8 Celebrities Who Love and Advocate for Animals

With all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, much of the incredible animal advocacy work that our favorite celebs are getting involved in can easily be missed.

Thankfully, some stars use their fame and fortune to go above and beyond for animals everywhere.

1. Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix, courtesy of Wikipedia


We all love Joaquin for his show stopping roles in Gladiator and Walk The Line, but behind the scenes he is a big fighter for animal rights and a long time dedicated vegan. By backing and narrating the powerful and earth-shattering documentary Earthlings, which has transformed thousands of lives the world over, as well as campaigning alongside PETA for numerous ads addressing issues such as the exotic skin trade and the fishing industry, Joaquin is making a lot of people think twice about their relationship with animals.

2. Woody Harrelson

Actor, environmentalist and animal advocate, Woody Harrelson works tirelessly to put an end to animal cruelty. Not only has this Academy Award-winning actor done many actions over the years to help animals, he is also the face behind an innovative company that strives to perfect eco-friendly wood-free paper.

Ellen Degeneres, via Wikimedia

3. Ellen DeGeneres


Ellen DeGeneres is an avid animal lover whose childhood ambition was to become a vetinarian. Star of her own comedy talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she has become a household name that is loved and cherished by many. As co-owner of Halo, Purely for Pets, a holistic pet care company, and founder of Joy Kingdom, a Facebook game where players can donate to their favorite animal charity, Ellen doesn’t shy away from speaking out for animals.

4. Steve-O

Steve-O may not be the first celebrity animal advocate that springs to mind, but this adrenaline-loving bad boy is actually a big softie at heart. Steve-O is making huge waves in sharing the plight of farmed animals with one of his greatest achievements being the narration of a video entitled ‘What Came Before‘ for Farm Sanctuary.

5. Anne Hathaway

Although she recently won an Oscar for her heart-wrenching performance in Les Miserables, Anne Hathaway is a winner for animals every day. This vegan superstar is pulling out all the stops for her furry friends by avidly promoting her veggie lifestyle, plus she even threw a completely vegan wedding!

6. Russell Brand

Russell Brand, from Brian Solis via flickr


His infamous tweet, “I’m now vegan, goodbye eggs, hello Ellen” is where it all started for Russel Brand. Crowned by PETA as one of the†sexiest vegetarian celebrities of 2012, Russel Brand made the switch from vegetarian to vegan after watching the groundbreaking documentary†Forks Over Knives.

7. Emily Deschanel

Emily Deschanel doesn’t just play an animal lover on the hit TV series Bones, off the screen she regularly speaks out against animal cruelty, raises awareness for factory farming and devotes herself to the vegan lifestyle. Reaching many people with her message, Emily has been honored by Mercy For Animals for all her amazing animal advocacy work.

Alicia Silverstone, from ravenu via flickr

8. Alicia Silverstone

Perhaps most well known for her role in Clueless, on a quest to help others live happier, healthier and more meaningful lives, Alicia Silverstone founded†The Kind Life an online community that shares valuable information and resources to help you live the kindest life possible. She is also actively involved in animal rights campaigns with PETA and a huge supporter of Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary.

Who are your†favorite†animal loving celebrities?

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Leanne K
Leanne K4 months ago

Puzzled by some comments. Regardless, good on them, animals need all the help we can muster.

Shannon C.
Shannon Cowett4 years ago

Ellen wanted to be a vetinarian? She probably should have tried to be veterinarian instead, because those are real.

Sandra Penna
Sandra Penna4 years ago

blessings for them!

Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

Johanna Rantala
Johanna Rantala5 years ago

Degenerate is a Cover Girl. That's why she sucks.

Fi T.
Past Member 5 years ago

Hope they help spread the words

Melania Padilla
Melania P5 years ago

Awesome, but you know what? I didn´t like that Ellen Degeneres was in a Cover Girl commercial; they test on animals!

Amandine S.
Past Member 5 years ago

Fantastic ! Blessings to them.

N R C5 years ago

Glad to see that they are pitching in, I'm sure their donations are really helping. However, I haven't seen them advertising any causes on national television networks.

Virginia Belder
Virginia Belder5 years ago