A Clear Victory for Clean Air, Texas Schools

NOTE: This is a guest post by David Weinberg, Executive Director of the Texas League of Conservation Voters.

Texas communities got a great present for the holidays. State regulators rejected Valero’s petition for a special tax exemption, bringing home some end-of-year cheer to supporters of clean air and public schools.

Care2 members and the Texas League of Conservation Voters sent a loud and clear message to regulators that the Valero tax exemption was not good for Texas kids. More than 2,400 people signed the petition telling Gov. Rick Perry and his Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) that Texas kids and the environment come first, not special interest tax breaks for select oil and gas companies.

At a time when state budgets everywhere, including Texas, face multi-billion dollar shortfalls, Valero pressed state leaders for a special tax break that would have drained at least $135 million from Texas public schools. The tax exemption would have allowed the company to increase emissions at Valero’s refineries in an effort to reduce emissions from the tailpipes of Texas drivers. It was a no-win for anyone but Valero and it s allies.

Thanks to Care2 members for speaking out and making this a great year-end victory!

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Great work and news, thanks.

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Another victory!
Glad to know it

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Yes! One down, many more to go.

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Good news...but much more is need it!

Happy new year evertyone!

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Great News!

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Great news.

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