9 Slow Lorises Destined to Be Pets Were Saved Just in Time

Nine critically endangered slow lorises who were destined for the pet trade were saved just in time, but the demand for these adorable little creatures continues to put their future survival in jeopardy. Now, rescuers are hoping this case, and others like it, will help raise awareness about their plight and the urgent need to protect them from the pet trade.

According to International Animal Rescue (IAR), which took in the slow lorises for emergency treatment at its center in West Java, law enforcement officials were able to apprehend the suspect after they received information from the public about his activities on social media.

IMG_7806Credit: International Animal Rescue

He was caught in possession of the slow lorises, including five males and four females, along with a wreathed hornbill, who was believed to be destined for China.

IMG_7749Credit: International Animal Rescue

Sadly, the slow lorises were all in heartbreaking condition when they were found. According to IAR, they had been injured both by the trader, and by each other after being crammed into a small box.

IMG_7686Credit: International Animal Rescue

“The lorises are all suffering from stress, dehydration and hunger. Three of them have already had their teeth cut by the trader to make them easier to handle, while two others have friction wounds on their noses as a result of being packed together so tightly,” said IAR veterinarian Dr. Imam Arifin. “Four of the lorises had been crammed into a cardboard box which had been taped up as a parcel with some tiny airholes in the side. They had then been sent by delivery service on a train to Kediri. Packed together so tightly, with so little air, food or water, it is a miracle that the poor creatures survived – and no wonder they are now so stressed and in such poor physical condition.”

IMG_7680Credit: International Animal Rescue

According to IAR, the trader is still being questioned by investigators, who are trying to gather more information about the network of traffickers operating on social media. He now faces up to five years in prison, in addition to a fine.

DSCN5624Credit: International Animal Rescue

Although they face a number of threats in the wild, their advocates believe the pet trade is one of the biggest problems they have now. The demand for them is perpetuated by people who continue to promote photos and videos of them on social media.

In an effort to raise awareness about the dark side of the slow loris pet trade, IAR launched Tickling is Torture, a campaign to help get us to stop unwittingly promoting the mistreatment of these shy, nocturnal animals who are being seriously harmed by our desire to keep them as pets.

IAR estimates that an average of three slow lorises are poached from the wild every single day, while one of those will die before they are even sold.

“If the species is to survive, it is vital that the trade is stamped out. It causes immeasurable suffering to individual lorises and poses a grave threat to the survival of the species as a whole. This latest confiscation must send out a strong and urgent message to traffickers and to potential buyers that slow lorises must not be captured, sold or kept as pets, and that the consequences for continuing to trade in them will be severe,” said Karmele Llano Sanchez, Program Director of IAR Indonesia.

For more on how to help, visit International Animal Rescue and its Tickling is Torture campaign.

Photo credit: International Animal Rescue


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