Activist spotlight: The Cruelties of Bear Farms In Asia

Instead of roaming free in their natural habitat, several bears in China are contained in small cages at bear farms — where bile is extracted from their bodies to be used for traditional Asian medicine. However, many argue there are modern-day alternatives to the traditional medicine and this cruel process.

Asiatic black bears, commonly called “moon bears,” are the usual victims of Chinese bear farms where catheters are implanted in their stomachs to drain the bile from their gall bladders — the process is also known as “milking”. Throughout a bear’s time in containment it may be subject to this kind of torture up to 3 times per day. After years of suffering, bears are often killed after no longer needed or good for bile.

Sadly, bear farms are located in other countries around Asia. A bill to eliminate bear farming in South Korea will be proposed to the Korean government this September — you can sign to help the bears of South Korea and support the ban of bear bile farming.

Right now, over 12,000 bears are being held captive in bear farms in Asia. After so many years of allowing the cruel conditions of bear farms and milking, animal activists around the world are dedicating their time to putting an end to this process.

One petition author created a Care2 group called Save Tortured Chinese Bears in order to raise awareness for this cause. If you are opposed to bear farms, sign this petition to end the torturing of bears in China.



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Thank you.

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Thank you for sharing.

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Laurita Walters6 years ago

bizarre behavior by so many. so sad.

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This is so horrifying and sad! Sign the petitions!

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Signed in August
So sad

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Actions taken 9/6/10

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Barbaric and cruel.
STOP this practice!
But Asiats are without feeling towards animals! and have always liked to torture...