9/11 Families, Phone Hacking, News Corp’s Bush Documentary


This Wednesday, August 24, US Attorney General Eric Holder met for over an hour with families of 9/11 victims whose voicemails have allegedly been hacked. The allegations have only been reported in the Daily Mirror, the Guardian notes. Further evidence regarding the allegations has yet to surface and Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporations has vigorously denied them, saying that they are “anonymous speculation” with “no substantiation.”

“Speculation” about topics without solid “substantiation” is, of course, the sort of report we’ve come to expect from News Corp.’s Fox News. Not Fox, but another News Corp. subsidiary, National Geographic, will be airing a News Corp.- made a one-hour documentary about George Bush’s leadership during 9/11 in which the former president is, according to early reviews, depicted as “a hero who discarded politics and his right-wing agenda once the planes hit the towers,” determined to capture Osama Bin Laden.

Think Progress points out a slightly different story:

In reality, within hours of the 9/11 plane hijackings, Bush’s Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld began drawing up plans to launch a war in Iraq “even though there was no evidence linking Saddam Hussein to the attacks.” Indeed, Bush aides quickly went to work undercutting the proposed commission to study the events leading up the 9/11, and despite the growing evidence linking the terrorist act with Osama bin Laden’s al Qaeda group, Bush never made bin Laden a priority. By January 2002, Dick Cheney told the press that bin Laden “isn’t that big a threat.” The next month, Bush said bin Laden was “not the issue.”

Aside from News Corp. “promoting the Bush political agenda for two terms on Fox News,” two former Bush staffers, Karl Rove and Dana Perino, appear daily on Fox now. Bush’s assistant attorney general Viet Dinh, author of the Patriot Act, is now a member of News Corp.’s board and oversees nothing less than the phone hacking scandal.

The hacking scandal has revealed quite close connections between key political and media figures in the UK, including that between former News of the World editor Andy Coulson and Prime Minister David Cameron, who hired Coulson as his director of communications. Not only was Coulson not given a sufficient security clearance for his access to 10 Dowling Street. The Guardian reports that it seems that Coulson broke House of Commons rules when he failed to declare payments and benefits he received from News International, the UK subsidiary of News Corp., while holding a parliamentary pass sponsored by Cameron. Coulson continued to receive health insurance, company car and severance payments from News International three months into working at his new post under Cameron.

Furthermore, for at least two months after he had resigned, Coulson still had a parliamentary pass allowing him access to parliament, a new revelation that “will raise new questions about whether Coulson – who Cameron has admitted seeing on a social basis since his resignation – continued to perform an unofficial role for the Tories after he had left.” The last point is still speculation but, it seems, has some increasingly substantive evidence to back it up.

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Rin S.
Rin S6 years ago

Even Cleverbot believes that Bush is a robot.

Eternal Gardener
Eternal G6 years ago

Bush=unethical idiots.

Michael C.
Michael C6 years ago

Breaking News, America elects George "Arbusto" Bush.

And all the while, the Devil is over there in the corner, just laughing.

For those of you that might be Spanish impaired, Arbusto means Shrub or as a proud Texan once said to me, "He ain't no Bush, he's a shrub"

A parting thought, Why is the NYPD spying on the citizens of New York, through their Demographics Unit, of which employes CIA agents. They have declared that such a unit does not exist, of course they would have to deny its existence.

Here I thought that to do such was against Federal law. New yorkers, head on down to the Brooklyn Army Terminal and say hello, they will be glad to see you.

Camila K.
Kamila A6 years ago

google building 7, you will be shocked.

Michael C.
Michael C6 years ago

Susan S, Are you questioning the truth about building #7? GOOD All Americans should demand the truth about its planned demolition. As you have suggested, it did not succumb to a structural collapse due to debris from tower #1 & 2, as asserted by the WH. Look to the words of Silverstein, the lease possessor of WTC.

Ask this question, What was housed in building #7 and what was lost? Anyone interested in the truth and not afraid of the HomeLand of Insecurity. You know the them by their catchy slogan, "Keeping America Safe From Freedom and Democracy for over 10 Years".

The answers to your questions lies in your going to AE911 or any of the other sites that are trying to bring the truth to the American people. These murders must be brought to trial, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, all those murderous traitors. They must stand before the people for their acts against humanity, for taking America into 3 wars, of which has served to bankrupt this nation.

Lastly, Why was Thermite discovered in the dust, at each of the fallen buildings? For those of you who are unfamiliar with Thermite, it is used to destroy standing structures and the type used is one that is commonly possessed by the US Military.

Susan S.
Susan S6 years ago

What happened to building #7? Was it in some ones way???

Marianna B M.

great article and excellent comments. kudos to you all!

Camila K.
Kamila A6 years ago

Their days are over. Whether or not they get thrown into prison for war crimes, including masterminding 9/11, taking our constitutional rights away as they "democratize" other sovereign nations, get fat on oil, and try to install idiots like Palin and Bachmann so they can further play their heinous anti-social agendas upon us----doesn't matter because they can't win any longer. They are eating each other alive at this time. We just need to sit and wait it out.

Gloria Morotti
Gloria M6 years ago

Ugliness coming to the light.

Lynn C.
Lynn C6 years ago

Too little - too late. And phoney as hell.