A Boy and His Dog (Video)


Want to put a smile on your face today?

This viral video from five years ago is a pleasure to watch, no matter how many times you may have seen it.  It depicts Joshua, 2 year old boy romping outside with his yellow lab, Toby.

A follow up video done two years ago of the same pair shows Joshua now 5, forgoing presents at his birthday party in lieu of donations made to APA (Animal Protective Association) in Missouri.  Joshua raised over $400 from his party.

Sounds like a case of humane education.  What a special little boy!

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Photo credit: screen shot of YouTube video


Fiona T.
Past Member 4 years ago

This is the bond

Chris Cole
Chris C5 years ago

Joshua is a generous, sweet, little angel who truly understands what it means to be an animal lover. Special kudos to his father for teaching him. I see great things in their futures and those of the precious animals they love and help!

Eternal Gardener
Eternal G6 years ago

Beautiful, can't wait until we get our dog!


All kids at school should be teach to love animals and take care of them, there should be more kids as Joshua in the world so the world would be a better world!!!!!!!!! God Bless Joshua and his father for the teaching him the love for animals.!!!!!!!!

Marian T.
Zena Talpas6 years ago

I'm sure this marvelous little boy would act the same around farm animals or any animal. He has obviously been raised by pretty incredible parents to have that much love and compassion. The video touched my heart and made my day. I seem to spend a lot of time reading and signing petitions about cruelty to animals, how wonderful to read a story and watch a video like this. If this can change the heart of even one child or adult and make them realize how truly wonderful all animals are that would be truly amazing. Love to Joshua and may you have a long and happy life!

rafael romero
rafael romero6 years ago

would be nice to see one little boy showing empathy with pigs and another farm animals

sharon stringer
sharon stringer6 years ago

WOW!! What an amazing little boy Joshua is,his parents must be so very proud of him. If more parents taught their chidren the value of unconditional love wouldnt the next generation of children grow up to be amazing adults,i know this little man may just grow up to be the adult alot of us wish we were,i bet he may even change the world. What a GREAT INSPIRATION Joshua is!Great great story.

Wendy L.
W L6 years ago

Fantastic message by adorable boy with adorable dogs!

Anni Walker
Anni Walker6 years ago

That is such a wonderful video.Joshua is truely an amazing child...if only more adults were like him!

Myngheer Margriet

Wonderful how much this dog loves his human. They can consider us as equal.
The boy is very smart for his age, he understands what even most adults don't, those animals need help. Very nice video.