A World Without Twinkies?

Hostess, the company behind childhood favorites Twinkies®, Ho Hos®, Ding Dongs®, Wonder Bread®, and those mysterious pink blobs known as Sno Balls® filed for bankruptcy this week.

A sign of healthier eating trends? A blow against childhood obesity?  According to the NPD Group, only 36 percent of Americans ate white bread in their homes last year, down from 54 percent in 2000.

But the company also blames competition and unions for their demise – it seems that their pension obligations and labor costs are making them less competitive.

I doubt many people still buy into the claims that Wonder Bread is “is more nutritious than ever,”  as Hostess claims. But I sure used to love seeing a Ho Ho in my lunchbox (this is back in the days when they were wrapped in foil, not plastic). Sadly, a single one ounce Ho Ho has 4 grams of saturated fat and 14 grams of sugar, and they now come in three packs as well as individually wrapped.

Are Hostess products the kiddie version of crack? Or simply a harmless occasional indulgence/alternative to an apple?

In any case, I’m sure the Twinkie brand will live on, with or without the current company. But if it doesn’t, don’t stock up. The 50 year shelf life story is just an urban myth (it’s closer to 30 days)….and no matter how many you buy, you’ll eat them all in a week anyway.

Photo: Some rights reserved by Christian Cable


Jim Ven
Jim Venabout a year ago

thanks for sharing.

Amber Beasley
Amber Beasley6 years ago

wow, never thought that would happen! I thought America was still living off of sugar filled piles of junk...?? I guess we've just moved on to other brands.

I won't be sad to see them go, cause I don't eat that nastiness.

Sarah M.
Sarah M6 years ago

Wouldn't eat that crap anyway.

Diane L.
Diane L6 years ago

Debbie, if you still have one from when you were a kid, then just put it on your mantle, LOL!

From what I read, they'll not go away anytime soon anyway.

Debbie Crowe
Debbie C6 years ago

As a kid, Twinkies and Snowballs were great. As an adult, not so much. Now that I have Diabetes, they are a no-no. I will remember then, but I will not miss them.

Carol Cowbrough
Carol C6 years ago

Noted. Thank you.

SeattleAnn S.
Ann S6 years ago

I loved Snoballs as a kid. I have no idea why, because just raw marshmallows gross me out now.

Lilithe Magdalene

Bye bye, Hostess!

ANA MARIJA R6 years ago


Mark S.
Mark S6 years ago

My main memories about twinkies is that in grade school in the early 70's, if a student had a birthday, they brought treats for everyone in the class and had a party. One girl used to bring twinkies for everyone. I am sure that cost a pretty penny. But it was good!!!
I brought "ice cream wafers" that wasn't really ice cream, but some kind of flavored icing inside the wafers.