9 Duckling Rescue Videos That’ll Warm Your Heart

In the classic children’s book “Make Way For the Ducklings,” Boston police stop traffic so eight young ducklings and their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mallard, can cross a number of busy streets to the Boston Public Garden, where they make themselves a permanent home.

Robert McCloskey’s picture book was published in 1941. Here are some more recent duckling rescues in video form. No one (not just humans) can resist helping out ducklings.

1. A Parks Worker Does the Right Thing

Recently in Bellevue, Washington, a parks worker came to the aid of a distressed mother duck, who had been hovering near a grate that her ducklings had fallen into.

2. Nine Ducklings Stuck in a  Fountain

Nine ducklings are rescued out of a fountain with too little water, though the mother duck is not so pleased at seeing the rescuer handling her brood.

3. New Jersey Firefighters Rescue a Lucky Thirteenth Duckling

A passerby and his daughter saw a mother duck and a dozen ducklings and realized that another was stuck in a storm drain. Firefighters from Mantua, New Jersey, came to the thirteenth duckling’s aid.


4. Another Storm Drain Save

You don’t always need emergency personnel to make a duckling’s day. Ten baby ducks were safely brought out of a sewer drain in a California community by the residents.


5. Pools Aren’t Duckling-friendly

Just because they can swim doesn’t mean ducklings can always find their way around a body of water. Some ducklings had been in a neighborhood swimming pool for hours before rescuers used a pool net to help them out.

6. Los Angeles Drivers Brake For a Duckling

Traffic in LA came to a halt so one little duckling could make its way to safety.


7. An Extra Step Makes a Difference

A flock of ducklings are able to make it onto the sidewalk after someone gives them a (literal) step up.


8. Mother Duck Saves Her Stuck Duckling

A mother duck helps one of her ducklings to get her or himself through a tiny hole in a fence. (The duckling starts to make a bit of progress about one minute into the video.)


9. Eight Ducklings Saved From Australia’s Rough Waters

Sometimes mother duck doesn’t know best: after one led her eight duckling into rough waters in Sydney, Australia, all were rescued by a helpful human.

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Craig Beard
Craig Beard4 years ago

Me and my little niece did one a lot like that first one. The duckling was stuck down in a little drainage duct next to a river so we both went in, cornered it then got it out of there.

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Isabel Araujo4 years ago

Lucky ducklings! _*_

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These ducklings are lucky to have been rescued.

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Thank goodness for the kindness in some humans...........

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This is very sweet & happy ending!
The efforts of these people really moves us to tears, because they care, love and respect these animals just like us!

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Really nice videos.Thank you.

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