9 White Nationalists Running for Office

The era of Trump is encouraging white nationalists to emerge from the shadows and run for state or federal office — more than any other election in modern history, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

But what exactly is “white nationalism”? According to Eric Kaufmann, a professor of politics at Birkbeck University in London:

White nationalism is the belief that national identity should be built around white ethnicity, and that white people should therefore maintain both a demographic majority and dominance of the nation’s culture and public life.

White supremacists and white nationalists both believe that racial discrimination should be incorporated into law and policy.

Here are nine politicians espousing a similarly hate-filled agenda:

1. Steve King, Iowa, 4th Congressional District

King, an eight-term congressman, is the only incumbent on this list. Last December, he tweeted, “Diversity is not our strength” — a phrase used by white supremacists, such as David Duke, for years.

The Congressman once kept a Confederate flag on his desk — even though he’s from Iowa — and he’s said that America shouldn’t apologize for slavery. As The Guardian asks here, “He’s so racist. Why does Iowa keep electing Steve King to Congress?”

2. Arthur Jones, Illinois, 3rd Congressional District

Jones is a former leader of the American Nazi Party and a Holocaust denier At the age of 70, he ran unopposed to become the Republican candidate for his district. The GOP has tried to separate itself from Jones, who has said he is running against the “two-party, Jew-party, queer-party system.”


Photo Credit: VCU CNS/Flickr

3. Corey Stewart, Virginia, U.S. Senate

Stewart was born in Minnesota, but he’s opposed the removal of Confederate statues in Virginia. In 2017, he met with the man who would later organize the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Stewart has spoken numerous times about the misleading claim that slavery was not the catalyst for the Civil War. He also endorsed Paul Nehlen, a self-described “pro-white” candidate who ran unsuccessfully to become the candidate to replace outgoing House Speaker Paul Ryan.

4. John Fitzgerald, California, 11th Congressional District

Fitzgerald is a Holocaust denier, and he once sent out robocalls claiming that Jews are “taking over the world” and “must be stopped.”

What is he doing in California? Fitzgerald is running on a platform that includes questioning “the official 9/11 story,” and he has offered a $5,000 reward for anyone who can prove that the Holocaust really happened.

5. Seth Grossman, New Jersey, 2nd Congressional District

Grossman has labeled diversity “a bunch of crap,” and stated that Islam is “a cancer.” He’s also shared several articles from prominent white nationalist websites; one of these declared that black people are inferior. 

6. Bill Fawell, Illinois, 17th Congressional District

Fawell has been disavowed by Illinois Republicans after he posted conspiracy theories on Facebook. He’s one of the lowest of the low, insisting that the Sandy Hook mass shooting was a “false flag” – much like claims by Alex Jones that the murder of 26 people at the school was a conspiracy. 

7.  Shiva Ayyaduri, Massachusetts, U.S. Senate

Ayyaduri, independent who supports Donald Trump, is barely registering in the polls, but he’s determined to make an impact by challenging Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Despite being of Indian heritage, he has issued campaign buttons featuring Groyper, a cartoon frog and white nationalist symbol. He’s also a buddy of Matt Colligan, a leader in the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville. Ayyaduri once declared that “Hitler did nothing wrong.”

8. Steve West, Missouri, House of Representatives

West has made such abominable statements as “Hitler was right about what was taking place in Germany and who was behind it.”

Even West’s family is denouncing him. “My dad’s a fanatic. He must be stopped,” said Andy West, the middle child of West’s three children. “His ideology is pure hatred. It’s totally insane.”

9. Russell Walker, North Carolina, State House District 48

Walker is a really ugly fanatic who rounds out this scary list. His website is filled with racist and anti-Semitic rants, along with statements like “God is a racist and white supremacist.” Other lovely declarations include claims that whites are the “supreme group,” and that Jews are descendants of Satan.

Now you know who not to vote for on November 6.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr


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