A First: Member of Congress Formally Recognizes National Day of Reason

For the first time since its establishment in 2003, a sitting member of Congress issued a formal proclamation last week in support of the 2011 National Day of Reason.

Rep. Pete Stark (D-CA) collaborated with the Secular Coalition for America on a proclamation that enters the National Day of Reason into the congressional record. Rep. Stark is currently the only openly nontheist member of Congress.

Via Secular News Daily:

[Rep. Stark proclaimed:]

” … Reason and rational thinking have made our country great. The Constitution of the United States of America is based upon the philosophies developed during the historical Age of Reason and the idea that citizens engaging in rational discourse and decision-making can govern themselves. The Constitution also contains a strong separation of church and state, making it clear that government should continue to be built on reason.

Our nation faces many problems — ending two wars, creating jobs, educating our children, tackling our budget, and protecting our safety net. Although the gravity of these issues may drive many to prayer, the way we will solve them is through the application of reason.”


Rep. Stark went on to explain that the National Day of Reason stresses community improvement and encourages people to volunteer. Many nonreligious groups across the U.S. organize blood drives, canned food drives and free educational forums as part of the celebrations.

Created as an alternative to the National Day of Prayer, the National Day of Reason is celebrated each year on the first Thursday in May.



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Photo credit: Mike Goren


Esther Medina
Esther Medina6 years ago

Great - but shouldn't every day be a day of reason?

Ernie Miller
william Miller6 years ago


Bev E.
Bev E6 years ago

A National Day of Reason? If this Congress could think this way for maybe one day, we might get them to look sanely at some of these important issues they keep distorting with smoke and mirrors.

It's mostly anyone below the greedy wealthy and political who still think with reason/logic. The others live in an unreal world that gets crazier as they clutch onto their supposedly earned wealth.

Charles Temm JR
Charles Temm JR6 years ago

If Rep Pete Stark is the ideal for another congressional silliness decree then no wonder no one else bothered to "observe" it.

Congress (and Pete Stark is a prime example) can talk constantly and say absolutely nothing. How about he and the other 434 morons in DC actually do what they are supposed to do, their constitutionally mandated jobs like a budget that isn't almost half BORROWED money!

Trying to make out like this is a significant observation is a stretch. Stark has nothing else to contribute so he plays the Lone Ranger on something few either care about or have even heard of. But hey, then again-this actually cost us nothing as taxpayers so can Stark be assigned to do this every day?

Sound Mind
Ronald E6 years ago

If only the electorate had more power of reason. If we did, the mercenaries of the “all for me” pack wouldn't be populating the House and working hard to destroy America.

Susan T.
Susan T6 years ago

Yes, Bless Rationality! Kudos to Rep. Stark. She's in my book as Who is Who! Voting time coming.

Karen & Edward O.
Karen and Ed O6 years ago

Does this mean that Congress is going to take that day off?

Bernadette P.
berny p6 years ago

good luck...

Jan W.
Jan W6 years ago

David Moffattt said, "If this nation devotes only one day per year to reason, what sort of mindset is running the show for the other 364?"

Well, David, I loved your comment and my comment to yours is: officially we have only one day for reason per year, but only ONE Representative has bothered to observe it in 8 years. So your math is correct for one year...for the whole 8 years it is closer to...2,923 days!

Laurita Walters
Laurita Walters6 years ago

way to promote free speech AND make a buck at the same time!
--permit required.