71% of Utah Voters Support Gay Partnerships


A new poll has found that while 72% of Utah citizens are against marriage equality, 71% favor some form of legal recognition for same-sex couples.

Reports Desert News:

The poll found 72 percent of Utah voters oppose gay marriage. At the same time, 71 percent now favor some form of legal recognition, compared to 62 percent nationally, as reported in CBS/New York Times surveys.


In the 2012 Utah survey, 43 percent of voters supported civil unions, and 28 percent supported same-sex marriage. Nationally, 24 percent favor civil unions and 38 percent favor same-sex marriage.

The dramatic rise in support can perhaps best be tracked by the figure of how many outright oppose legal recognition for same-sex couples.

In 2004, 54% of Utah voters opposed any form of recognition for gay relationships. By 2009 this opposition had reportedly dropped to 37%, and in this latest poll opposition stands at just 29%–this is a slightly better figure than overall national opposition that stands at around 33%.

Due to the state’s close religious affiliations this figure seems even more noteworthy. Researchers responsible for the poll, from the Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy at Brigham Young University, suggest the data may show that Utah citizens are opting for a perceived middle ground on this issue, therein finding civil unions a palatable compromise between liberal politics and religious messaging.

Researchers also say that the shift may be representative of a wider shift that has occurred in America where debate on the issue of gay rights has become a test for socially liberal thinking.

The poll also perhaps points out that Utah’s citizenship may be very much ahead of its religious conservative legislature which this year sort to ban all mention of homosexuality in the classroom.


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Annmari Lundin
Annmari L5 years ago

Beverly C.: If somethings sickens you that much when you think about it, why in the h**l do you then think about it? Think about this: Why on earth do you think about what people do in their homes, behind closed doors? I never think about it because there are so many other things I can think about. Could you please take your mind out of the gutter for one second and maybe realize that you're obsessed with other people's lifes! If you don't like same-gender sex; don't have it, but *sheesh* let those that llike it have it!

Belinda E.
Belinda E5 years ago

Btw, Beverly, in connection with minding your own business...just because two men or two women live together does not mean they're homosexuals. It's standard practice in college dorms, and beyond college if they're straight and want to avoid sexual entanglements. And there are good reasons for wanting someone you care about to be your legal "family" - hospital visitation, inheritance, and a host of others. Right now there are only two ways to do that: marriage or adoption. So if two men feel like they ought to have been born brothers, what's it to you? And how will you know whether it's that, or a homosexual union, unless they advertise it, or you pry? Get your imagination out of the gutter and assume what pleases you, not what offends you.

Belinda E.
Belinda E5 years ago

Beverly, I'll make you a deal, which every homosexual in the country would agree with, I'm sure. If you will ignore what goes on in their bedrooms, they'll ignore what goes on in yours. If that's not good enough, then if you don't like their holding hands in public, then ban hand-holding for everyone over the age of, say, 8. If you don't like sexually suggestive advertising, pictures, and articles, then ban ALL sexually suggestive advertising, pictures, and articles. That means no more lingerie or bathing suit ads, no ads using sexy women to advertise products, no ads showing a man and a woman getting romantic together, no articles on how a man can get a woman or a woman can get a man...all of those things are as repugnant to many homosexuals as gay displays are to you. For that matter, they're repugnant to me, and I'm NOT homosexual. Keep sex in the bedroom, and keep your nose (and your imagination) out of other peoples' bedrooms, and everyone will be happy!

Belinda E.
Belinda E5 years ago

Gloria H - there is a distinction between "marriage equality" (making gay marriage exactly the same as heterosexual marriage) and "civil unions" (not recognizing a gay union as a marriage, but giving it at least some of the same rights and privileges as a marriage).

The people of Utah overwhelmingly favor allowing gays to formalize their relationships, but not to get "married," which many people consider to be a sacred, God-sanctioned union.

Clear now?

Jen Matheson
Past Member 5 years ago

This is great news from Utah!

Carolyn S.
Carolyn S5 years ago

Wow! And Utah has a lot of Mormons!

BMutiny TCorporationsAreE

[Haleene said: "If we were to have homosexuality keep growing at this rate, it will end natural births as we know it."]

Lastly, if the Human Race were to die out thru non-reproductive sex, that would be GOD'S WILL, would it not?

BMutiny TCorporationsAreE

Haleene said: "If we were to have homosexuality keep growing at this rate, it will end natural births as we know it."
Okay, let's analyze that statement.
EVERYBODY -- and that means every single last man and woman on this Planet, all 8 billion of us or more -- EVERYBODY, would find Homosexual sex so PLEASURABLE, that they would ALL, every last single man and woman on this Planet, have ONLY homosexual sex from then on; and stop having ANY interest in the opposite sex whatsoever.
That means that ALL men would stop having any interest in "making it" with a woman; and ALL women would lose all interest in men. They would all be BORED with the other sex; and pair off with their own sex, EXCLUSIVELY!
Okay, number one, HAS THIS HAPPENED WITH ANY SPECIES OF ANIMAL THAT YOU KNOW OF? Animals don't have preachers telling them not to have Gay Sex - they can have it if they want to, but still the percentage of Gay animal couples seems fairly constant!
This also suggests, that Heterosexual sex and its consequences, especially for WOMEN, is disgusting and a PUNISHMENT they have to endure! Given a choice, WOMEN WOULD ALL CHOOSE TO NOT HAVE BABIES and ONLY have non-reproductive sex!
Well, again, speaking of animals, there is a PARENTAL INSTINCT that even many GAY people have - that is why Gay people and sterile people often ADOPT children and raise them! Even women {and men} who hate sex, have a basic biological instinct to have kids of their own!
Lastly, if the Human Race were to die

Gloria H.
Gloria H5 years ago

Wow! I would have expected 17% Was this poll proof read? Typo?
So if asked individualy, they are for it, but when they get into church they are against it?

Beth K.
.5 years ago

Beverly, people only have the right to an informed opinion - my opinion is that there is no god, and being gay is just fine.

The thought of people like you trying to dictate the lives of others, turns my stomach.