8 Queer Women Comedians to Watch Instead of Louis C.K.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough of creepy male comedians and their comeback tours to last a lifetime. Abusers and harassers can stay in the shadows whining about how women ruined their careers, and in the meantime I’ll be stuffing my face with popcorn and watching these hilarious comedians.

Won’t you join me?

1. Hannah Gadsby

Australian comedian Hannah Gadsby rose to international fame with the release of her Netflix comedy special, Nanette, in 2018. Gadsby was convinced the special would destroy her career and was “prepared to be poor” after its release, but instead it catapulted her to fame.

We could argue about whether or not it is “comedy,” but the fact alone that the special forces people to question the nature of genre makes it unmissable. Gadsby does something in her work that few comedians would dare, and for that she is a must-see.

Cameron Esposito

Cameron Esposito is an expert at making comedy out of topics that are not supposed to be funny. Her hilarious and disgusting period joke has over one million views on YouTube and her comedy special, Rape Jokes, is from a sexual assault survivor’s perspective. Proceeds benefit RAINN.

Rhea Butcher

Most well-known for starring in Take My Wife alongside their real-life wife, Cameron Esposito, Butcher also has two podcasts, Put Your Hands Together (with Esposito) and Three Swings, a podcast about baseball.

Tig Notaro

You probably know Notaro from her I Have Cancer routine, where she describes being diagnosed with cancer. Like so many of these comedians, Notaro excels at creating art and comedy out of topics that are usually taboo.

The Netflix documentary, Tig, follows her during the time of her diagnosis. Happy to Be Here is also available on the streaming service.

Sabrina Jalees

Canadian comedian, Sabrina Jalees, covers motherhood, feminism, #MeToo and coming out to your religious family all in just 15 minutes in her must-see episode of The Comedy Lineup.  She is also writing and potentially starring in Hanging On, a family comedy currently in development.

Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho has had an extensive and impressive career that has paved the way for other Asian Americans in comedy. Recently, her comedy special PsyCHO dealt with racism, bisexuality and in some ways, the barriers broken by her own career that have made way for shows like Fresh Off The Boat.

Cho is a comedic force to be reckoned with.

Wanda Sykes

Wanda Sykes got her big break writing on The Chris Rock Show in 1997 (for which she won a Primetime Emmy) and has been in pretty much everything ever since. She has recurring roles on Black-ish and Broad City, among others.

Her comedy special, I’ma Be Me, is available to stream and tackles topics like race, sexuality and the metric system, all with equal humor.

Nicole Byer

Host of Nailed It!, a baking catastrophe show on Netflix, Byer also stars in *Loosely Exactly Nicole, a comedy series based on her real life. The show originally premiered on MTV but was tragically canceled after one season and picked up by Facebook Watch for a second season that’s well-worth checking out.

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