Activist Spotlight: Jytte Nhanenge Tackles Poverty in Africa


Note: This is another part in our Activist Spotlight series, where we shine a light on Care2 members who are making a difference in their communities.

Jytte Nhanenge has led a truly remarkable life.  This energetic Danish expatriate, currently living in central Mozambique, has completed three degrees, traveled all over the world, written a book, and contributed heavily to international development theory, focusing specifically on poverty alleviation.

When it comes to helping those in need, Jytte is a force to be reckoned with.

What drives Jytte is the firm belief that patriarchal domination lies at the root of our world’s struggle with crises of poverty and inequality, war and violence, environmental destruction, and human rights abuses.  She does not see domination as being a literal biological patriarchy where men are dominating women; it is rather a mentality that values masculine energy over feminine energy, causing patriarchal domination of all that is feminine. Hence, competition is prioritized over cooperation, maximization over optimization, quantity over quality, exploitation over conservation, domination over subordination, aggression over submission, reason over feeling, individual over society, human beings over nature, and more. This manifests as individuals aggressively competing for maximum profit by dominating society and exploiting nature.

Jytte is most passionate about addressing the concerns of the most vulnerable members of our global family. She explains that she sees the world “from the side of those who suffer the most from patriarchal domination: women, children, poor people, traditional people, colored people (society), and nature. These are the ones who are forced to carry the burden from modern progress and economic development. They are also the ones without a voice, lacking a platform to protest.”

She adds, “It is exactly in favor of these that Care2 members are advocating; they are trying to support and empower society and nature against economic greed. I therefore see Care2 as a platform from which activists give voice to this subordinate group.”

She finds development efforts that focus on economic growth and profit making to be flawed. During her years in development work, she observed that many policies usually failed to provide basic improvements and appropriate technology for the most vulnerable. Instead activities were focusing on large-scale projects and technological feats, meant to increase economic output.  For example, when her Danish development organization set up committees so that Africans could suggest policy changes, she realized with frustration that committee members were elites who did not adequately express the needs of the poor and disenfranchised.

Jytte wasn’t always interested in Africa, or in poverty alleviation.  Her passion rose slowly while she was working in insurance in Copenhagen.  Having escaped a childhood of limited resources and unstable familial relationships, she finally had a comfortable job and life, but she still felt like something was missing.

In 1979, at age twenty-six, she acted on her intuition and moved to Zambia to work for a Danish development organization. She enjoyed her time in Zambia; however it was also critical to her personal and professional growth.  “It was the beginning of a long process that changed my perceptions about development and its ability to alleviate poverty,” she explains.  Since then, Jytte has worked and/or lived in Yemen, the Netherlands, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Lesotho. She is currently living in Mozambique.

In Care2, this passionate activist who identifies herself as a “concerned citizen of the world” has found a home. “I enjoy being a member of Care2 because I have met like-minded people from all over the world who are determined to make a positive difference,” she explains.  “The far majority of these people are very kind; I know many Care2 people, and I have even developed close friendships with some. I get news, inspiration, positive energy, and most of all I get hope when I visit Care2.”

Thank you, Jytte, for all the work you do!


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Charity Mission
Charity Mission2 years ago

Thanks, Jytte - it sounds like you've done amazing work. Bless you, dear lady. (An older article, but just now reading.)

Penny C.
penny C3 years ago

Thanks dear Jytte,you are an amazing person & a great inspiration to us all.Love & hugs!

Jytte Nhanenge
Jytte Nhanenge5 years ago

3) In order to change this situation, and create balance, we need to add more yin energy. Hence in the Intsangano website the yin-yang symbol is turned 90 degrees, symbolizing that we need to prioritize the black feminine yin energy and all what it manifests in order to end our global crises. Thus, the concept Patriarchy as used in the website does not imply that men dominate women – the biological theory does not hold. There are many women who have joined the patriarchal domination of society and exploitation of nature for individual profit-making. A Patriarchy is more correctly a worldview with a run-away masculine yang force, unlimited by the feminine yin energy, causing a yin-yang imbalance. This imbalance manifests in society as a master/slave scenario where it mainly is the rich, modern, white master that dominates the poor, traditional, colored slave.

Conclusively, please visit the Intsangano website, and read more. It is free of charge, and hopefully it will also be part of freeing us from patriarchal domination.

Thank you so much everybody for visiting this thread and for your kindness; please be welcome at the Intsangano website.

Jytte Nhanenge
Jytte Nhanenge5 years ago

2) Thus, the aim with the Intsangano website is to end the current unbalanced political values and the focus on never-ending economic growth and profit-making that only benefits the elite. These economic values are causing global crises of war and violence, inequality and poverty, human rights abuses, and degradation of nature. Hence the positive goal is to re-create a quality of life for society and nature worldwide.

The icon chosen for the website is the yin-yang sign. The yin-yang sign symbolizes balance. Whenever anyone of the two forces oversteps a certain level, the other is meant to regulate the situation and bring back yin-yang balance, leading to harmony. In the current worldview, yang is prioritized, while yin is marginalized. This causes imbalance and a situation where the masculine yang force dominates the feminine yin force. This imbalance causes disharmony in society. In the modern society it manifests as an unequal economic situation where the political and economic elites are maximizing their profit-making based on dominating society and exploiting nature. The outcome is the above mentioned global social and natural crises.

Jytte Nhanenge
Jytte Nhanenge5 years ago

1) I have returned, as promised, to introduce you to the new website, which is now ready to be distributed.

The official name of the website is “Forum for Holistic Transformation.” The full version of the name is “Forum for Holistic Transformation: Ending Patriarchy, and Creating a Quality of Life for Society and Nature Worldwide”. But in short it is called “Intsangano.” The website explains why that name is chosen.

Here is the address:

Intsangano is an educational website. It is explaining how the political and economic elites – called Patriarchy – have managed to earn huge profits based on dominating society and exploiting nature, causing serious crises for life everywhere. We – people from all walks of life – need to educate ourselves in order to understand, how the elite manage to rule this world via their ideology, structures, and institutions. When we grasp how they manipulate us, we can become a force to be reckoned with, and together we can end this dangerous life threatening domination.

Intsangano is consequently a space where ordinary people can unite. We can either be teachers sharing our knowledge with others, or students learning from those who are willing to share their knowledge – or both. Everything is done as a free and voluntary activity, meant to benefit all, giving us insight so that we can stand up to our political leaders, challenge them in debates, and event

Rosemary Rannes

Ellen thanks for posting! Jytte is a beacon of Light for women in the world. Many Blessings for her compassionate voice and work in our world to free women from inequality.

Angelika R.
Angelika R5 years ago

I'm very pleased to find the spotlight on our dear friend Jytte, a worthy choice so thanks to Ellyn S.! Great article and the honor is more than deserved for this outstanding and compassionate woman. 400 comments speaks volume and I am so glad for you, Jytte, that this story post offers you a wide range forum and thus helps you and your book to gain popularity.
Congratulations and keep up the good work, we are looking forward to your website.
Blessings from Berlin!

Jose Ramon Fisher Rodrigu

You are one fantastic person! Congratulations and blessings!

Kathy Javens
Kathy Javens5 years ago

You are truly a wonderful person. May you be blessed in all you do & everywhere you go. Bright Blessing to you, my friend.

Franco Di Palma
Franco Di Palma5 years ago

Blessings and love to you. May all you do for others come back ten fold to you. Your Care 2 friend.....Franco