Activist Group Builds Community One Apple At A Time

Families across the U.S. lack access to healthy, locally-grown food. Meanwhile environmental health in urban areas continues to decline, while politicians and the mainstream media seem determined to keep us divided along political and religious lines.

These problems have reached a crisis level, and even taken individually, they can seem insurmountable. But what if the answer was something apolitical and completely benign. Could it be that something as simple as an apple could help put our communities back together?

The founders of the Boston Tree Party seem convinced that it can. The organization is an urban agriculture project, a performative re-imagining of American political expression, and a participatory public art project. At its core, the Party is “a diverse coalition of organizations, institutions, and communities from across the Greater Boston Area coming together in support of Civic Fruit,” says the official website.

Watch the TEDxBoston video below to hear Lisa Gross, founder of The Boston Tree Party, talk about her organization’s quest to plant a decentralized urban apple orchard that unites diverse communities across the city and provides thousands of free apples for all. Then ask yourself: Would the same thing work in your community?

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Image via Boston Tree Party


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What a great simple movement. Many cities are rotting at their core and this could contribute to reviving them.

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