems in place to alert coastal populations and evacuate them early to prevent significant loss of life. Communities built in the future will need to be significantly away from coastlines and river basins to minimize exposure to flooding.

3. Climate drying will lead to an increase in wildfires, putting life and property at a greater risk.

Humans will need to construct buildings (and even plant certain vegetation) with extreme fire resistant measures in mind. Development must cease in high risk burn areas to lower the likelihood of catastrophe.

4. The changes in sea levels and temperatures rises will lead to fewer fish available for catching in shallower water.

The fishing industry will need to adopt new technologies and practices to capture fish in further and deeper waters. Some communities built around the fishing industry will need to generate a new livelihood.

5. The change in climate will likely yield a rise in human diseases spread via insect bites.

People will have to increase access to public health services so that affected people can be treated before diseases spread on too large of a scale to handle.

6. A shortage of water will leave people both dehydrated and malnourished.

Humans will have to learn how to ration water better, and use it more efficiently when it does get used. Reusing dirty (or gray) water for things other than drinking and bathing will become pivotal in order to supply water for all of the things humans have come to depend on it for.

7. The food supply will become insufficient to feed the world’s population, as fewer crops will be able to be produced with less water, higher temperatures, flooding and pests.

Governments will need to place an emphasis on agricultural concerns and develop thorough plans for both growing and feeding people despite the shortage. Learning which crops can be grown in adverse conditions or in particular environments to maximize production will take precedent over having diversity on dinner plates.


Although they’re frustrating, perhaps seeing these “adaptations” will be mildly comforting, as well; if experts cannot stop climate change, at least they are preparing ideas on how to deal with the problems down the road.

Corporations, world leaders and private citizens often disregard taking steps to address climate change because they don’t want to inconvenience their current way of life. This report, however, serves as a reminder that ignoring the inevitability now will just cause an even greater inconvenience for the future.


Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing

Warren Webber
Warren W2 years ago

Live long and prosper!

Janice Thompson
Janice Thompson3 years ago

What a dismal future to look forward too.

Barry T.
Barry AWAY T3 years ago

John W - understated would be closer to the truth.

Note that there is no timeline specified here but the science is pretty clear that this is where we are going - how many of us will see it or see the worst of it?

BUT --- even if I and perhaps you too are gone before the poop hits the fan, it will hit.

That means our children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews ... the next generation or two will almost certainly be going through (I did not say living through) an apocalypse of shattering proportions.

Lets be clear: Even if we minimize the worst impacts of climate change, even minor changes in climate will have catastrophic impacts on natural vegetation, on what little wildlife (relatively speaking) remains, on what living things (including food) are able to grow and thrive and live in the changed climatic conditions. Most life is very sensitive to those conditions and much of that life cannot just pick up and move to a new location. Trees, for example, have great difficulty with this.

Furthermore, we are living through the 6th great extinction in the history of the planet We are already seeing the results of climate change and GMO's and the wanton destruction of the natural world ... in the disappearance of butterflies, frogs, bees and much more.

OUR mass extinction is starting at the bottom of the food chain while all the others started at the top.

Let the meaning of that take hold and start worrying - or doing something (if you aren't already, of co

Barry T.
Barry AWAY T3 years ago

... and that's just the beginning ... the beginning of the end lol.

Seriously it is becoming increasingly clear that by the time enough people wake up to this issue and all the others we face (species extinction, social and economic divisions that will bring on more conflicts, internally and externally), the list could go on for ages) ... so, to repeat myself, by the time enough people wake up and demand the change that we can demand and CAN impose (on our "leaders" who are just puppets for the masters) millions, probably billions, will face horrific lives leading to even more horrific deaths, the landscape of this planet will be permanently altered by GMOs, terminator seeds and other technologies that are a mind-numbing threat to life.

But hey, lets all hide our heads in the sand and get some sleep ... got to go to work tomorrow and after all, looking out the window, things seem to be at least OK ...

... but hey, why are there 4 headless horsemen headed up the driveway?

Valerie A.
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Lisa Zarafonetis
Lisa Z3 years ago

This is sickening!!! :(

Andrea Johnson
Andrea Johnson3 years ago

Thanks for sharing.

Elizabeth O.
Elizabeth O3 years ago

Thanks for the article.

John W.
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Thank you, but I wonder if the case is overstated :-/