Abortion Clinic Murders Thwarted: War on Women

Just two years ago Dr. George Tiller was murdered in cold-blood while attending church.  His killer, Scott Roeder, was a well-known anti-abortion activist and insisted his actions were justified by both his religious conviction and the rule of law.

Thankfully the courts disagreed.

Roeder’s legacy includes not just making it more difficult for women to seek and obtain health care services, he has apparently spawned a following of other zealots who justify murder all in the name of their cause.  Just last Friday another anti-abortion extremist was arrested while in Wisconsin.  Ralph Lang’s mission, he admitted freely, was to murder doctors at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Madison.

Like Roeder, Lang had a history of abusing health care practitioners.  In 2007 he was arrested for menacing doctors and nurses at the same facility.  During this arrest Lang said pointedly his goal was to shoot the doctors in the head, claiming, according to reports, that the Bible justified such killings.

Lang was arrested and charged under the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act, a federal statute designed to create a safe space for employees of health clinics and their patients.  The law was ignored by the Bush administration, emboldening clinic protesters and ultimately making the murder of Dr. Tiller a reality.

Lang’s arrest, while good news, should send chills to those involved in the reproductive rights movement, because it signals a growing disregard for the rule of law, even in the face of stepped up enforcement by the Obama administration.  In fact, it’s reasonable to expect more of these kinds of situations as the hard-right looks for ways to challenge the FACE Act and terrorize as many innocent providers and patients as possible.

For more on the war on women, click here.


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Joy Jin
Joy Jin6 years ago

Abortion should only be used as a last resort. If it endangers the mother's life to give birth

Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle6 years ago

The law states that it is an individual decision, and each woman makes that for herself, without input from well-meaning others. As a pro-choice abortion escort, I am helping women who have made that decision, from the interfering, cruel, mean-spirited people who would stop her. I would venture to say from my experience, that most women spend a lot of time thinking of what they want in their lives and do not seek abortion easily or recklessly. Pregnancy is often the failure of a birth control device, and why should a woman change her life's plans because she was enjoying one of life's pleasures ... sex. Our society is still so hung-up on sex being a fun and necessary part of life, that it still views sex with suspicion.

KrassiAWAY B.
Krasimira B6 years ago

Agree with Ashley P.: Abortion should be the last option, but it should still be an option.

Marianne Gervais
Marianne Gervais6 years ago

Two people addressed me, so I am replying now. Sorry for the delay: I'm new at this...@Sharon: I know some clinics do no health care, just abortions because 1st: I have a friend who was formerly a director of a clinic in NY and she eventually left because she wanted to do more healthcare and fewer abortions. I also know a woman who made an appt at a women's clinic for a check-up (pap test, gyn exam) and was told to call the local county health dept. They only do pregnancy tests and abortions (terminations). @Craig: spontaneous abortions I.e.miscarriages are an act of nature, something is wrong and usually the mother's body resorbs much of the tissue, but I don't understand how you are comparing this to an abortion that is chosen and destroys the fetus through artificial means. After reading through the comments, all of them, I was disappointed by all the name-calling and outright rudeness. I comment on issues in order to dialogue, learn, listen, debate. This article was about a guy who shot a doctor, and anyone who is prolife would condemn this action. It doesn't matter that the doctor was an abortionist..

Pego R.
Pego R6 years ago


I have NEVER heard of the Pro Choice side killing any Dr, Nurse, Mom, child or, indeed anyone or anything except the fetus, and even in that instance they were trying their hardest for there to be birth control FIRST and then every pregnancy and child a WANTED child.. Can you tell me when and where this Doctor killing incident happened?

Laura Portillo
Laura Portillo6 years ago

This is why I hate religion and religious people like this. They dont want to help women, they dont want to have people learn about safe sex and they dont want safe legal abortions

Anna M.
Anna M6 years ago

To be quite blunt, I barely scanned this article, because I have very little patience for people who live in absolutes. I don't agree with everything going on in the world, but I'm not out killing people over it.

I just wanted to make a comment, and I wish I could take credit for it. Someone once commented on a similar article, "which side ISN'T murdering doctors for providing prenatal care?"

Grace Adams
Grace Adams6 years ago

An abortion is a lesser evil than an abused or badly neglected unwanted child. An abortion is also a lesser evil than leaving a woman with a life-threatening pregnancy to die.

Pego R.
Pego R6 years ago

That's the problem, Vernon

How CAN you understand, you DON'T KNOW THE SITUATION

It will always be a better choice for many women to terminate a brainless zygote spat, than to suffer the alternative.

Nobody wants abortions to be birth control. That is what makes it such an easy target for dividing people. It still MUST be a choice. The women who choose abortion, no matter what trimester, have usually thought they were in a position to have a child.

Not always, there are the kids, the failed prophylactics, the rapes. None of these are good indicators of women ready to have children. Some of these do anyway, they know they have a family that can get them through, or want a family to love and are not too traumatized to do it.

Regardless, the women who usually choose abortion were initially thinking this is a "good" time to have a child. You and I are not there, we cannot see why they realized something different. All we can do is look at the consequences and the consequences of making birth control and abortion legal were to reduce the number of desperately neglected children, reduce the poverty of families, reduce pollution by 20% in these countries (Don't ask me why, about pollution, I suspect it is simply the combined effects of empowered women and families not being in desperation mode)

Those late-term abortions are particularly harrowing. Easy to turn into propaganda, but the reality is that THOSE women *wanted* their children. The Dr said "No"

Vernon C.
.6 years ago


As I always say, I have an 11yr old son. He already is interested in girls, & the girls like him as he really is a handsome kid (take after his father, lol). But when the time come that I have to speak to him about sex (which is any day now), abortion is not going to be in any of those talks, except to tell him not to let it get as far as that. There is a consequence of sex (babies) & if he do not want a child, use proper protection.

Of course that is not all we will talk about or how I will say it, but I am just being terse here for the topic we are discussing.

Next u spoke about woman abusers. That I also do not understand. Using my 'sister' again as an example. Whenever her husband reveal himself to be an abuser, why would she not say? If the guy hit her once, ok, maybe he beg for forgiveness & she let that one slide (NOT). But when he hit her again, the entire world should know. She should be on the phone if not the same time, the next day, calling her brother (or some other family member or close friend): - "Hi Vernon, my husband hit me twice so far. I am packing my bags & getting my kids & moving the hell out of there. I want to move in with u until I can do better."
Only a monster for a brother would say 'No'. In fact I just maybe looking to pay her husband a little visit.

But I kno from stories that it do not always work that way for whatever reasons. But that is why I admit that I just do not understand.