$90 Million in Anonymous Foreign Money Paid to Kushner’s Company

The Trump family is taking White House corruption to an unfathomable low. This week, the Guardian discovered that the president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, obtained $90 million in anonymous foreign money via a company he owns.

Since 2017, Cadre, a real estate company that Kushner co-owns, has mysteriously received ridiculous sums of money from Cayman Island accounts. Through this channel, it’s easy for entities to pass cash without having to disclose that they did it, since Goldman Sachs, the company that operates the account, doesn’t legally have to – and quite frankly won’t – reveal any details about the transactions.

In case it’s not abundantly obvious, it’s frightening that Kushner can have foreign money sent to him in this manner while being (like it or not) such an influential figure in the Trump White House. Kushner has led on many of the administration’s foreign policy decisions, so the American people deserve to know that he’s not making decisions based on bribes or potential financial windfalls.

No doubt, these backchannels are a big part of the reason Kushner couldn’t receive a security clearance. His extensive, investment-based foreign connections put him at extreme risk of being compromised so it’s best not to give him sensitive information – though Trump demanded Kushner get cleared anyway.

Look no further than Saudi Arabia as an example. Kushner’s friendship and financial ties with the Saudi crown prince are believed to play a major role in the White House’s utter indifference to the Saudi government’s alleged-and-barely-disputed murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Though not proven, the Guardian says Goldman Sachs sources say some of the money Kushner’s Company received has come from Saudi Arabia.

Incidentally, Cadre is one of the assets Kushner “forgot” to disclose on his initial ethics disclosure forms, something that he had to revise at least 40 times during his first year alone. At a certain point, you can’t chalk those supposed mistakes up to carelessness – he’s intentionally trying to conceal his various avenues for making money while serving in the federal government.

In the past, certain outlets have applauded Kushner and Ivanka Trump for foregoing their White House salaries as volunteer service to their country, but that’s hogwash. They don’t need that $179,700 salary when they can leverage their positions to make a combined $81 million in 2017 from outside ventures.

That news alone should have been enough for the public to demand some accountability, so the idea that there’s additional untraceable foreign money coming is mind-boggling.

Just last week, Kushner gave a crazy interview in which he said he “do[es]n’t know” whether he would let the FBI know this time if Russia reached out to meet with him again to give him dirt on a campaign rival. “It’s hard to do hypotheticals,” Kushner said.

Yeah, that answer should have been an unequivocal “no,” there’s no comfort in hearing him act like the first time was no big deal, let alone discovering that he might be fine doing it again.

Are power players in Russia among those putting millions into Kushner’s pocket anonymously? The fact that we know it’s probable and can’t answer the question is all the reason we need to put a new administration into power.

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After being rejected multiple times for a security clearance by White House officials, Kushner shouldn’t get special permission by virtue of being First Son-in-law. Tell officials to revoke that clearance with this petition.


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john casablanca
john casablanca11 days ago

Before Kushner's father-in-law became the POTUS, he was just another real estate loser from New York. However, once he became a Senior adviser to the president, he could persuade other countries such as Saudi and others to bail him out of situations such as 666 Fifth Avenue, N Y. He is not not or will he ever truly represent WE THE PEOPLE, his main goal is to represent the COWARD, COMRADE, RACIST, DON THE CON - SOCIOPATH and himself for future dealings with foreign nations and in the interim protect them against any negativity. He and the POTUS, as well
as all the immediate family members should be locked up for disregarding the EMOLUMENT CLAUSE. LOCK THEM UP, LOCK THEM UP, LOCK THEM UP. And LOCK up both MOUSY MITCH and the RACIST, IMMIGRANT HATER, THE JEWISH KIKE, STEPHEN MILLER. What the hell lock up the whole REPUBLICAN PARTY, they are nothing more then fake politicians, who want to and are on the verge of creating
FASCISM in the U SA.
John C./Houston, Tx.

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Alea C24 days ago


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Callie R26 days ago

Thank you.

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Mark Turnerabout a month ago


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Lesa Dabout a month ago

thank you Kevin...

Lesa D
Lesa Dabout a month ago

#27093 petition signed...

Rhoberta E
Rhoberta Eabout a month ago

brian f
Voted FOR Ms. Clinton in 2016 but would now have you believe that ONLY his words are worthy of repeating thousands of times.
Everyone just scroll all brian's post on this thread alone and ANYONE who doesn't fall into line with HIS thinking will be called names and put down.
Makes you wonder what 'society" or country brian is REALLY behind doesn't it.

Freya H
Freya Habout a month ago

We need to spread this news far and wide! The more charges of corruption, graft, etc. that we can slap on tRump family butts, the better.

Lorraine A
Lorraine Andersenabout a month ago

it is never ending...thanks for sharing.