A Gift For Care2 Members…And Gifts That Benefit Animals

I began blogging on Care2 just a short while ago, but I’ve already heard from many passionate people who are dedicated to ending animal suffering. Since it’s the holiday season, many of you are contributing to programs that help animals. I’ve listed a few of my favorite programs below, in case anyone needs more ideas. And as a small way of thanking you all for making a difference, I’ve arranged for interested Care2 members to receive a 10% discount off of any PETA Catalog order of $40 or more. (Just enter promo code CARE2 during checkout—offer valid through 1/2/09).

This list is by no means exhaustive. If anyone wants to recommend another sponsorship program, I’d love to hear it—and I’m sure last-minute gift “shoppers” and philanthropists would too.

  • The Elephant Sanctuary: A Tennessee-based haven for elephants who have been retired from circuses or zoos. In November, the sanctuary welcomed Ned, an emaciated elephant whom the United States Department of Agriculture seized from a circus trainer.
  • Animal Place: A California sanctuary for rescued farmed animals, including Eliza, who loves trilling turkey songs to visitors. Her upper beak has been removed, and the first digits of her toes severed—routine industry procedures—but she doesn’t let that stop her from enjoying life. Howie, a steer whose mom died giving birth to him, is another animal up for adoption. He was left in the “deposit” box at an animal control center, and saved from being a Future Farmers of America “project.”
  • Farm Sanctuary: This organization operates two shelters—one in New York and one in California—for pigs, cows, chickens, turkeys, and other animals who have been rescued from stockyards, factory farms, and slaughterhouses.
  • Many dogs are forced to live outdoors in the cold. While PETA does everything it can to persuade the families of these dogs to allow them indoors, often with success, some people refuse to let their dogs indoors. In order to bring comfort to the dogs, PETA builds and delivers sturdy, straw-filled doghouses. The doghouses are often the only “home” these dogs have ever had.
  • Berkshire Bird Paradise Sanctuary and Botanical Gardens:  A New York sanctuary for injured and disabled eagles, peregrine falcons, owls, hawks, chickens, and pigeons.
  • Food for Life Global: Provides vegan food for hungry people worldwide. This organization is a humane alternative to hunger relief charities that provide animals for impoverished people, who often don’t want the expense of rearing an animal.
  • The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation: Has planting programs that provide food for wild and rescued animals, and improve human health by providing locally grown fruits and vegetables to people in rehab centers, hospitals, and health centers. 


Joyce Malone
Joyce Malone9 years ago

I so wish I had unlimited funds to help with elephants,dogs and cats,farm animals,sanctuarys and shelters!! I am a widow on a small income and cannot do what my heart and spirit tells me needs to be done and done now! All I can do is sign petitions and urge others who can help to do so!When possible I can send a few dollars but in todays economic mess so few us can do much financially.I love all animals and my heart hurts at all the abuse and neglect going on.I am going to do as suggested about donating to PETA in small amounts and am getting ready to support my local rescue place that has a no kill policy with a small monthly donation to keep them open and able to continue their work.IO hope others will do the same where ever they are.

Eden Courtney
Eden Courtney9 years ago

In what seems like another life, I was very much into "having lots of nice things" i.e. expensive things. I now live a much more simplified life, and even in these tough economic times, I am able to contribute monthly to my favorite causes and to others during the year as emergencies arise. I also let everyone who might buy me a birthday present or Christmas present know the joy that it would bring me if they would contribute to one of my favorite charities. This year my "Secret Santa" at work, gave me a cat calendar that she bought from an organization that used the money to donate "12 bowls of cat food" to a shelter. Last year, my "Secret Santa" made a donation to the Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). I just cannot tell you how moved I was by these two "gifts". I find that people are only too happy to find out that this is what you would like for your birthday or whatever. I also donated a small amount of money to Ned at the Elephant Sanctuary (small world!). I am so much happier not having a bunch of things that have no real worth, there is just nothing better than the joy of knowing that I am, if even in a small way, making life on this planet better for the non-human animals I cherish.

Katie Moore
Katie Moore9 years ago

One of my cherished gifts this Christmas is a donation to Ned, the male elephant who was abused by a circus to the extent of being a ton under weight. The person who gave the donation in my and my husband's name also gave us the opportunity to see for ourselves what a difference this kindness made.

Every day I am mindful of the present economic condition. I am painfully aware of the triggle down impacting many in many ways that is making their lives difficult.

For those that really don't need more material items. I don't care if it is 75% off, enough is enough. I value the warm feeling that came from making a difference in Ned's life. I acknowledge an over active imagination that could contribute to seeing in Ned's eyes that he now is with humans who love him and are treating him with respect.

I work for a non profit and realize the importance of charity from those who can step to the bat and make a difference. For those who can, how wonderful it is to make a differnce and leave this world better than we found it.

Suzanne C.
Suzanne C.9 years ago

I know we have a tendancy to be charitable during the Christmas season, but animals need our help and support all year long! One easy way to make a contribution is to put aside a small amount from each paycheck and think of it as a "bill." I contribute $2 to PETA from every paycheck which is painless, but it adds up to $66 a year. Easier to contribute a couple bucks than a chunk at a time. Do it! You'll be so glad you did.