90 Lashes And Jail For Iranian Actress – VIDEO


An Iranian opposition website says an Iranian actress has been sentenced to a year in prison and 90 lashes for appearing in a movie challenging the limits imposed on artists in the Islamic republic.

Actress Marzieh Vafamehr was handed the sentence on Saturday, October 8, according to a Iranian opposition website Kalameh.com.

The site said Monday that Marzieh Vafamehr’s attorney has appealed the sentence. Lashing sentences are not uncommon in Iran, but many are not carried out.

Arrested In July After Appearing in “My Tehran For Sale”

Vafamehr was arrested in July after appearing in “My Tehran for Sale,” shot in the Iranian capital. It tells the story of a young actress whose stage work is banned by authorities, forcing her to lead a secret life in order to express herself artistically.

The movie was produced by an Australian-based company and directed by Iranian-Australian Granaz Moussavi. It debuted at the Adelaide Film Festival in 2009, and in the same year was part of the official selection for the Toronto International Film Festival.

However, it is banned in Iran, although it has been distributed illegally.

Vafamehr was released in late July after posting unspecified bail.

Some Scenes Where Vafamehr Did Not Wear A Hijab, Had A Shaved Head

From The Daily Mail:

The co-producer of the film, Kate Croser of Cyan Films, told News.co.au that she had offered assistance to the family.

But she added: ‘There is an appeal, which could be lengthy, and the family may still believe that public comment will be unhelpful – because they are going through all the official channels.

‘We can say the charges were that there was no permit for filming, which is not true, and that in some scenes Marzieh was not wearing a hijab and had a shaved head.’

Take Action Now!

90 lashes and a year in prison for making a movie? Please sign our petition below to show your support for this artist whose only crime is self-expression.

You can watch the preview of “My Tehran For Sale” here:

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90 lashes and a year in prison ..... for what?

http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/dont-let-dad-die-in-jail-pleads-family/story-e6frf7jo-1226216667244 .... And here we read ...

Australian Mansor Almaribe faces 500 lashes for blasphemy

Ah yes ... the religion of peace ..... and since we're all so keen to quote various old books, here's my contribution ...
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