7 Ways To Celebrate World Environment Day

June 5 is World Environment Day, an annual event created in 1972 by the United Nations Environment Program, which aims to be the biggest and most widely celebrated global day for positive environmental action.

Every year has a different theme, and this year’s is Think.Eat.Save. Think.Eat.Save is an anti-food waste and food loss campaign that encourages you to reduce your foodprint. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, every year 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted. At the same time, 1 in every 7 people in the world goes to bed hungry and more than 20,000 children under the age of 5 die from hunger every day.

Here are 7 ways to become more aware of the environmental impact of the food choices you make:

1.   Make The Most Of Your Garden

Create a part of your garden that is edible, and plant seasonal crops. Even if you only have a balcony or a tiny plot, you can still grow food such as a potato in a bag and small sprout gardens in your windowsill. Grow herbs and spices that add flavor to your food and at the same time have medicinal, beauty, healing, spiritual and other usages.


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2.  Make Thoughtful Decisions

Make a list before you go shopping, and stick to it once you get to the store. Resist impulse buys! Plan your lists with your family, so everyone has a say. Consider carefully before making a purchase: Do you really need it? Or will it go to waste?


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3.  Create A Compost Pile

Compost your scraps and use this to boost your garden’s production. For a successful compost pile, you need both brown materials, which are good sources of carbon – shredded newspapers, cardboard, straw, yard waste, dried leaves; and green materials, good sources of nitrogen – vegetable and fruit waste, coffee grounds, eggshells, and lawn clippings. No meat scraps, bones or cheese.


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4. Watch Your Fish

Fishing practices worldwide are damaging our oceans – depleting fish populations, destroying habitats and polluting the water. As an informed consumer, you can help turn the tide. By choosing fish that are abundant, well-managed and caught or farmed in environmentally friendly ways, you can support fisheries and fish farms that are healthier for ocean wildlife and the environment. Check out the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s free guide.


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5.  Cut Down On Beef Consumption

Producing a pound of beef requires 30 times more water than producing a pound of wheat and 200 times more water than a pound of potatoes. According to a report issued by the World Wildlife Fund, more pasture is used for cattle that all other domesticated animals and crops combined.


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6.  Make Your Own

Even if you need food in a hurry, making it at home will almost always be less wasteful (also cheaper and healthier) than eating out. How long can it take to pull out some salad ingredients and toss them together, or assemble a PBJ with celery and carrot sticks on the side?


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7.  Reduce Food Waste

If you’re not already into the refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle habit, choose today to make it a part of your daily life. All that clutter has to go somewhere, so either make a choice not to bring in into the house to begin with or, if it has to leave, make good choices about where it’s going to end up.


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Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

heather g.
heather g4 years ago

Great reminder on World Environmental Day. Unfortunately, I have been prevented from using my composted foodstuff - as we live under a very uninformed, environmentally uneducated administration.
Unbelievable that people live like this in 2013 and despite the municipality pleading about the over-use of the landfill, they refuse to learn !! Fortunately, there are environmental groups in our town who welcome recycled food to convert into compost.

Margarita G.
Margarita G4 years ago

Good tips! thanks!

Grace Adams
Grace Adams4 years ago

Add picking up other people's litter in public places and at least putting it in a public trashcan.

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Randi Levin4 years ago

PLEASE STOP USING KIDS FOR PROMOTIONAL INFO----Some of them begin to think that THEY are above other kids when they are not.

Such is Child Abuse!!!!!!!

Jink H.
Jink H4 years ago

Happy World Environment Day to all!!!

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natalie n4 years ago

good tips, at least i have ideas on where to start.

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great article - thanks for posting