9 Resources to Help You Find Your Progressive Dream Job

The world is going through a values change right now. Don’t believe me? Just look at the rapid growth of B-Corps, companies that facilitate collaborative consumption and start-ups focused on solving social or environmental problems.

Entrepreneurs and consumers alike are tired of the old hierarchies. They’re tired of being told that profit is the only goal that matters. And it’s about time.

This shift means that it’s becoming possible to find jobs that not only fill your bank account, but also nurture your soul and provide a vehicle for your passion. If you’re going to work your life away, it only makes sense to dedicate that sweat and tears to a cause you actually care about, right?

Progressive jobs (aka those that place people and the planet above profit on the priority list) don’t normally make it to the big job boards like Monster or Indeed. Unless you’re really well connected, or incredibly lucky, these jobs probably won’t find you. That means you’ve got to know where to look. To help, we’ve collected a list of the best job boards specifically designed for careers that give back. Knock ‘em dead!

9 Places to Find Your Progressive Dream Job

1. SocialGoodJobs.org

This site is designed to make it easyto locate jobs in social entrepreneurship and related sectors. When I visited the site, the most recent postings included employers like Action Against Hunger, Educate!, LeaderFit, UNC-Chapel Hill and Food for the Hungry.

2. GreenJobs.net

The sister site of SocialGoodJobs, this simple search site listsjobs that focus onenvironmental and social responsibility. Most recent postings included positions with Ecova, Our City Forest, Body and Soul Vegan Bakery and the American Sustainable Business Council.

3. Idealist.org

A non-profit established in 1995, Idealist isn’t just another job board. This websiteconnects people, organizations and resources to help build a world where all people can live free and dignified lives. Search it for jobs, internships, volunteer opportunities and activist events.

4. GivetoGetJobs.com

This unique site is run by a mother-daughter team dedicated to proving that you can give back to get paid. In addition to job listings, there’s a wealth of inspiring resources to keep you updatedon the latest news and trends in social enterprise, corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

5. JobsCoop.org

“Whether you want to work in nonprofit, philanthropy, corporate social responsibility, or social entrepreneurship you will find all of this and more,” explains this newly re-launched site. “Interested in working in education, social services, mental health, or the arts? We have that too. This site is dedicated to all public benefit opportunities.”

6. NonProfit-Jobs.org

Powered by ExecSearches.com, this website features non-profit job listings from all over the United States, most of which are at the Director or Executive level.

7. Common GoodCareers

Founded in 2005 and staffed by nonprofit professionals, Common Good recruits, screens and hires for innovative organizations at every level from administrators through managers, directors and executives.

8. B Corp Jobs Board

B Corps are certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency (Care2 is a B-Corp!). This job board is curated by B Lab to help connect good people to good companies.

9. Collaborative Consumption Job Board

If you’re inspired by the growing sharing economy and want to join a company that’s leveraging technology to make swapping, bartering and peer-to-peer rentals easy and safe, this is the job board for you.

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