A Kickstarter Alternative Just Raised $150,000 for a Neo-Nazi’s Legal Fees

Earlier this year a Montana woman by the name of Tanya Gersh found not only herself but her family – including her 12-year-old son – the target of a large, organized campaign of harassment.

Gersh says these attacks ranged from antisemitic threats leveled on social media, to phone messages featuring only the sounds of gunshots. Gersh first learned of this when one night she came home to find her husband hurriedly packing, insisting they could not stay there that night because he was concerned for their safety.

To her shock, Gersh learned that her family had been “doxxed” – a term referring to the public exposure of personal information, such as phone numbers and home addresses, with the aim of enabling and encouraging harassment.

What did Gersh do to precipitate this intense hostility? According to the man behind the campaign, Andrew Anglin (pictured), it is because Gersh, a real estate agent in her town, was trying to extort Richard Spencer’s mother. Spencer is considered one of the best known members of the white nationalist movement in the country.

Readers may also remember Andrew Anglin. Anglin, like Spencer, has also risen through the ranks of contemporary American neo-Nazis. He is the man behind the online blog Daily Stormer, a website regarded as the most widely read English language white nationalist publication.

Anglin frequently uses the Daily Stormer as his mouthpiece to defame and level baseless accusations against various Americans, especially those who are Jewish. This time he decided to stick it to Gersh – but now he’s facing legal action. With the help of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), Gersh is seeking civil repercussions for Anglin’s alleged actions.

While civil rights advocates cheered this move, white nationalists have been swift to come to Anglin’s aid. Through the website WeSearchr, a crowdfunding website which permits campaigns otherwise banned from websites like Kickstarter or GoFundMe, the Daily Stormer has raised more than $150,000 to help cover Anglin’s legal fees.

Comedian Sam Hyde, one of the few donors who did not opt for anonymity, reportedly pledged $5,000. Hyde had a short lived show on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim last year.

Though it is deeply troubling that people are reaching deep into their pockets to defend Anglin, someone who was not utilizing his right to free speech but instead orchestrated an operation of terrorism and hate, it runs deeper.

What is becoming increasingly apparent is the organization and networking among American white nationalists, who are together consolidating their power and influence.

In this case, I am referring to the owner of WeSearchr, Charles C. Johnson. Though he hasn’t had much mainstream attention as of late, Johnson has earned a well deserved reputation as a hack journalist. He has frequently slung unsubstantiated accusations against journalists and politicians who do not align with his radical right-wing views; Johnson once worked for The Daily Caller but now operates his own website, GotNews (which boasts President Trump as a regular reader).

If Johnson’s name rings a bell, it is probably either because of the naked threats leveled at Black Lives Matter activist Deray McKesson on Twitter – leading to his subsequent banning – or because of his eventually dismissed defamation lawsuit against Gawker in 2015 over an article that called out Johnson’s less than ethical journalism practices.

Andrew Anglin and Charles C. Johnson – a match made in, well, somewhere, but not in heaven.

The rapidity with which white nationalists are coming out of the shadows in the United States over the past year cannot be ignored. Disappointingly, we have leadership focused more on the “threat” of undocumented immigrants and women and children fleeing violence in the Middle East. In fact, we actually have leaders from one party in particular who are not only refusing to condemn white nationalism but are brazenly embracing it.

What will it take for the American people to stop shrugging off this dangerous trend – lynchings, cross burnings? We are only a heartbeat away from this being the new norm.

White nationalism is an infection that can turn a social body ill. As any physician will say, in most cases it is best to seek treatment as soon as a diagnosis is made. Perhaps it is time for web hosts to pull the plug on hate speech sites like Daily Stormer and WeSearchr.

Photo Credit: BFG101 / Wikimedia Commons.


Marie W
Marie W2 months ago

thanks for sharing

David Anderson
David Anderson6 months ago

Maureen, there is no question about it. If you can prohibit speech that you don't like, or others can prohibit speech of yours that they don't like, then freedom of speech does not exist, no matter how reprehensible others may find it.

Maureen G
Maureen G7 months ago

Saw a comment on television recently regarding posts on the internet..........if we are not allowed to hate then we don't have free speech. I'm still thinking about that one.

Carl R
Carl R7 months ago


Margie F
Margie F7 months ago

Every person has an opinion.

rosario p
rosario p7 months ago

....more than $150,000.....The Nazis, "not as unpopular" as it is thought and every day more arrogant! America wake up!

monica P
monica P7 months ago

We try so hard to develop an app for people with depression, obesity and low self-esteem to help this people. We don't care wat color this people are and this is hard to raise money for. But for hate there is money??? I don't understand.

M Q7 months ago

Totally disgusting, why isn't this excuse for a human being not in jail? Giving out personal information and harassment should be against the law. America will not be great again until these neo nazis are all in jail.

Debbi -
Debbi -7 months ago

NO, lynchings, cross burnings will not be the 'norm' unless we sit by quietly and do nothing. If anything like that happens in your neighborhood, work with your neighbors and the police to see the guilty is caught. Help you neighbors, work together to keep your neighborhood safe.

Philippa P
Philippa P7 months ago

I'm speechless.