Just a Single Day for the Earth? The White House Thinks We Deserve More.

Mothers get a day, fathers get a day, Martin Luther King gets a day. And thanks to Hallmark, groundhogs and bosses even get a day. But just one day for the earth? What should we do with it? A card seem so woefully inadequate…and where would we mail it?

President Obama released a video (below) outlining the history of earth day, and more importantly, challenging all of us to take action. I had a chance to speak with Christine Glunz, the Director of Communications for the White House Council on Environmental Quality, who explained that the challenge isn’t just about doing something on earth day, it’s about a finding ways to make a deeper and more permanent commitment to environmental stewardship.

The White House site mentioned in the video links to the serve.gov site, which gives web surfers an opportunity to find events and activities for earth day, but also to share, learn about, and make long term commitments and changes that go beyond one day of action.

That’s certainly the White House’s approach.

As an example, Ms. Glunz pointed out that last week, the president launched the “America’s Great Outdoors Initiative” to promote and support innovative community-level efforts to conserve outdoor spaces that reconnect Americans to the outdoors. Interacting with nature fosters respect for nature, so this initiative could be very exciting.

She also mentioned VP Biden’s announcement of the “Retrofit Ramp-Up” program as part of the Recovery Act, which will provide $450 million in grants to 25 communities for energy efficiency projects that provide years…not just one day…of energy savings and carbon reduction.

As the President’s message pointed out, “Forty one years ago, in the city of Cleveland, people watched in horror as the Cuyahoga River – choked with debris and covered in oil – caught on fire. Images of the burning Cuyahoga shocked a nation, and it led one Wisconsin Senator the following year to organize the first Earth Day to call attention to the dangers of ignoring our environment.”

So it seems that we should approach earth day with the movie Fatal Attraction in mind: It’s not about having a passionate one day affair with the environment, but rather about the dangers of ignoring it the rest of the time.

Let’s face it…recycling, taking the bus, picking up garbage, turning off lights, or riding a bike won’t help much if you do these things just one day a year.

So on earth day, go out and appreciate nature, and what it’s worth to have trees, animals, open space, clean air, and fresh water.  And then start thinking about what you can do the other 364 days year.

Because a one day (or night) affair with the earth is a bad idea. As Glenn Close’s character said, “I’m not gonna be ignored.”

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Photo: US Govt. work http://www.flickr.com/photos/whitehouse/


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William C
William C9 months ago

Thank you.

Kay L.
KayL NOFORWARDS8 years ago

Re: "Let's face it...recycling, taking the bus, picking up garbage, turning off lights, or riding a bike won't help much if you do these things just one day a year."

Great point! With only one Earth Day a year, it's easy to forget all the resolutions we make for it, just like folks forget their New Year's resolutions.

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Peter B8 years ago

thanks for post.

Jaye Reiser
Jaye Schroeder8 years ago

I LOVE this guy!!
He cares about the environment and knows we
can build jobs attending to it.

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Eco Warriors SoS  Rainfor

Every day needs to be Earth Day!Go on Mr.President.

Eco Warriors SoS  Rainfor

Just a Single Day for the Earth? The White House Thinks We Deserve More.EARTH DAY IS EVERYDAY EVERY MINUTE OF THE DAY

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Thanks for sharing.

Dianne D.
Dianne D8 years ago

For those of us who have been fighting for the environment, perhaps our day has finally come. It's good to finally have a President that believes in Earth day and sustainibility. President Obama is right, we all need to do our part. Even if it small like start recycling or quit using plastic drinking bottles.